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Fiber n' Cotton V2 Premium Cotton

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  • Grown in America
  • Cotton / Cellulose Fiber
  • Hand Picked Cotton
  • Pesticide Free
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Easy to tear for use in atomisers.
  • Packaged in a resealable bag 
  • 10g of Cotton


  • 1 x 10g of Fiber n Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
AN INFORMED REVIEW: Rest assured this is a mix of cellulose & cotton, NOT silicone as stated below..

This is the newest iteration of the classic Cotton Mix by FibreFreaks which is now discontinued. It's a ~70/30 mix of cotton and cellulose.
If you've tried both 100% cotton and rayon wicks then this is essentially a custom blend between those two materials.
Considering it is odourless food-grade cellulose, any 'strange flavour' described in other reviews is likely from the oils in their skin which have been absorbed by the cellulose.

(To the 2 star reviewer below who incorrectly stated this product contains Silicone [which is used in sealants etc] IT DOES NOT.

Rest assured this product contains food-grade Cellulose, which is a completely different material!

Furthermore Fibre N Cotton is 70% cotton, 30% cellulose..
Cotton Gods is 100% cotton and comparable to Cotton Bacon Prime)

If you liked the absorption of rayon wicks but preferred working with cotton, then try this product!

Not bad, but it’s a silicone & cotton mix

This isn’t the best wicking material out there. It’s a silicone and cotton mix which gives a strange flavour when vaped. cotton gods is much better

Created by Mahood Gufu, former creator of Fiber Freaks in partnership with Phileas Cloud, Fiber n'Cotton will offer you the most advanced wicking material available! A finely tuned blend of purified cotton and food grade cellulose fibres, both chosen for their unique attributes.


     Cotton brings a characteristic roundness to e-liquids
     Cellulose sublimates the high notes


     High absorption rate: Improved your experience on dripper, tanks and squonk
     Better retains e-liquid for more dense steam
     Longer coil life thanks to cellulose

Ease of use

     A standard format to adapt to your habits
     Easy to handle when inserting or removing the coil

Health security

     No trace of pesticides
     A purification process that removes all impurities from cotton
     Cellulose fibers of the highest quality
     Packaging and premises that comply with the standard food standards applied