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Clown E-liquids Shortfill Juice Range

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75% VG

There is room within this bottle to add 1x 10ml 18mg nicotine shot, doing so will give you 60ml 3mg nicotine strength.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel K
Worth a try

ordered and was pleasantly surprised, got the Taffy, will be ordering the bigger bottle next time.

Razvan Cruceanu
Nothing like this

You won't find a most satisfying vaping experience out there! Point !
By far the best flavours !!! Give them a try and you won't go back to your old juices.


Great as always

Neil Woodcock
Superb range

Lovely consistent flavour that is very moreish! Have to say the sweet tooth is my favourite; leaves a nice, subtle flavour of candy floss in your mouth that harks back to childhood days! Bargain price for these liquids from 101!

In Stock £10.99 Crush ejuice by Clown Liquids is aN ONSLaUGHT of ORANGE, cRUshed with a Ton of taTTered, TANGERINE tittLes, brewed with stomach SODA in THe belly Of a red-nOsed buFFoon. The tangy circus tangerine beverage flavor provides a fruity consistent inhale and exhale. Clown Liquids Crush ejuice is the lip-smacking flavor will give your sense up and satisfied through those hot summer days.

Drooly ejuice by Clown Liquids is the flavor of GiLLy waGOn siLLy sLoBBered GOBSTOPPERS, cHomped, chEWed, and DrOOLed inTo a GRAPE-BERRY faCE paiNT pOoL. Reminiscent of the flavor-changing hard jaw breaker candy, the flavor of juicy grape and assorted berries into one, is the love you will love. Clown Liquids Drooly ejuice provides mixed berries on the inhale with a delectable grape candy on the exhale.

Laffy ejuice by Clown Liquids is the flavor of all jokes aside. Sticky, icky, stringy, blueberry taffy strands, doused with gooey grape rubber chicken blood. Manufactured by Bad Drip Labs, Clown Liquids Laffy ejuice provides a tangy blue raspberry taffy candy on the inhale with a touch of grape candy on the exhale. A true candy flavor for those you desire something sweet.

Pennywise ejuice by Clown Liquids is the flavor of stomped strawberry clown snouts, twisted with pulverized watermelon guts, injected inside baby bubblegum balloon animals. Manufactured by Bad Drip Labs, Clown Liquids Pennywise ejuice provides sweet strawberry on the inhale, then finished juicy watermelon and creamy bubble gum. Taking two staple flavors and infusing bubble gum, is the sweet treat your taste buds deserve.

Skitzo ejuice by Clown Liquid is the flavor fresh from the Candy Butcher... Splashed and slaughtered green apples, submerged in a maniacal, molten caramel, splashed with a small dose of cranium cream. Manufactured by Bad Drip Labs, Clown Liquids Skitzo ejuice provides caramel on the inhale with subtle notes of crisp green apples and smooth cream on the exhale.

Sweet Tooth ejuice by Clown Liquids is straight from clown alley.. Circus spun cotton candy floss, spattered with candied raspberry nightmare nectar. The popular carnival style candy treat, infused with tangy raspberries is what your mouth craves. Manufactured by Bad Drip, Clown Liquids Sweet Tooth ejuice provides a consistent raspberry candy from the inhale, all the way to the exhale.

Twisty ejuice by Clown Liquids is the gypsy trampled raspberry concoction, contorted into a fresh yogurt sideshow masquerade. A creamy yogurt based, mixed with fresh tart raspberries is the smooth and light all day vape your mouth craves. Manufactured by Bad Drip, Clown Liquids Twisty ejuice provides subtle notes of tangy raspberries on the inhale with creamy yogurt on the exhale.