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  • IJOY LIMITLESS RDTA Classic Edition

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    This item is out of stock

    The LIMITLESS RDTA classic edition features a interchangeable decks design. The pre-installed postless deck which is designed specifically for high levels of flavor creation, allowing users to create even more dynamic horizontal coil based systems with the additional deck space.


    The gold plated 510 connection ensures great conductivity, with the positive post fully secured and insulated with PEEK.


    Combined with the benchmark setting wicking assembly, in which the users can quickly unthread the mid section of the tank for access into the reservoir itself, the LIMITLESS RDTA classic edition offers incredible ease of use.


    With one of the most unique build decks available today coupled with a feature rich system, the LIMITLESS RDTA classic edition is a definitive must buy for build enthusiasts and advanced users.

    As for color, there are more choices, which are Silver, Black, White, Purple, and Orange.

    More decks to choose from:

    IMC-1, IMC-2, IMC-3, IMC-4, IMC-5, IMC-6, IMC-7, IMC-8, IMC-COIL, IMC-COIL3



    ● 25mm Diameter

    ● Interchangeable building deck

    ● IMC-7 post-less building deck (included)

    ● IMC-3 Velocity-style deck (included)

    ● IMC Coil-3 pre-made coil (included)

    ● More than 10 decks to choose from

    ● 510 drip tip adapter

    ● PEEK Insulator

    ● 6.9ml Tank Capacity

    ● Threaded Mid Section, Easily Wicked System

    ● Innovative Side Fill

    ● Delrin and Stainless Steel chuff cap

    ● Adjustable Gold Plated 510

    ● RDA capable


    Package Includes:

    1* Limitless RDTA Classic Edition (IMC-7 Deck pre-installed)

    1* IMC-3 Deck

    1* IMC Coil-3 pre-made coil

    1* 510 drip tip adapter

    1* RDA base

    2* Screwdrivers

    1* Extra glass

    1* Information card

    1* Tool pack