Best Beginner Vape Mods

If you're a new vaper or someone who is looking to make the switch from pod kits to the realm of sub-ohm vaping but aren't sure where to start, we've got you covered. Sub-ohm vapes can be a steep learning curve for many. Vape mods and box mods can range a lot in the amount of detail and complexity that they are designed with, allowing vapers to really fine tune their vape experience.

But do not worry, because we've done the trying and testing for you here at Vaping 101. We scoured our stock to identify the very best beginner vape mods for you. Check out our picks below and start your sub-ohm journey!

Vaporesso Gen 200 Mod

The Vaporesso Gen 200 Mod is a great vape mod for beginners, offering ease of use and a tonne of power. Featuring a simple and stunning design, this mod has a distinctive striking look and a user-friendly 0.96 inch TFT screen. This has three vaping modes for beginners to get started with: wattage mode, pulse mode, and F(t) mode for delicious flavour production from your e-liquids. Using an Axon chip, this mod’s adjustable wattage can be changed between soft, normal, and hard mode to further customise your vaping experience. 

We love this as a beginner vape mod because it allows vapers to experiment with new settings to find their preferences while being super beginner-friendly. Powered by dual 18650 batteries to provide an output of 5-220W, this is a powerful mod that will delight any vaper. 

Vaperz Cloud X Dovpo ODIN 200W mod

Created by three leading modders – Vaperz Cloud, Dovpo, and the Vaping Bogan, the ODIN 200W mod is undoubtedly one of the best 200W devices in existence. Compatible with either 18650 or 216700 batteries, this powerful vape mod provides amazing performance and a distinctive design that makes it stand out from other mods. For beginner vapers, this is a great choice of vape mods because of its easy controls using a 0.96 inch full colour OLED screen and four buttons. Using various protections delivered by the Dovpo chipset, this is a safe and effective mod. 

Moreover, with its slightly smaller stature, the ODIN is a portable mod perfect for vaping on the go. If you’re new to vaping using mods, this device may seem intimidating at first but we promise that the impressive performance makes it entirely worth the price. The spring-loaded 510 pin means that you can pair it with your choice of tanks to achieve your ideal vape setup.

OXVA Origin Mini Kit

The OXVA Origin Mini Kit is a pod kit that delivers great flavour and vapour production, despite its very small size. The vape device features a built-in 2200mAh battery, helping it to fire up to 60W making it a great, beginner-friendly vape mod. The sleek OXVA Origin Mini pods have a 2ml e-liquid capacity, and if you're a vaper who is making the transition from MTL to DTL vaping, then these pods will be more familiar and comfortable to use than vape tanks which can seem a lot more complex, intimidating and clunky. However, these pods do require you to change the coil just as a tank would, making it a great way to ease into DTL vaping and vape mods.

Vaporesso Gen 80S mod

The Vaporesso Gen 80s Mod is a single battery vape mod that offers a great vaping experience. It has a box mod design and comes with a variety of features built-in including a variable wattage up to 80W, temperature control mode for greater precision and control over your vaping experience and an OLED screen to display all of important vaping information. Vaporesso has really created something great with this mod! 

Geekvape Aegis 2 Mini Mod

The reason the Geekvape Aegis 2 Mini Mod is so ideal for beginners is in the name. The small, compact size of this vape mod makes it a great choice for beginners as it's easy to carry around for on the go vaping. The Geekvape Aegis 2 Mini Mod is just as reliable and durable as the bigger models with simple operation. This box mod has IP68 tri-proof technology making it shock-resistant, water-resistant and dust-proof.

The Geekvape Aegis 2 Mini Mod can fire up to an impressive 100W despite its small size, providing more than enough range for beginners to experiment with in order to find their preferred wattage. This mini vape mod also has a slightly larger screen with an updated UI making it easier than ever to read your vaping information.

With an internal 2500mAh battery, you don't have to worry about replacing batteries and purchasing the right one. Just simply use the type-C charging port for super fast and efficient recharging. It won't just be the large clouds of vapour turning heads, as this box mod is also available in a gorgeous range of unique colours. Check out the Geekvape Aegis 2 Mini Vape Kit if you want to purchase it along with the tank. 

Geekvape Aegis 2 L200 

Ok, so I know we were talking about the size of the previous Geekvape mod being a massive factor in why it's perfect for beginners. But don't be fooled, as the Geekvape Aegis 2 L200 mod is 15% smaller and 30% smaller than its predecessor, ensuring that it is a great mod for beginners and a great mod all round. The mod itself is made from high-quality zinc-alloy and is waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof thanks to the IP68 tri-proof technology making it a solid piece of kit. 

With a maximum output of 200W, no sub-ohm vaper is going to be disappointed with this vape mod. Its easy-to-use features such as the variable power curve mode, temperature control mode and bypass mode allow vapers to explore a wide range of different settings to find one that they enjoy. However, even in its most basic form this vape mod still performs fantastically. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, these features also help to extend battery life.

The vape mod is also easy to use, with an intuitive layout that even the most beginner of vapers will be able to use. There is a fire button located on the front of the vape device and two smaller buttons below which help you to adjust your setting and peruse the menu. A 1.08" TFT colour display makes it super easy to see all of your vaping information and data such as your battery life, the wattage that you're currently using, the coil resistance and much more!

If you opt for the Geekvape Aegis 2 L200 vape kit you will also get the Z Max sub-ohm tank, two Z mesh coils, type-c charging cable and a user manual ensuring that you have everything you need to get vaping right away. So, if you want a vape mod from Geekvape but one with a bit of oomph, then this is the one for you!

Voopoo Drag X 80W Pod Mod

The Voopoo Drag X 80W Mod Pod Kit is a vape mod that is perfect for those who are looking for a great way to enjoy their vape experience. This mod pod kit comes with a powerful 80W mod that can deliver a great vaping experience. It also includes a tank that can hold up to 4ml of e-liquid, making it a great option for those who want to vape for a long time. The kit also comes with two replaceable coils, so you can always keep your VooPoo vape fresh and new.

Voopoo Argus GT 2 Box Mod

There’s a lot from VooPoo on this list, but that’s because this brand creates some of the best and most user-friendly box mods on the market. Anyone first getting into vaping using box mods will love the Argus GT 2 Box Mod, a powerful and innovative piece of vape tech that will demonstrate the best of what mod vaping can offer. With a max wattage of 200W and a GENE.TT 2.0 chipset, this mod boasts a super fast ‘volcanic’ firing speed and can be used in smart, turbo, temperature control, and RBA modes. 

The Argus GT 2 uses dynamic fast charging using a Type-C USB and requires two 18650 batteries. Moreover, its ergonomic and attractive leather and zinc alloy construction makes it a joy to use while providing waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof capabilities. If you’re looking for a great introduction to more advanced vaping, this is the mod to choose.

FreeMax Maxus Solo Mod

The FreeMax Maxus Solo mod is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and feature-rich mod. This vape kit includes the Maxus Solo 100w Mod and the Fireluke 2 Tank. The Maxus Solo 100w Mod is a compact and powerful mod that can deliver up to 100 watts of power for some seriously impressive cloud production. This vape kit from FreeMax is sure to give you the best vaping experience possible.

Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100W

Using a range of modes including temperature control, VPC, bypass, and soft/normal/hard firing modes, the Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100W Mod is a single battery box mod with some excellent features. Using the Quest 2.0 chip, this has many safety protections and type-C fast charging. With three user records and 6 colour schemes on its 0.96 inch TFT colour display, this is a great box mod for vapers who want to tailor their vaping experience. The max power output of 100W means that this mod is slightly less powerful than some of the others featured on this list, but it makes up for this with impressive performance and amazing features. Overall, if you’re looking for your first serious vape mod, this model from Lost Vape is an excellent place to start.

What e-liquid should I use?

It's very important to ensure that you pair the right type of e-juice with a vape mod in order to maximise your experience and so that the mod is able to do what it is designed to do best. There is a very large scope in terms of vape mods and their power, but typically vape mods are designed to be more high-powered. Where pod kits are designed to produce less vapour, vape mods are designed to produce large clouds of vapour. Because of this, it is important to use high VG e-liquids as the higher ratio of VG is what helps to create the large vapour clouds. Browse our shortfill selection to find an excellent high VG e-liquid to enjoy with your vape mod. 

To conclude

Currently, these are the top vape mod starter kits available, and picking one of them will make it simpler to start vaping in a more advanced way. These are the most appealing and sensible options for any beginning vaper because of their simplicity and build quality, but if you are looking for further advice on your first vape mod, be sure to contact us - We would be more than happy to help.

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