Vape Juice Blending: How to Mix E-Liquid

One of the most common questions we get asked about vaping is, "can you mix vape juices?" The simple answer to this is yes, it is possible to mix vape juices. Not only that, but we even recommend it!

Vaping is all about expression, personality and enjoyment. Whether it be mixing flavours, getting the right nicotine concentration or creating your preferred ratio of VG and PG, mixing e-liquid is a great way to personalise your style. 

To help you better understand everything you need to know about mixing vape juices, we’ve created this handy guide to break down exactly how to mix vape juice.

Benefits Of Mixing Your Own Vape Juice

The first thing to consider is whether it is worth making your own vape liquid. While buying pre-prepared liquids offers a greater level of convenience, there are benefits to mixing your own.

When you mix vape juice, it is possible to make as much as you want, saving money and providing the convenience of having a large supply at your disposal.

You will also have the opportunity to control the flavours, cloud density and nicotine strength.

What You'll Need:

You will need the right ingredients and accessories to create your own vape juice. The following list provides you with details on what is needed.


Some vapers won't be interested in introducing different flavours to their vape juice and only want to enjoy a way to get nicotine without smoking cigarettes.

Others love the wide variety of vape juice flavours that can be created. As well as choosing specific flavours, you can create your own if you feel adventurous.


Vaping is often seen as a good alternative to smoking, as you can add as much or as little nicotine as you like.

In some cases, you might not even want to add nicotine to your vape juice. This will be entirely up to you.


The two main diluents used in e-liquids are Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). You will be able to determine the ratio of your base liquid depending on your own preferences.

Vegetable Glycerin is behind how thick the vapour clouds get and can help to add sweetness. Propylene Glycol is used to carry the flavour and is also behind the throat hit.


The accessories and sizes required will be determined by how much vape juice you plan to make.

If you want to create 30 ml of vape juice, you will require a 30 ml bottle, a 10 ml syringe, a needle tip, and gloves.

Scales and measuring cylinders can also help you get the right measurements and ratios.

Ingredients To Avoid:

To create the perfect vape juice, you must use the correct ingredients. To avoid ruining your blend when mixing vape juice, avoid the following ingredients.

Vodka or Water Base Liquids

Water and vodka used to be seen as an efficient way to thin vape juice. It could also help to enhance flavours in some cases. This is no longer necessary, and Aqueous Glycerin can be used as a substitute for Vegetable Glycerin to help thin the base.

Essential Oils

Essential oils should not be used in vape mixes as they won't mix in an vape juice base. Typically safe essential oils can also become toxic during heating, so they should always be avoided.

Flavourings Designed for Other Uses

Food flavours and other flavourings designed for other uses should not be used in DIY vape juice.

You should only use flavourings that are designed to be inhaled. Using other products can be dangerous.

Always buy your ingredients from reputable sources to ensure their quality and safety.

Excessive Nicotine Levels

Excessive use of nicotine in your DIY vape liquid can result in nicotine addiction or other side effects.

Many vapers use vaping as a way to reduce their nicotine use. Gradually reducing nicotine levels over time can be beneficial.

Step By Step:

After ensuring you have the correct ingredients and accessories necessary to make your own vape juice, follow the steps below to create flavour combinations that taste good and can help you save money.

Before starting, you should lay out your ingredients and accessories, and you should also ensure your workspace is clean to avoid contamination.

1. Calculate the necessary ratios

Working out the right calculations for ratios can be challenging, but nobody expects you to have extensive knowledge of chemistry.

The best way to ensure you get the correct ratios when starting out is by using an e-juice calculator. There are a number of great options available online to help you accurately determine the levels of ingredients you should use.

You will understand the ratios you prefer as you get used to creating your own vape juice.

2. Measure out diluents into your container

After working out the VG and PG ratios that you want for your vape juice, you should measure them out and add them to your container.

3. Add nicotine booster (optional)

You will have the option of adding nicotine to your e-liquid. Not everyone will want to, but if you do, you can explore the excellent range of nicotine shots available here at Vaping 101.

With prices below £1 and pre-measured shots to make it easy for you to get the perfect amount, this is a great option.

4. Add flavour concentrates

Measuring the correct levels of flavouring is relatively straightforward. If you have chosen to follow specific vape juice recipes, you will be advised of the percentage of flavouring required.

The percentage stated in vape juice recipes concerns the entire mixture. This is why it is essential to know exactly how much you are making before you start.

After measuring out your chosen flavour, add it to the container with the base liquids.

5. Shake!

Securely close the container you are using before vigorously shaking the bottle to mix all of the ingredients.

The colour should be uniform when you finish without streaks throughout.

6. Steep the mixture

Taking the time to steep your liquid can be down to your preference, with many thinking it is not necessary.

Steeping is when you store the vape juice in a dark, cool place which allows the flavours and base liquids to mix fully.

Testing the vape juice immediately after making it and comparing that with after it has been left to steep will allow you to judge the benefits of this method. The more experience you get, the easier it will become to judge the ratios and methods to create the perfect vape juice for your needs.

How Long Will My DIY E-Liquid Last?

You can expect your DIY vape juice to last between 1 and 2 years, depending on how well it is stored.

If you have added nicotine to your vape juice, it will typically begin to break down more quickly.

If the liquid begins to taste differently or loses its taste completely, it may have gone off.

DIY E-Liquid FAQs

Is it safe to use coconut oil when making my own vape juice?

No, you should not use coconut oil when making vape juice, as inhaling it could be dangerous.

If you want coconut-flavoured vape juice, using coconut flavouring designed for vapes will allow this.

How should I store my DIY e-liquid?

You should store your DIY e-liquid in a cool, dark place and ensure it is in a sealed container.

Failure to properly store your vape juice can result in it going off. Leaving it in direct sunlight or a warm environment can cause it to lose its taste.

Will making my own vape juice improve my vaping experience?

Making your own vape juice can improve your vaping experience as long as you get it right.

It may take a couple of tries, but you can create your own flavours, add your preferred nicotine amount, and better understand how to prepare a stable ratio to create a good foundation.

Should e-juice be stored in the fridge?

Storing your DIY e-juice in the fridge can help to prolong its life. However, storing it in a cold environment like a fridge can cause the sugars to crystallise, leading to a drop in the sweetness of the flavour.

Final Thoughts

Learning to mix vape juice can help you create similar flavour profiles to drinks, foods, or other vape juices that you like.

You can tailor your unique vape juice to your taste or follow step-by-step recipes to get the perfect flavour every time. Whether you want to mix red apple or green apple with other fruit flavours or want something sweeter, take a look at our products today.

Exploring the excellent products available at Vaping 101 can help you to make high-quality blends, while our handy blogs provide advice on everything from mixing vape juice to vaping techniques like mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping.

If you are new to vaping and need advice or are an experienced vaper looking for the best products at affordable prices, we can help.


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