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Superb cheap mod

Gets the job done well

Nice and good priced charger !
Can recommend

Nice "little" dual squonker

One of the smallest dual squonkers out there .... works like a charm...
Bought it to be my work squonk ... Has a Drop on top ... fullfills the job :)

One of the best dual regulated squonkers out there

Good quality, Good price, Good delivery ...---- Good everything ... Can only recommend !

Baby ness mod

Quality service along with a great mod.

Swell mod

Great mod very fast delivery.

Great flavour

A lovely smooth vape - the best I have tried.

Nice cotton makes it easy to wick

So much easier this thing is awesome service from u guys as always

Great squonker with a minor niggle or two.

First of all a tip of the hat to Vaping101 for a great service; the item was well packaged and arrived on the day stated, a bottle of juice was included for free, a really nice touch, thanks all.

I suppose the question to ask would be: If I broke, lost or damaged it, would I replace it? The answer to that is a big YES. On saying that, the mod has a few niggles. I'll list the pros and cons for me.

The finish on mine is very good.
Nice weight to it, feels solid.
Door fits snug.
No rattle to buttons or door panel.
Semi grippy texture to panels.
Squonk bottle sits snug, no leaks.
Price. £22.50 in sale and discount on top of that!
Onboard charging works well, both mod and battery stay cool throughout cycle.
Display is bright and easy to read.
Accepts 18650 or 20700 batteries.

No warranty card, manual or charging cable include with mine.
Haven't found spare bottles for it anywhere, yet.
Can't lock wattage to avoid accidental changes.
Chip efficiency isn't the best.
510 plate sits about 1mm proud of the mod. I use a catch cup to mask the gap.
Menu system has a 'clunky' feel to it.
20700 batteries are a tight fit, bit of a faff changing them.

Overall a cracking little squonker for the price I paid.

Good e juice .. all day vape

Great charger

Great charger. Good display all the required info. Will only charge 2 bigger batteries at a time. Other than that top charger. USB to so can be used on the go.

Light but big hitter

Bit of a case of lots of Atties not enough Mods,so bought this as cheap and liked the the design (Chief) ,I usually vape around the 45 W mark and did so with this,hit a lot harder than some more expensive box mods I have and was surprised how light it was,no nasties like loose battery door,battery life is good,really can't fault this at the price,thanks for the great service 101

Great Mod

Great looks
Great feel in the hand
Great battery performance
Great features
Great chip / temp control
Great size (for dual battery)
Great price and service from V101 ...
It’s great what more to say ! .... best of the 3 asmodus mods I have purchased over time though I still love them all ... Great brand in my opinion. Stop looking and Get one !

Best mtl flavour

Great for mtl users superior flavour to other mtl users the fact it’s shock proof and waterproof is a bonus feels really nice in the hand ! Battery life will surprise you lasts for days literally!

Just jam

A brand I’ll just keep buying ,
Love the taste of early breakfast with this vape juice , if you like jam give it a try .


Good quality and ramp up quite quick so really pleased not a bad price

Mike Vapes does it again

Brilliant dual coil bf rda.
Just like the original recurve which I have used for at least a year, just 2 coils.
Perfect flavour and the air flow is perfect for me.
I bought it for use with a SXMini X class and they work perfectly together

Nice mod

Excellent mod, more than happy.
Auto squonking takes a little while to get used to but once you do its brilliant.
I agree with the other reviewer though, the tank is a bit small.

Excellent service as usual from Vaping101 10/10

Drop 24 rda

Nice rda vaps well one coil setup grate service all the way from 101vaping big thanks

Best tank ever used from 20 to 60€

I use most of the time my Hiend tanks like Taifun GT4, Tripod RTA, Hussar, Squape and many many more. I must say this one is amazing tank and it’s has to be the airflow. The coil i’am running in this is 27awg dual core and 40awg. Build on 3mm.
I loved it so much that i order one more

Innokin Adept Starter Kit with Zlide Tank

What can I say Innokin have smashed it again oh how I wished I had access to this when I started vaping it hits the spot in every way. I would recommend this to anyone starting vaping or anyone who prefers mouth to lung vaping and as for Vaping101 it was ordered and delivered within two days, perfect.

Artery pal ll pod

Hi, this is my first pod, as I vape from a sqounk. Well what can I say this a fantastic pod. I like that you can adjust the air flow, and the flavour is really good. Nice size battery. Very good overall pod. Would definitely recommend.

Still love this stuff!

I’ve tried nearly all the big name cottons and I always go back to this. I find it the best cotton. Everyone will have their own preference but it works for me.


If you like Mango vapes you will love this. It’s a fresh ripe mango flavour and not like some of the candy type capes. The orange and pineapple are quite subtle on the exhale and I find this one keeps its flavour. All in all a decent vape. Awesome service as always 5*****