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Dr Fog Evercloud Tobacco DIY CONCENTRATES

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1 X Dr Fog Evercloud Tobacco DIY CONCENTRATES

Customer Reviews

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Nearly Perfect

For a bit of nostalgia I thought I'd give a tobacco flavour a go from the Dr Fog range. Very authentic (perhaps too authentic) as I'm glad I don't smoke anymore. If your looking to wean yourself off the evil weed this will satisfy your cravings.

Mark p
Really Good

I have stayed away from tobacco flavours for years since quit smoking. Thought I'd give it a go and this is really nice, tastes like a cappuccino and dark chocolate to me.

Alan Colhoun
Black Cigar

Probably not an all-day vape for me, but a very nice change from my usual coffee/chocolate etc varieties (not into fruit flavours at all). - Pleasant aroma and not overpowering tobacco flavour. Definitely one to try if you're after a satisfying tobacco hit!

Vanilla Caramel Tobacco

Love this flavour just the right amount of sweetness with mild tobacco.
Will definitely buy more

Wojciech Kaliszewski
The best tobaccos

Probably the best e-liquids available in Europe. I recommend the shop. Excellent service and super fast shipping.

ÔĽŅIn Stock ¬£7.99¬†Premium Labs of Canada have won more awards for their juice than any other company on this planet. They have been my favourite juice brand since discovering them several years ago. No other juice comes close and Sammy Fog is the absolute master at complex desserts.¬†¬†

**PLEASE NOTE - These are DIY concentrates that need VG/PG to be added by end user.

Canadian Tobacco - Deep, rich blend of tobacco coming from Canada

Cinnamon Custard Tobacco - A rich tobacco perfectly balanced with a creamy cinnamon custard

Mocha Tobacco - A dark and luxurious blend of tobacco with rich chocolate and coffee

Creme Brulee Tobacco - A sweet and rich blend of tobacco and a vanilla custard, with deep notes of caramel

Honey Graham Tobacco - A sweet and crunchy blend of honey graham and tobacco

Du More Tobacco - Perfectly blended tobacco for a superior taste

Playa Tobacco - A smooth tobacco flavour for the ultimate enjoyment

Belmond Tobacco - An elegant tobacco for a refined taste

V.C. Tobacco - Soothing tobacco with vanilla and caramel mix

Cuban Cigar Tobacco - Perfectly crafted Cuban blend of cigar

Cherry Flavoured Cigar Tobacco - The perfect blend of tobacco undercut with cherry

H. Bee Tobacco - The rich taste of tobacco, mixed honey

American Tobacco - The classic blend of freshly grown American tobacco

Grape Cigar Tobacco - Authentic fruity grape tobacco taste

Pistachio Cigar - A bold, smooth and unique blend of subtle pistachio and traditional tobacco

Black Cigar - The classic cigar, perfectly crafted

We recommend that you use 15% - 25% premium concentrate with your chosen base. Remember that too much flavour can be very overpowering and it is best to build your flavour gradually when you are mixing your juice.

Supplied as 30ml Concentrate in a 120ml Bottle.