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Corvidae E-Liquids 50ml Shortfill

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70% VG

There is room within this 50ml bottle to add 10ml of an 18mg nicotine shot, doing so will give you 60ml 3mg nicotine strength.

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Rook-Not bad flavour, but not what was expected

Difficult to recommend. It is by no means an unenjoyable vape, but the flavour profile is way off from what I expected.

I was hoping for a chocolatey flavour with dark choco richness on top and a mint background. What I ended up with is a pleasant minty vape.

If you want a pleasant minty (note: NOT menthol) vape then this is not a bad choice.

But otherwise, no, this commits the cardinal sin of not coming close to the flavour profile described in my opinion.

3 stars for being enjoyable to vape, 2 stars taken off for the inaccurate flavour profile, at least for my taste.

In Stock £9.99 Corvidae is a UK e-liquid brand from the creators of Jack and Rachael Rabbit. Just like a Corvidae family of birds this brand has intelligently blended complex flavours to create a family of desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Choose from 4 indulgent flavours that you won't be able to put down. 

Jackdaw - A Moorish blend that combines sweet zesty oranges with a sponge soaked tangerine trifle topped with whipped cream. Jakdaw will leave your taste buds satisfied and wanting more. 

MagpieVape the sweet combination of ripe bananas blended with creamy vanilla pudding, an e-liquid that will keep your sweet tooth at bay. 

RavenSweet tarty raspberries are combined with fresh creamy yogurt to deliver a refreshingly sweet vape that will satisfy your sweet cravings.

RookRich vanilla ice cream is blended with bitter dark chocolate and finished off with fresh peppermint to provide a truly indulgent vape