New Bar Juice 5000 Flavours

In the world of vaping, flavour reigns supreme, and Bar Juice is the current king. It offers tastes that keep you coming back to because they simply do it best.

With a range of flavours catering to every palate, Bar Juice 5000 has become a favourite among vapers, from beginners to veterans.

Now, they're elevating their offerings with the introduction of new flavours.

Unveiling the New Bar Juice 5000 Flavours

Bar Juice is well-known for creating solid flavours that replicate those of disposables precisely. Now, it seems Bar Juice is venturing into new avenues by introducing original flavours to add to their extensive list.

What Sets Bar Juice 5000 Apart?

The secret to Bar Juice 5000's success lies partly in being first to market, recognising early that disposable-style juice was the future. This foresight allowed them more time to develop a superior-tasting nicotine salt, offering more flavours than many other brands. It’s easy to see why it’s the leading brand.

A Closer Look at the New Flavours

There are 9 new flavours currently available in new nicotine strengths, including an unprecedented 15mg. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to quit smoking, as it allows users to decrease their nicotine intake in 5mg increments, starting at 20mg.

Let’s discuss the new flavours:

  • Blue Ice Pop: A frozen treat with blue raspberry notes and a refreshing yet intense menthol flavour. Perfect for menthol lovers seeking a serious brain freeze.

  • Blue Bubba: A mix of blueberry and tangy blue raspberry with the sweet essence of bubblegum. Here, there are no bubbles, just clouds.

  • Watermelon Strawberry Kiwi: A twist on the classic strawberry watermelon bubblegum. But replacing the sweet bubblegum with a tangy kiwi for a more exotic flavour.

  • Orange Zest: Pure orange sweetness with a menthol kick at the end. If you loved Ohm Boy Orange flavours, you’ll enjoy this.

  • Pink Bubba: A flavour that’s sure to appeal to many, being a strawberry bubblegum. Small amount of sour taste and a sweet bubblegum taste.

  • Butter Mints: Reminiscent of the famous Murray mints, this flavour offers a sweet. Creamy taste with a hint of menthol, bringing back that classic sweet shop vibe.

  • Rainbow: It's Skittles plain, simple and sweet flavour. The taste you get if you tried to eat and handful of them in one go.

  • Grape Gummy Bear: Sweet Grape taste with a sugary taste, which has menthol notes on the exhalation. A sweet taste with no sour at all, if you puff it a few times and get the coil warmed up, the sweetness kicks in nicely with menthol.

  • Sour Rainbow: A big old bag of sour Skittles. A mixture of sour fruits like sour strawberry, sour green apple, sour lemon, sour orange, and sour grape. If you love sour, you'll love this.

New Eco-Friendly Small Pack 10ml Bottles

The new Bar Juice 5000 flavours come in handy 10ml bottles, now with 50% less packaging, making them more eco-friendly. We prefer this style of packaging, as you can tell they are slowly moving away from the disposable looking boxes.

This shows they want to be more than just a disposable vape juice brand and want to be a well-known and respected vape juice manufacturer.

This new packaging will be rolled out to all flavours as we get new stock of Bar Juice in.

Nic Salts and a Smooth Vaping Experience

Bar Juice, made with nicotine salt, provides a smooth throat hit, which makes it very easy to vape. This allows users to explore higher nicotine strengths if necessary, without the harshness typically associated with freebase nicotine.

Disposable Juice: The Future of Vaping?

Disposable juice options are gaining popularity, and with disposables set to be banned next year in April in Scotland, this trend may accelerate. So it’s important to understand which brands and types of pods to use you don’t need to spend a fortune to get great flavour, just choose the right device.

We recommend you try out the Xros 3 Mini very simple to set up and use, but if you're looking for something with a screen the Xlim Pro is by far the best pod on the market to date.

Why Variety Matters: Catering to Every Palate

Bar Juice has long understood that it’s not about constantly releasing new products but about being consistent, maintaining ample stock, and adding new flavours to the line-up rather than randomly experimenting.

With their determination, Bar Juice has positioned itself at the top with the largest range of disposable vape juice strengths: 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, and 20mg. With this extensive range, they now offer flavours that can cater to every palate, including creamy/cake flavours, starting with the Butter Mint flavour.

Conclusion: The Excitement of New Flavours

The new flavours have been a hit with our customers, especially the standout Butter Mint flavour, which has surpassed expectations. The updated bottles make them much easier to carry, and moving away from disposable-looking packaging is a significant step forward.

Bar Juice has solidified itself as a premier nicotine salt vape juice brand, distancing itself from its association with disposables. With the introduction of new flavours and nicotine strengths, they show a real commitment to customer satisfaction.

We can’t wait to see if they ever venture into the shortfill market.

With all that said if you want to try Bar Juice, we run a deal the best in the UK 4 bottles for £9.50 and we ship worldwide.

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