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Timesvape Dreamer V1.5 Mech Mod

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  • Constant Contact switch with Ball Head
  • Reversible tube
  • Hybrid 510
  • 25mm diameter tapers to 27mm
  • compatible with 21700, 20700 and 18650 (With supplied adapter)
  • Improved pressure release wholes
  • Insulated top section

  • Comes With
  • 1x Dreamer V1.5
  • 1x 18650 Battery Adapter
  • 1x User Manual

  • Mechanical Mods are for advanced users only.¬†These devices are¬†not suitable for a¬†beginner and should only be used by experienced vapers familiar with ohms law, battery safety and rebuild-able¬†atomisers. Whilst with proper understanding, these devices are high performance unrivaled¬†power, they¬†can also be dangerous if used in an incorrect manner. Vaping 101 will not be held liable or responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of these advanced devices. Use at your own risk.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    My first mech tube, and its great, easy to use and lovely finish on the mod, also good that you can reverse the switch.


    The Dreamer V1.5 is very hard hitting tube for the price. Hits as hard as the keen if you own one. Loving the new constant contact switch is a big pro. Like the fact you can reverse the switch & top cap for ether hand very comfortable in the hand/ The switch is has a perfect throw for me does not crunch. For the price i'd say one of if not the best mech tubes within it's price range. Would recommend anyone who want a cheap mech to pick it up. Loving the Green splatter effect on the Dreamer as well.

    Vaping101 delivery during this pandemic was really fast as well.

    Tiny Banger

    Definitely better than the first version. Clean, compact and hard hitting little monster. Hits exactly like the Keen.

    He brings the Hit

    The Timesvape Dreamer is a very good Mech Mod. Like to buy another one ;)

    My first mech

    Always wanted to try mech vaping. Glad I did. Thoroughly enjoying the experience. The Dreamer feels great in the hand, looks good and has a good heft to it. The threading is smooth and I like how you can reverse it for left handed use. The constant contact button has just the right throw for comfort. Recommended!

    In Stock £49.99 The ever so popular Dreamer mod has had some improvements, still keeping with the same style and design however now features a constant contact switch as standard, improved pressure release wholes along with insulated top and improved 18650 adapter all things to create the perfect hit every time while still factoring in safety. 

    The Dreamer v1.5 is 25mm that tapers to 27mm and is capable of reversing the tube to give the user the option to change their grip if they so choose, compatible with either 21700, 20700 and 18650. (Not included), still featuring the hybrid 510 and floating battery adjustment from its predecessor but now with a constant contact switch which restricts any arching of batteries which in turn creates a harder hit and longevity of batteries.