Tanks, RDA’s, RTA’s etc – Do not allow these to leak, they “will” cause problems. All tanks leak but there is a wealth of information to stop a tank leaking that can be found HERE

Squonkers – Do not overfill your squonk bottle. Do not over-squonk. There is a learning curve with squonking, allow your RDA to leak it will cause problems. There are many tutorial videos that can be viewed HERE

Mods/Devices – Never charge via USB, purchase a dedicated charger. Don’t drop. Don’t allow tanks to leak. Always use appropriate batteries in good condition with no damage to the outer wrap. Replace any damaged wraps. Use paired batteries (have same amount of cycles). Your Mod is not waterproof.

These are all absolutely simple, common sense essentials to a happy vaping life. Do not rely upon Vaping 101 footing the bill for your unwillingness to follow these simple, key steps.

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