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RELX Pre-filed Cotton Pods

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Content: 2 x RELX pods
Features: Nicotine Salt E-Liquid / Non-refillable pods
Capacity: 1.9ml
Strength: 18mg/ml
Device compatibility: RELX Essential / RELX Infinity
POD COIL TYPE: Ceramic (RELX Pod Pro) / Cotton (RELX Pods)
Average puff: ~500 puffs/pod (varies depending on individual usage)


Customer Reviews

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Excellent Little Pod

I have used many mods and tanks over the years but find the vapour and flavour of these small pods to be certainly good. The ease of switching from one flavour to a different one makes it so quick to change tastes according to requirements. I would recommend this unit and pods to anyone who enjoys a handy vapouriser without all the hassle of the large mods and tanks. Especially not having to keep changing atomisers.

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RELX pods are designed to create the ultimate vaping experience for adult smokers, featuring a maze-like internal structure to help prevent any leakage. There are two different versions: RELX Pods and RELX Pod Pro.

RELX Pods are compatible with a wide variety of e-liquid formulas, for some particular flavours, they’re able to deliver a more authentic taste.

RELX Pods Pro are equipped with RELX Super SmoothTM Technology, providing an unequaled SuperSmooth Experience

Raspy Ruby 

A sweet and tart raspberry flavour with just the right amount of cooling.

Menthol Plus

A perfect mixture of naturally sweet cornmint and peppermint and fruity notes that leave a long-lingering freshness. 

Rich tobacco

A tobacco flavour that combines earthy aromas of cocoa and tobacco mix with a subtle nuttiness

Hawaiian Sunshine

A perfect resemblance of pineapple. The flavour is equally cool, fresh and fragrant with the perfect blend of sourness and sweetness.

Forest Gems

A cooling fruit flavor that perfectly combines the right amount of sour raspberries and sweet blueberries and strawberries.

Golden Slice

A rich mango flavor that has layers of nectar sweetness. 

Fresh Red

A watermelon flavour that is sweet, juicy yet crispy with a cooling finish.