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Loaded 30ml One Shot Concentrates by Ruthless Vapor E-Liquids

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1 X Loaded 30ml One Shot Concentrates by Ruthless Vapor E-Liquids

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Glazed Donuts - A warm right out-the-oven donut, topped with mouthwatering glaze. The greatest dessert of all time. When you first inhale Glazed Donuts e juice by Loaded, you will swear that you have just taken a bite from a warm doughnut. As the taste envelops your palate, the sweet vanilla glaze will engulf your sweet tooth. On the exhale, a touch of cinnamon will take your taste buds to a whole new level.

Cran Apple Juice - Cran Apple E-Juice by Loaded E-Liquid is the newest flavor of rich cranberries and apple. So smooth and tasty...this juicy blend is already a fan favorite! This e-juice combines tangy cranberries and sweet, crisp apples. Refreshing and energizing, this e-liquid invigorates the taste buds with every hit. Stimulate your senses every time you vape Cran-Apple by Loaded.

Cran Apple Juice Iced - This E-Liquid is a cool blend of sweet and bitter cranberries, ripe apples, and the satisfying icy sensation of menthol. This refreshing vape juice can cool you off instantly. Cran-Apple on Ice has a prevalent menthol essence blended tastefully with the fruity, juicy flavors of apples and cranberries. The subtle, warm flavor of red apples arrives on the exhale, adding complexity to this wonderful vape liquid.

Melon Milkshake - Melon Milkshake is a superbly blended e-juice with the perfect ratio of fresh melons, sweet milk, and a hint of honey for a mouthwatering finish. You’ll be in for a real treat with this one. Silky smooth throat filled with rich flavor that will make it hard for you to not fog up your room.

Chocolate Glazed - Donuts fresh out the oven coated in a silky smooth chocolate glaze. Loaded’s Chocolate Glazed Donut vape juice is the answer to end your ravenous chocolate cravings once and for all. From the initial inhale, you’ll get creamy milk chocolate that blissfully melts your taste buds into serene chocolatey heaven. This eliquid is truly unique and unforgettable.

Cookie Butter - This new Loaded e-liquid was inspired by delicious crispy Belgian cookies, blended into a creamy spread! Notes of cinnamon sugar and warm cookies are sure to please. Sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, this e-juice packs the doughy, warm flavors of baked cookies and the buttery notes of a cookie butter. Curb your hankering for a spoonful of the creamy spread without all the calories! 

Raspberry Eclair - Rich and fluffy dessert pastry filled with raspberry goodness. Raspberry Eclair vape juice from Loaded is a new classic for the vape enthusiasts. Glazed Donut and Strawberry Jelly Donut lovers, you’re going to devour this one y’all! The perfect blend of sweet raspberry filling and heavenly cream puff dough is a one of a kind vaping experience.

Smores - Melted chocolate and roasted marshmallows on a crisp honey graham cracker! Enjoy the taste of your favorite campfire treat with Smores by Loaded. The ingredients we use in our mouthwatering s’mores blend were chosen to bring you back to those delicious memories filled with tents, smiles, and laughter around the fire. This sinfully sweet taste was handcrafted for the dessert lovers and sweet-tooth junkies alike!

Apple Fritter - Like Glazed Donuts and Cookie Butter? Apple Fritter vape juice by Loaded is a must try. There’s nothing better than homemade apple fritter in the morning with a cup of coffee. Those scrumptious little bites of caramelized apple, crispy dough, and a touch of cinnamon is just oh so heavenly. A velvety throat hit will give you the cloud production that cloud chasers dream of.

Lemon Bar - Light and refreshing lemon tang infused with sweet powdered sugar completed with freshly baked pie crust. This lemon e-juice was inspired by Tarte au citron, one of the best French desserts. Elevate your taste buds with this lemon creamy goodness. Designed for lovers of lemon flavored vape juices that also provide that warm delicious dessert sustenance.

Please note these are ONE SHOT CONCENTRATES - These are concentrated flavours designed for DIY where you mix with PG/VG to your desired taste.

Recommend mixing at 20%

30ml bottle