What Are the Best Coils for Nic Salts?

One of the biggest trends in the vaping industry is the use of nic salts. Nicotine salt is the naturally forming state of nicotine that is found in tobacco leaves and is the most efficient way of delivering nicotine into your system. This is instead of freebase nicotine, which was the ingredient that was commonly used in traditional e-liquids.

But what makes nic salt e-liquid so popular, and what should you look for when choosing the best coil for nicotine salts? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what nic salts are, the factors to consider when choosing a coil, and the best coils for nic salts.

Understanding Nic Salts

Nicotine salts are derived from the natural nicotine found in tobacco leaves, which provides a smoother and less harsh vaping experience. Freebase is known for offering more of a throat hit as you vape, whereas nic salt e-liquids have become so popular because they offer little to no throat hit even in high concentrations of nicotine.

This makes nic salt e-liquid ideas for vapers who are looking for a higher nicotine concentration in their e-liquid, as nic salts are available in much higher strengths than traditional e-liquids.

Compared to traditional e-liquids, nic salts are also known for their quicker nicotine absorption, which can help to satisfy cravings faster. Additionally, nic salt e-liquids typically have a longer shelf life and are less prone to oxidation than traditional e-liquids.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Coil for Nic Salts

When it comes to choosing a coil for nicotine salt e-liquid, there are several factors that you should consider. These include nicotine strength, coil resistance, wattage range, and flavour.

Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strength of your e-liquid will determine the amount of nicotine that you receive with each inhale. Higher nicotine strengths will typically require a lower wattage and resistance, while lower nicotine strengths can be vaped at higher wattages.

Coil Resistance

Coil resistance is measured in ohms and refers to the amount of electrical resistance that the coil offers. Lower resistance coils allow for more wattage, which can result in a warmer and more intense vape. Higher resistance coils, on the other hand, are typically cooler and provide a milder vape.

Wattage Range

The wattage range of your device refers to the amount of power that it can produce. Choosing a device with a higher wattage range will allow you to vape at a higher temperature, which can result in a warmer and more intense vape.


Finally, it’s important to consider the flavour of your e-liquid when choosing a coil. Some flavours are better suited to higher wattages and lower resistance coils, while others are better suited to lower wattages and higher resistance coils.

Best Coils for Nic Salts

MTL coils have a higher resistance and are designed for a tighter draw that resembles the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. They are ideal for vapers who are looking for a milder vape and are well suited to lower nicotine strengths.

Sub-ohm coils have a resistance of less than 1.0 ohm and are typically used for cloud chasing and producing large, dense clouds of vapour. They are ideal for vapers who are looking for a warm and intense vape, and are particularly well suited to higher nicotine strengths.

VooPoo PnP coils

The Voopoo PnP coil range is one of the most popular from VooPoo, and for good reason. This extensive line of coils range from sub-ohm resistances up to MTL resistances allowing users to enjoy these coils no matter how they like to vape. 

Uwell Caliburn G/G2 Replacement Coils

Uwell are a brand that have mastered the realm of MTL vaping, and their Caliburn series is top of the pecking order. The Caliburn G/G2 Replacement Coils come in three different resistantes of 0.8ohm, 1.0ohm and 1.2ohms. This gives vapers a nice range of resistances to try and experiment with to find their sweet spot. The Caliburn G/G2 replacement coils are without a doubt one of the best quality MTL coils on the market, helping you to get maximum flavour and nicotine from your nic salt e-liquid. 

Aspire Nautilus Replacement Coils

The Aspire Nautilus Replacement Coils are a popular option for vapers who enjoy using nic salts. These coils use a Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) design that provides a smooth and consistent vaping experience. With high resistance coils including 1.0ohm, 1.6ohm and 1.8ohm these coils are guaranteed to provide excellent flavour.

They are also known for their durability, and each coil can last for several weeks of regular use. Overall, the Aspire Nautilus coils are a solid choice for vapers who want a reliable and efficient coil for their nic salt e-liquids.


Choosing the best coil for nic salts is an important decision that will determine your overall vaping experience. When choosing a coil, it’s important to consider factors such as nicotine strength, coil resistance, wattage range, and flavour. Ultimately, the best coil for you will depend on your individual preferences and needs.

We hope this blog post has provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision when choosing a coil for your nic salts. If you have any questions please contact us today. 

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