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Want to jazz up your 21700s try ODB wraps?

Colour: Matte Black
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ODB Battery Wraps 21700

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Matthew walker (Washington, England, United Kingdom)
brilliant device

My first 200w device, great to use and feels amazing in hand. Easy to use. Love the Vents on the back so you use battery wraps for extra customisation.

Nick (Bristol, England, United Kingdom)
Best in class

The good points for the Odin V2
Solid chasis that should take plenty of wear & tear, hopefully a long term investment.
Beautiful design for a very pleasant experience and functionality.
Lightweight considering its size, although not that big really compared to other mods and the cut outs are multifunctional rather than passive.
Fires low ohms, always a bonus since few do these days. A few 100ths matter.
The battery life seems great on average compared to other mods.
Fair price for what you're getting. I know this won't be a game of buckaroo if dropped.

The bad points of the Odin V2

The fire button :(
Yes, it sticks, at least mine does. Serial number 0930
This began on the 1st day, 75%, of the way through its 1st set of batteries.
Its not a permanent jamming and can be released by pressing again but ts certainly stuck and continues to fire. It doesn't happen all all the time and ironically it seems to happen when picking it up after setting it aside for a bit during a session. Seems like its press sensitive when turning off. Early days so hopefully it'll smooth out.
Will i continue to use it, absolutely even with it being annoying. Its sticking on the top left side and a quick press opposite and its sorted.
I'm hoping this is a like a new shoe situation and the slight stiffness now means long term performance.
Considering some phones cost 15 of these yet this should last much longer.

The slightly off screen position.
This could be an issue to some but also could be a well thought out design.
Look at the menu straight on and the puff counter at the bottom is ever so slightly and abruptly ended.
The text and numbers are fine but the background carries on below behind the frame.
Or maybe its meant to be that way since the screen will be looked at primarily from above and hence when looking that way it seems absolutely perfect.
A slight nit pick.
I have no idea if the issues have/will or need to be fixed or what size the batches were.

Overall yes, I'd pick up another Odin smd probably will.
Even with the issues. Admittedly i needed the boards capabilities with the added bonus of the chassis.

4 to 4.5 overall

Steve (Acton, England, United Kingdom)
Odin v2

Feels better in the hand than it's predecessor and is considerably lighter. My only issue is that the battery information on the screen is my minute.

Bill Henry (St Louis, Missouri, United States)
Odin V2

Great device and quick shipping. It would be nice if someone would respond to emails that I send. I have been sending messages to [****] - maybe they are going to your spam-junk folder. As I said above, that is the email address I've been sending to. This doesn't make any sense at all. I'm not going to worry about it, if you have something in stock that isn't available in the states I can find specific details about the item elsewhere.

Hi Bill, we have no emails from you?

There are no emails Bill, just give us a call or email info@vaping101.co.uk

Oleksandr (Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine)
What a disappointment

I felt in love in this mod, when I saw it on review, so I bought it as soon as I saw it in stock. I loved first edition and even wonder to install DNA250C inside, but second...
Good ergonomic, weight, color. I still have some questions about form of the connector(22mm rta looks not so good because of it), but its minor issue.
But damn Fire button. If u try to push it when your finger on the top 25% of a button, its not click, its just stays on place.
I already kinda fixed this with a screwdriver and five minutes of work,- but this ruined all good impressions about the mod.

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