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Candy King 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid

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1 X Candy King 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid

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Candy king

Tried candy king salts which were great so thought I’d try shortfill it was not as good ok but not great. Excellent service from vaping 101 👍

In Stock £9.99 GushGush by Candy King is one of the latest flavours added to the range. This e-liquid features a medley of fruits that are combined with a sweet candy base, offering a sweet, tart and crisp flavour profile. You'll notice hints of Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry and Apple throughout, with the underlying sweetness of candy.

Berry DweebzSweet and tangy berries have been combined with citrus to create a lip-puckering tartness. From the moment you inhale, you'll experience sour, fruity candy flavours that will leave you salivating and wanting more!

BatchA sweet and sour e liquid that contains a myriad of fruity flavours with a candy twist. Featuring Orange, Cherry, Lemon & Lime sour patch candies with sprinklings of sugar.

Hard AppleCandy King have created a fantastic apple candy e liquid with Hard Apple. Balancing the sweetness and tartness of fresh apples, this flavour has been blended with candied apples to add a candy undertone and added sweetness. If you love apple flavours, Hard Apple by Candy King is a must try!

JawsJaws by Candy King is one of the latest additions to the Candy King range. This e-liquid features tart, sweet and creamy flavour notes throughout, combining Blue Raspberries with a smooth Vanilla Cream, offering a unique flavour experience. A delicious flavour that you'll really want to sink your teeth into!

Lemon DropsLemon Drops are a popular Lemon shaped candy that tastes, well, like Lemons! Originating in the UK, Lemon Drops have been a popular hard candy for many many years. Candy King have taken note and recreated a fantastic version of the lemon drop with this e liquid. Picking up on the sweet and sour elements of lemon and balancing them perfectly.

Peachy RingsRecreating a classic candies always carries its risks - the flavour may not be right and it could fall flat of that nostalgic feeling. Well Candy King haven't done that with Peachy Rings - they've created an incredibly accurate recreation in e liquid form! Pure sweet peach candy through and through, this e liquid is so nuanced you may even be able to notice the sprinkling of powdered sugar!

Pink SquaresBased on those mouth watering chewy candies that were prevalent in most peoples childhoods, Candy King have recreated a gooey candy base infused with candied strawberries for an intense, sweet e liquid. Simply delicious!

Sour StrawsSour Straws by Candy King is one of the latest flavours added to the range. This e-liquid takes a classic flavour, with sour & chewy candy straws that have been infused with a tart Blue Raspberry flavour and then rolled in sour sugar for a bitter sweet finish. This e-liquid focusses on the balance between sour and sweet and executes it perfectly!

Sour WormsWe all know and love those gummy worms as a childhood and Candy King have taken that love of gummy worms and created a fantastic, fruity candy e liquid out of them! Taking gummies of various fruit flavours; Lemon, Lime, Orange, Strawberry and rolling them in sour sugar, Sour Worms has a balanced sweet and sour flavour profile.

Strawberry BeltsA recreation of a sweet candy belt, Belts Strawberry by Candy King creates a fantastically balanced sweet and sour candy vape that could easily becoming your next all day vape!

Strawberry RollsWe all remember those strawberry roll candies from our childhood - gooey and full of flavour. This classic treat has been recreated in e liquid form and Candy King have done a hell of a job! Candied strawberry permeates through and through, so if you're a fan of sweet, candied strawberry flavours, this juice is for you.

Strawberry Watermelon BubblegumA delicious lip-smacking flavour that won't have you blowing bubbles, but will have you blowing huge dense clouds of vapour instead! Candy King have taken a classic flavour combination with Strawberry & Watermelon and combined it with a sweet Bubblegum for a fantastic candy e liquid.

SwedishInspired by the well known American fish shaped candy, Swedish features a mixture of candied peach and cherry. Now you can have all the candy you want, without the guilt!


70% VG

This is 100ml of 0mg e-liquid, supplied in a 120ml short fill bottle leaving room for 2 x 18mg nicotine shots to make 120ml of 3mg e-juice