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Dr Fog Famous Ice Cream Series DIY CONCENTRATES

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1 X Dr Fog Famous Ice Cream Series DIY CONCENTRATES

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Very nice

Wanted the pre mixed one but run out so done myself and all was good
Great taste and smooth


Alot of people arnt using these concentrations rigjt!!! If you read the side of the bottle they say mix bettween 15%-25% so don't just top them off!!! Start low work your way up!! Some of dr. Fog concentrates only need 15% anything higher and you will only taste sugar!!!!!! So start at 15% work your way up until you find the sweet spot each one is diffrent!!! The strawberry Icecream is super sweet!!!! You want to mix this one low!!!! At around 15-18% anything higher you will get a burnt sugar taste!!!!

Ivars T

Tasty juice.
Not to sweet, exactly as needed!
It's hard to find an alternatives for Fogs concentrates.

Glen Jones
Needs a steep but good caramel ice cream

Can't go wrong with any Dr Fog by premium labs, I've enjoyed every juice I've purchased of there's.
Personaly i like this mixed a bit leaker, if you buy the concentrate and just top off the 120ml bottle the flavour becomes muted from to much flavour, easy fix though, just take some out before filling, i like 12 - 15% mix on this one, but everyone's different.
Creamy base with caramel overtones. Needs a steep from concentrate but good juice.

Great service from Vaping101 as always.
Thanks again

Rigel instantly became my ADV

I've been vaping for years and tried hundreds od liquids but Rigel blows all of them out of the water. Can't stop vaping this thing.

In Stock £7.99 Premium Labs of Canada have won more awards for their juice than any other company on this planet. They have been my favourite juice brand since discovering them several years ago. No other juice comes close and Sammy Fog is the absolute master at complex desserts.  

**PLEASE NOTE - These are DIY concentrates that need VG/PG to be added by end user.

Alpha by Dr Fog’s Famous Ice Cream is a vibrant and sweet blend. Featuring a sweet and juicy watermelon with a sugary kick thanks to added sherbet, with a smooth ice cream exhale. Winner of Best Fruit at Vapouround Awards 

Omega Dr Fog’s Famous Ice Cream is a fruity dessert blend. A combination of strawberry and mango gives this mix a sweet and tropical taste on inhale, with smooth ice cream on exhale.

Polaris Dr Fog’s Famous Ice Cream is a rich and sweet blend. A unique raspberry deep-fried ice cream on inhale and exhale creates a layered taste, with sugary and fruity notes throughout. 

Rigel Dr Fog’s Famous Ice Cream is a sweet dessert blend. A praline ice cream on inhale starts things off, with a nutty aftertaste. A sugary churro on exhale with a hint of cinnamon creates a sweet and layered finish.

Sirius Dr Fog’s Famous Ice Cream is a sweet and rich blend. A layered strawberry deep-fried ice cream throughout creates a layered taste, with sugary and fruity notes on inhale and exhale.

Supernova Dr Fog’s Famous Ice Cream is a smooth dessert blend. A vanilla ice cream flavour on inhale acts as a base, with light and creamy notes. A silky caramel on exhale creates a sugary finish.

Vega Dr Fog’s Famous Ice Cream is a rich and layered blend. A vanilla ice cream flavour on inhale creates a smooth base. On exhale a combo of peanut butter and ripe banana for a sweet finish.

Zeta Dr Fog’s Famous Ice Cream is a unique dessert blend. A rich ice cream flavour makes up the base of this mix, with a topping of pistachios creating a nutty and sweet exhale.

We recommend that you use 15% - 25% premium concentrate with your chosen base. Remember that too much flavour can be very overpowering and it is best to build your flavour gradually when you are mixing your juice.

Supplied as 30ml Concentrate in a 120ml Bottle.