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  • Wick Liquor LATEST 50ml Shortfill Juice Range

    There is only 1 item left in stock.
    There are only 2 items left in stock.

    Rewind - Roller. The ultimate Cola bottle vape for those who know their fizzy from their gummy. So authentic you will try and chew!

    Rewind - UFO . Zingy flying saucers that will cover your tongue in fruity goodness

    Noose - Guillotine. A rich and punchy fruit composition that takes no prisoners. Experience neck-snapping blood orange and pineapple hard gums.

    Jelly Dream - Is a hot new flavour that will change how you enjoy fruity e liquids forever. Lovingly created to perfectly emulate a fistful of Jelly Bean candy, smothered in rowdy multi-fruit sugar shells, this is a palate onslaught that will drop jaws from the first inhale.

    Requiem Resurrection - Babylonian sour apple and chalice-matured Pearmain pith

    There is room within this bottle to add 1x 10ml 18mg nicotine shot, doing so will give you 60ml 3mg nicotine strength.