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IVG Menthol 50ml Shortfill Juice Range

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1 X IVG Menthol 50ml Shortfill Juice Range

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Kiwi lemon

Beautifully smooth in the mouth popping flavour lovely all day vape

Great vape

Another quality vape from vg

Great flavour

Blueberry menthol, great flavour, nice minty coolness on the throat too.

Blueberry menthol

This is a really nice sweet blueberry with a good amount of menthol to it but not to the extent of some juices which are like a Airways chewing gum.

Strange chemical taste

Looking for a decent Cherry Menthol....the tunes effect. However, the cherry in this liquid is very muted and the mint is a strange synthetic chemical taste. Tried on the combo RDA, unwell rafale and a peerless RDTA at multiple wattages and I cannot get a decent flavour from this liquid, will give it a miss next time.

In Stock £9.99 Spearmint MentholSweet, minty and refreshing, this Short Fill Spearmint eLiquid by IVG Menthol range It’s a real fresh breathener of a vape that’ll leave you forgiven for thinking you’re noshing on a spearmint chew, or chewing your favourite spearmint gum! It packs all the explosive punch of cooling mint subtly speared by a soft, luscious sweetness.

Pink Menthol - Thirst quenching, cool, and refreshing this Short Fill Pink Menthol eLiquid by IVG Menthol range packs all the taste of summer! Each puff packs a blissful burst of ripe, juicy berries and sweet fruits, rounded off with a powerful blast of chilled icy menthol. It’s a smooth, satisfying throat hit you’ll want time and time again.

Cherry Menthol - Packing an intense punch of sweet juicy cherries, wrapped up in a sublime blast of icy cool menthol, this Cherry Menthol eLiquid by IVG Menthol range is a Short Fill e-Juice that’ll hydrate your senses and leave you wishing for more! Puffing on this one is a cross between sipping on ice cool fruit juices on lazy afternoons and sucking on your favourite cherry lozenge (y’know, the ones that taste so good you don’t need a cough to eat em!)

Blueberry Menthol - Blueberry Crush 50ml Short Fill eLiquid by IVG Menthol is one that should be at the top of the list for the mint flavour enthusiasts. This blends together blueberry and mint with a candy twist. It is different but different is good in this instance. It is clear that IVG are not resting on their laurels and have continued to spoil the vaping community with innovative blends.

Blueberg Menthol - Bursting with berry flavour sloshed over a cool menthol iceberg, this Blueberg eLiquid by IVG Menthol range is a one of a kind Short Fill e-Juice you’ll want to drench your tastebuds with, now! Mouthwateringly fruity, with each juicy puff, icy fresh hits of cool menthol cut through the sweet taste of fruity berries rendering the perfect balance. It’s like sipping on an ice cold berry cocktail after a nice fresh dip in the ocean or sucking on your favourite lozenge.

Blackberg Menthol - Each and every puff of this Blackberry eLiquid by IVG oozes beautiful clouds of sweet juicy blueberries and blackcurrants rounded off by a cooling breeze of menthol. It’s like ribena stacked on ice cubes, your favourite blackcurrant cough sweet and a juicy blackcurrant chew all in one!

Grape Menthol - Perfect for summer days and chilled winters nights, every puff of this Short Fill Grape Menthol eLiquid by IVG Menthol range explodes into your mouth with a burst of succulently sweet grapes interjected by a cool blast of menthol, sending your tastebuds blissfully wild! It’ll remind you of sipping sweet berry fruit juices packed full of ice on lazy afternoons. 

Rainbow Menthol - Fruity, mouthwateringly juicy and icy fresh this scrumptious Rainbow Menthol eLiquid by IVG Menthol range can’t wait to tantalise your tastebuds! Featuring a rainbow of deliciously sweet, mixed fruit candy fused with a cool menthol twist, this Short Fill Rainbow Menthol eLiquid by IVG Menthol range offers unbeatable refreshment in a vape! Each puff if a little like eating a handful of rainbow sweets before whipping in a piece of chilled, minty gum.

Kiwi Menthol - Bursting with zesty kiwi character, this Short Fill Kiwi Menthol eLiquid by IVG Menthol range is a magical kiwi taste explosion you’ll be falling head over heels for! Sweet juicy kiwi drenches your tongue with each puff and cools it off with a blast of icy menthol. It’s like sipping back on an icy fruit juice cocktail on a lazy summer afternoon. 

This is 50ml of 0mg e-liquid, supplied in a 60ml short fill bottle leaving room for 1 x 18mg nicotine shots to make 60ml of 3mg e-juice.