How to Fix Common Vape Mod Errors

'Wait – what the heck does "atomizer short" mean?' 

That's a question that many vapers have probably asked when using their vape mod. It can be pretty frustrating after spending a lot of time and money setting up your new mod just for it to start flashing error messages as soon as you try to use it. 

Fortunately, not all is lost. Error messages such as 'atomizer short' and 'atomizer low' are pretty common problems and they're easy to fix. There's no need to pack up your vape mod and go back to your disposable vape just yet! 

In this guide, we'll walk you through some of the most common vape mod error messages and how to fix them quickly and easily without having to head to your local vape shop. 

How does a mod work?

A vape mod is the chunky bottom part of your device that houses the battery. It sometimes looks like a box, which is where the name box mod came from. When you press the fire button on the vape mod, the power travels from the battery through the circuitry to the atomizer, heating the wick and causing the e-liquid to turn into vapour. 

There are two types of mods: regulated mods and mechanical mods. In this blog post, we're talking about regulated mods, the type of devices you can most commonly buy from vape shops. Regulated mods consist of the housing, battery, circuits, buttons, and a screen. These devices have various modes and safety settings and allow you to manually adjust the wattage to your desired amount of power. They have a screen to display your vaping information, settings, and warnings. 

On the other hand, mechanical mods, also called mech mods or unregulated mods don't have any of those extra circuits, safety protections and cutt-offs, or modes. These devices simply have a connection between the battery and the coils and the amount of wattage is determined by the type of coils. In short, a mechanical mod is just a housing for batteries, with no screen or additional controls except for the fire button. Because of the lack of safety features, mech mods should only be used by the most advanced vapers who have a strong understanding of ohm's law and vaping safety. 

But enough about mechanical mods, today we're looking at some of the errors vapers might see on a regulated box mod. 

No atomizer found / check atomizer

One the easiest problems to fix, your mod displaying no atomizer found or check atomizer indicates that the mod cannot detect your atomizer. This might mean that the coil has not been properly attached or that the 510 connector is not secure. Sometimes, this mod error can be a result of a defective vape coil. 

To fix the problem, ensure that the coil is screwed in tightly and the 510 connection is secure, with the electrode pin connected to the firing pin. You might choose to clean the threading of the atomizer and mod using a q-tip or paper towel to see if this helps. If this doesn't work, try changing the coil instead. 

If disassembling and cleaning everything then carefully putting it back together doesn't work, you might want to try using a different atomizer. If the same message of ‘no atomizer found’ or ‘check atomizer’ remains on your screen, this indicates that the problem is with your vape mod. Try pulling out the 510 pin slightly and reconnecting the mod to the atomizer. If this still doesn't work, you may need to replace your mod. 

Atomizer low

The 'atomizer low' mod error indicates that the resistance of your atomizer coil is too low for the mod. The lower the coil resistance in ohms, the more power is required from the vape batteries. In a situation where the coil resistance is too low, the mod's safety features will not allow it to fire. 

To fix the problem, swap the atomizer for a coil with a recommended wattage range that your mod supports. The recommended power output range is written on the coil so it shouldn't be difficult to find a new coil that is suitable for your vape mod. 

If the problem persists, even when your coil resistance is matched to your mod's output, the issue might be that the coil is loose or faulty. Try unscrewing the coil and reattaching it tightly and securely, or replacing the coil altogether. RDA users will need to ensure that the negative and positive posts are screwed in securely. 

Atomizer short / coil short

The atomizer short or coil short error message indicates that the mod has detected the atomizer coil but there is a problem with the electrical circuit which is causing the mod to short circuit. When you see this error message on your mod, you will not be able to use your vape because this can be very dangerous. 

The cause of the problem can be with the atomizer, mod, or batteries. It might be that your coil has come into contact with a part of the mod container that it is not supposed to touch, causing a short circuit. A broken coil or the new coil not being connected securely to the device might also be the cause of this issue.

To fix the problem, first check whether the atomizer is secured and screw it back in to see if this solves the issue. Also check whether the coil is touching part of the casing of the mod which it shouldn't be. Try using a new coil to see if this resolves the issue. 

If these actions don't cause the atomizer short error message to go away, the issue might be caused by the battery. To find out whether this is the case, put the battery in an external battery charger and check whether it can charge or output power reliably. If the battery is the cause of the error message, you'll need to replace it with a new battery

Low battery / low volt

Probably the easiest mod problem to fix, the low battery or low volt error message simply means that you need to charge the battery. 

To fix the problem, remove the battery from the device, charge it fully, then try again. 

If you charge the battery and find that the mod is still displaying this message, it might be because your battery has degraded too much to hold enough charge to use. This happens when a battery is old or has been charged ineffectively for a long time. To fix this problem, remove the battery and replace it with a new one. (Side note: Vaping 101 stocks 18650 batteries, 21700 batteries, and 18350 batteries so you can easily purchase replacement batteries.)


Getting used to a new vape mod can be a little tricky, but the learning curve is always worth it when you get to enjoy your powerful new vape. 

If you're still having trouble with your mod, it's a good idea to consult the user manual for your device. If you're still confused, why not check the manufacturer's website for further information? 

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