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Tasty Fruity E-Liquids 200ml Shortfills

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1 X Tasty Fruity E-Liquids 200ml Shortfills

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Tasty Fruity Strawberry Pineapple

Great flavour, Great Price.
Excellent service once again!!

Great price

Great price for a very flavoured liquid

Fruity but there's menthol

I was really excited to find a guava juice and it smelt perfect. Unfortunately, there is menthol in the mix so I won't be using it. I wish it was just the sweet fruit taste. It's always a gamble buying an unfamiliar brand as you don't know if it's got the dreaded menthol added or not. It needs to be labelled better.
For those who like menthol, you'll probably really enjoy this as the guava element is spot on. Please make a menthol free version!

In Stock £14.99 Berry Lemonade - An exotic, mouth-watering berry blend with a refreshing, freshly squeezed lemonade base, Berry Lemonade is a sweet & tart fruity lemonade e liquid.

Grape Lemonade by Tasty Fruity is a soda vape with a seriously fruity kick. Taking a sweet and tangy lemonade base, this has then been infused with a ripe and crisp grape flavour for added sweetness. Not a flavour like any other soda vape you've tried before!

Pink Lemonade by Tasty Fruity is a Malaysian made soda e liquid, taking a classic flavour and adding in their own twist of flavour. Taking a classic lemonade flavour, this has then been enhanced with the addition of extra lemon and sweet red berries for a tart e liquid with a sweet undertone throughout.

Grape by Tasty Fruity features a delicious grape blend the provides you with an excellent sweet grape flavour. This flavour is the enhanced by a cooling menthol. A delicious flavour from the great minds at Tasty Fruity!

Mango by Tasty Fruity features an excellent ripe mango flavour that has been blended with a slight hint of mint to create a truly exotic vape. 

Blackcurrant - Featuring a full bodied Blackcurrant flavour, Blackcurrant by Tasty Fruity will be exactly what you're looking for if you simply love Blackcurrant flavours. This E-Liquid features a low amount of menthol, which further enhances the flavour of this delicious blackcurrant flavoured e liquid.

Blue Raspberry by Tasty Fruity takes a popular flavour profile and adds a slight twist. Most Blue Raspberries focus on the sweetness, but this one has a sour element to it, to really give you a balance of sweet and sour notes. Delicious!

Strawberry Pineapple by Tasty Fruity is a delicious blend of exotic pineapples and juicy strawberries. These e liquids also feature an undertone of menthol which further adds to the freshness of the tangy fruit flavours.

Fruity Mix by Tasty Fruity is a true, Malaysian style mix of fruits. Firstly, you'll notice a delicate lychee flavour throughout that has been paired with a refreshing, juicy melon. You'll then notice an earthy, tart blackcurrant for a delicious finish to this tropical mix.

Mango Blackcurrant by Tasty Fruity is an exotic blend, taking sweet mangoes and combining them with a bold blackcurrant flavour. This e liquid has a great flavour balance of sweet and tart flavours.

Guava by Tasty Fruity is an exotic, tropical blend that may sound basic at first, but features a more complex layering of flavours upon closer inspection. It starts with a Guava flavour, which is the main flavour throughout this e liquid - but then layers in a sweet lemonade and a medley of mixed berries for an undertone of fruit flavours that perfectly compliment the tropical Guava.

Sweet Sour by Tasty Fruity is a fruity blend that will keep your tastebuds tantalised with its burst of flavours! This e liquid features tart, crisp apples that have been combined with a mixture of sweet berries for a sweet and sour mix like no other.

Strawberry Apple by Tasty Fruity is a fruity blend that delivers exactly what it says on the bottle. This summertime blend takes tart, crisp green apples and pairs them with sweet strawberries to deliver an excellent balance of fruity flavours.

Honeydew by Tasty Fruity delivers a melon blend like no other. Taking Honeydew as its primary flavour of choice, this melon flavour has a creamy undertone throughout and has been paired with a cooling mint for a refreshing vape.

Lychee Apple by Tasty Fruit is an exotic flavour that combines Lychee and Apple. Starting with a delicate Lychee, this e liquid then quickly transforms as the Apple cuts through, creating a balance of sweet and tart notes to create an exotic flavour that is well balanced throughout.

Strawberry Orange by Tasty Fruity is a fruity blend with a sweet citrus combination. Taking sweet strawberries as its base, Tasty Fruity have then combined this with a sharp, yet sweet Orange citrus flavour which has created an excellent blend of sweet and tart flavours.

Orange by Tasty Fruity adds some summer to your vape tank with this excellent citrus blend! Taking a mixture of Orange Juice & freshly picked Oranges, Tasty Fruity have created an excellent, true to life orange flavour, capturing the sweetness and tartness of the fruit.

Watermelon by Tasty Fruity combines a juicy, fresh watermelon and a cool, refreshing menthol to create a delicious flavour that is perfect for those hot summer days. Stay cool & refreshed all summer long with this excellent flavour by Tasty Fruity!

Tropicana Pinegrape by Tasty Fruity is a fruit blend that features a medley of Pineapples and Grapes, offering a sweet, tropical flavour with a cool refreshing menthol undertone throughout.

70% VG

This is 200ml of 0mg e-liquid, supplied in a 250ml short fill bottle leaving room for 4 x 18mg nicotine shots to make 240ml of 3mg e-juice