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Welcome back to the world of vaping innovations where the legendary Drop Dead series makes a triumphant return with its latest iteration, the Drop Dead 2 RDA by Hellvape. With anticipation bubbling in the community, this review dives into the "bloody mess" variant that stands out with its iconic splatter design. Mounted atop the versatile Zion mod, this setup promises a blend of aesthetic appeal and top-notch performance.

First Impressions: Unboxing the Beast

Right from the unboxing, the Drop Dead 2 demands attention. Its vibrant white and red splatter paint job isn't just a color scheme; it's a statement. Accompanied by a myriad of accessories including a stylish and matching drip tip, a squonk pin for those inclined to bottom-feeding, and the essentials for a perfect build – Clapton coils, cotton, and a precision toolset – this RDA is ready to impress from the get-go. The detailed manual ensures you're well-guided through every step of your setup journey.

Hellvape Drop Dead 2 RDA Box

The Heart of the Matter: The Build Deck

The craftsmanship of the Drop Dead 2 shines through its build deck. Equipped with flathead screws and boasting a generous 6.2mm depth well, it's squonk-ready and designed for ease. The honeycomb-style adjustable airflow allows for a finely-tuned vaping experience, while the overall machining quality promises durability and reliability. Setting up is a breeze, catering to both novices and seasoned builders with its straightforward and forgiving nature.

Hellvape Drop Dead 2 RDA Build Deck

Vaping Performance: Clouds and Flavors Galore

With the setup complete, using ODB's banana ice e-liquid, the Drop Dead 2 RDA springs to life. The vapor production is dense and satisfying, while the flavor transmission is nothing short of stellar. Even without a squonk mod in this test run, the RDA's versatility shines, demonstrating its prowess in dripping and squonking alike. It's clear that this RDA is crafted for those who cherish both cloud chasing and flavor savoring.

Hellvape Drop Dead 2 RDA Vapor

Comparisons and Verdict

When placed side by side with predecessors like the Dead Rabbit, the Drop Dead 2 stands tall with its enhanced features such as the postless build deck and deeper well. The variety of colors available ensures there's a Drop Dead 2 for every taste, with the "bloody mess" variant stealing the show for those with a penchant for bold designs. With its ease of use, exceptional build quality, and unmatched vaping experience, the Drop Dead 2 RDA is a must-have for every vaper's collection.

Hellvape Drop Dead 2 RDA On Zio Red & White Aio


The Drop Dead 2 RDA is more than just a successor in a revered series; it's a testament to Hellvape's commitment to innovation and quality. Whether you're new to the world of RDAs or a seasoned enthusiast, the Drop Dead 2 offers a seamless, enjoyable, and high-performance vaping experience. Its striking design, coupled with its robust build and versatile functionality, makes it a standout choice. Dive into the Drop Dead 2 experience and let your clouds tell the story of a well-crafted vape journey.

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