Firstly, this is normally a smooth process that runs in the background once order completed. You will only be required to take action if 1Account contact you to do so via email. You must enter your name/address as it would appear on Passport/Driving Licence/ID

We have no way of avoiding this and ALL vaping companies will soon have to follow suit. According to current UK legislation, E-cigarette products can only be purchased by and shipped to those who are over the age of 18. Due to a law implemented on 20th May 2017, we are required to verify the age of any customers wishing to purchase our products.

1Account carry out all age verifications on other platforms so some of you will be on their databases already.

We will carry out Age Verification on all 
new orders received. This is all done in the background using the normal information you input on our website. If this information is not sufficient to allow verification, you will be contacted by 1account through email.

Verification is only required once for each Customer, where confirmation over 18 will be recorded.

If you receive an email from 1account you will be offered 3 ways in order to verify your age –
1. Age Estimation (Selfie)
2. ID Scan
3. Credit Card If 1account confirm they are still unable to verify then please contact us at where we will be able to assist.
1Account meet all UK and EU standards for processing of data and are approved by Trading Standards. Your information is safe. If you wish to know more on 1Account then please visit their website here or feel free to contact Vaping 101 with any questions.

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