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Wondering why your vapes have gone all bland on you and killed your vibe? No worries! We've got you covered with some essential tips to troubleshoot this tasteless dilemma. From checking your coils and battery to adjusting wattage settings, we'll help you uncover the reasons why your vape is producing flavourless clouds. Let's get puffin' and get your vaping experience back on track!

Lower Battery

If the battery on your vaping device/e-cigarette drops too low, it can affect your flavour quality. A low battery is typically the most common reason why your vape loses flavour, even if you're still producing impressively thick clouds. Without a strong enough battery, your vape can't vaporise your PG (Propylene Glycol), which is essential for producing the flavour, and the VG (Vegetable Glycerine) which provides the clouds.

You will need to check if your vape device needs to be charged or even have its battery replaced. If your battery isn't the problem, we'll need to dig deeper.

Adjust The Wattage Settings

Certain vape devices will either have a set wattage or an adjustable wattage. Either situation though, can be a reason for not experiencing your full vape flavours.

If your vape isn't producing the right temperature, you won't taste any flavour. A coil that is too hot will leave you with a burnt taste in your mouth, ugh! In most vape devices, a lower wattage will make the flavours fresher. So just remember - the cooler your vape, the better your flavour frequencies for many e-liquids. This can also be linked to your vape coils and the material that your coils are made of.

Steep Your E-Liquid

When it comes to making your own e-liquid, you need to steep it, which is very similar to steeping tea. Proper e-liquid steeping can give you a lot more flavour. Don’t worry – any e-liquid you buy from a shop will have been pre-steeped so there’s no need to hold off on enjoying your vape juice.

The most effective method is to steep your e-liquid in a cool and relatively dark place. A good steeping time is roughly 2-3 weeks. You can occasionally shake the bottle to make sure the contents mix properly. This also speeds up the process.

Alternatively, you can mix your vape juice in a sealed bag and then place it in a container that's filled with warm water. This can often give you much richer flavours.

Coil Gunk

Residue will build up as you vape. This gunk builds up around your vape coils and will stop them from heating up properly, which will prevent the vape juice from giving off its full flavour. You'll need to clean your vape coil properly to avoid this buildup.

A simple cleaning method is to use isopropyl alcohol or warm water. If you're a regular vaper, we'd recommend you clean your device once a week. You can also avoid changing vape coils completely by investing in some types of pod kits. They're super user-friendly and will make vaping a breeze.

Flavour priming

If you've just put in a new coil, you may need to prime your coils to get the most taste out of your vape juice or shortfill. It will also provide you with high-quality vaping. The more flavour priming you do, the stronger the taste.

Restricted Airflow

You can also adjust the vape airflow to get more flavour. Too much air in your e-cigarette is even worse than less air.

Certain vape devices have external adjustable airflow controls which will make it super easy for you to control the amount of air moving through your vape coil. If you have a mouth-to-lung e-cigarette, you're going to want a small amount of airflow and high nic salt content to give you instant bursts of flavour.

On the other hand, if you're vaping direct-to-lung, you'll want more airflow. But being able to adjust vape airflow is still an important factor if you want to make the taste stronger. This you can adjust based on your own preferences.

It's also a good idea to check the air channel in your mouthpiece. Juice buildup can be a real flavour dampener.

Using The Wrong VG/PG Ratio

Whether you're making your own vape juice or buying a particular vape juice bottle, you'll want to pay attention to the VG and PG ratio and the nicotine strength it has.

Nicotine is a natural flavour inhibitor and the amount of it doesn't always work well with all particular tank systems. So, perhaps the nicotine content is too high in your vape juice and, as a result, is limiting your vape taste.

It's also a possibility that you have an overly thick e-liquid, meaning that your flow will be slow and will produce a dull flavour. A heavy e-liquid is often caused by too much VG (vegetable glycerine), so be sure to do thorough research when choosing or making your own e-juice. You can always add a few drops of PG to make the vape juice thinner.

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What About Vaper’s Tongue?

If you can’t find any other reason for your vape juice not tasting right, it’s quite possible that you have vaper's tongue and have exhausted your taste buds on one vape juice flavour. This is easy to fix though. You can get rid of vaper's tongue by trying other vape juices or by simply taking a break from vaping. It's also advisable that you drink lots of water to stay hydrated because VG and PG in your e-liquid absorb water.

What If My Vape Juice Tastes Burnt? 

This can be caused by a burnt coil, or by not priming your new coil properly. You need to allow the heating coil to produce enough heat and to burn a bit before you start using it. Replacing your coil and priming it properly should help.


Alright, we've covered the basics of why your vape is tasteless. Remember to check your battery, coils, and e-liquid levels. Keep those settings in check and don't forget to clean up the tank.

If all else fails, switch up your flavours and stay hydrated to avoid vaper's tongue. Happy vaping, and may the flavour be with you!

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