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Dovpo X Suicide Mods Abyss AIO Bridges

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When purchasing the Bridge Packs, these consist of all standard coil bridges you also have the option between black and stainless steel, the colour will only reflect on the PnP Bridges as all other bridges are stainless steel, the bridge packs do not include the ETHER RBA section. 


  • PnP/Gtx : To be used with PnP or GTX Coils
  • EUC: To be used with all Vaporesso EUC Coils
  • Caliburn G: To be used with the Uwell Caliburn G Coils
  • Nord: For use with smok Nord Coils

The Ether RBA Bridge, consists of a Ether style build deck and and chimney section this will turn your Abyss into what could only be described as the best Rebuildable All in one on the market to date. 

Comes With:

  • 1x Bridge Adaptor
  • or
  • 1x Bridge Pack


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Flavour for days

    Great bridge. I'm new to the bridges and AIO devices game. That being said, I wouldn't go back to any other device now. The abyss with the ether bridge + 2mm air flow pin is an absolute joy of a restricted lung draw. 10/10

    Ether RBA - prefer it to the RTA

    easy to build on and secures nicely to the bottom of the tank (better than a couple of my BB bridges). makes a better seal.
    slight concern about the orings on the base but they're hanging in there and spares are provided.
    the installed '510' pin was difficult to remove but a pair of pliers with a cloth in the jaws coaxed it out. further changes were fine but be careful not to let the insulator get lost when switching between them (and keep a hold of the deck block which loosens when the pin does).
    good value for money however and does RDTL and MTL rather well. as the title says i do prefer it over my RTA version.
    it's keeping 5 stars as i feel it earns them.
    can't fault vaping 101 as per usual.

    Ian S
    Great mod

    Superb mod, purchased the PNP bridge as well as I have a load nautilus and PMP coils flavour is spot on, and as always great price and service from the team

    Abyss AIO Bridges

    you get all four for a cheap price. Great

    Darran Taylor
    Abyss Bridge Pack

    Very versatile allowing you to use several different stock coils. So far I have only tried the EUC bridge as I had some old coils lying around, I found the bridge could do with being 1 or 2 mm shorter as it is a tight fit to the top cap. I have ordered some PNP and some GTX coils to try the other bridges. Thanks to Vaping101 for the great service and fast shipping as always.

    The Dovpo X Suicide Mods Abyss AIO Bridges. Bridge adaptors to be used with the Suicide Mods Abyss AIO Kit, available individually or as a pack.

    These interchangeable bridge adaptors can be installed in the Abyss Tank to make your device compatible with a range of popular coils, or turn it into a rebuildable with the Ether RBA Bridge.

    The PnP Bridge is available in two colours black and stainless steel, as there is a lot of material on show on the bridge Dovpo and Suicide mods decided to make it available in another colour as not to compromise on the overall aesthetics of the device itself.