DOVPO UK Recycle Scheme

At Dovpo, we are a creative easy-going team who respects the vaping community and the knowledge they bring.

We develop day by day to provide consumers the best before and aftersales service which is why we are creating local service stations to offer product and warranty help and to bring something to the regions vaping community.

As a responsible company the Environment is something that we have been thinking about.  How can we help the Environment and our vape community? 

We are now launching our first local recycling scheme in UK and we hope that you will join with us and help the Environment and your local vape community.

Recycled Dovpo products will go a long way to help the community. They may be reconditioned back to their working order using new or recycled parts or stripped for parts and passed on to your fellow Dovpo vaper, and any non-used parts will be disposed of accordingly to help the Environment.

Now you may wonder what’s the catch?

We just want to recycle your defected/damaged DOVPO products and see if we could bring them back to life. The whole process will be totally free, although customer needs to cover the postage of sending and receiving as required.

And how to get started?

Simple, just send us the DOVPO inoperative products or even the ones that no longer working. Our team will inspect the product and let you know whether your product can be repaired or not. Long story short, repairable devices will be fixed and send back to you, unrepairable ones will be disassembled and you’ll rewarded a discount coupon on 



Q: What could I do if my product is broken and out of warranty?

A: Contact our UK service by email: and explain the issues, videos or photos may be required so we can offer you information, guidance and possible solutions. Our team will estimate whether the device can be repaired or not.

If we have the used parts to fix the device then we can either post it to you for you to repair or you can post it to the UK Service center and we will do the repair for you.

All recycled parts are FREE and if you want us to repair it then our labor is FREE all we ask is that the customer pays for postage sending and/or receiving. (approximately £2 - £5)

If the product needs a brand-new part, then we will need to charge for the new parts used.

If we feel the device is not repairable or we don’t have the part new or recycled then still send it to us. We can strip out the working parts and recycle them for the next customer and dispose of the unused parts responsibly and you will be rewarded a 30% off coupon (for a mod) or a 15% off coupon (for an atomizer). The coupon is only for direct purchases.


Q: What if my device was broken but still in warranty?

A: Visit our warranty page at and follow the claims process, were you’ll be asked to send the product to our UK service center & once we detect the damage was not by any human-damage or misuse, we’ll send you a new device as replacement.

Our UK Service Centre has a limited stock, so the replacement may be sent from our Head Quarters in China.

Customers who make a warranty claim and post the product to the UK Service Center will be given a 15% coupon code for direct purchases. This is to say thank you and to cover any postage costs you might have incurred.

Q:Why are we doing this?

A:“In 2019, the world generated a striking 53.6 Mt of e-waste, an average of 7.3 kg per capita. The global generation of e-waste grew by 9.2 Mt since 2014 and is projected to grow to 74.7 Mt by 2030 – almost doubling in only 16 years. The growing amount of e-waste is mainly fueled by higher consumption rates of EEE, short life cycles, and few repair options.”

According to <The Global e-waste Monitoring Report 2020>, E-waste is a big threaten and a lot of countries don’t have any E-waste recycle management yet.

Our ambition is to do our best to provide an eco-friendly system and save the environment from industrial waste.

We believe that the recycle scheme is not only good news to customers who worries about getting a new device, but also shows the world that vapers care about the environment.

Heroes are not always wearing capes, they probably just vape.

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