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Vaperz Cloud Hammer Of God v3

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  • Parallel - Series Configuration
  • Anodized aluminium body construction
  • Silver plated copper internals
  • Bottom Loading battery tray
  • Classic Small Compact Design

Whats in the box:

  • 1 x Hammer Of God Mod

Mechanical Mods are for advanced users only. These devices are not suitable for a beginner and should only be used by experienced vapers familiar with ohms law, battery safety and rebuild-able atomisers. Whilst with proper understanding, these devices are high performance unrivaled power, they can also be dangerous if used in an incorrect manner. Vaping 101 will not be held liable or responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of these advanced devices. Use at your own risk.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great mod

I already have the XL Horsemen edition but I wanted something smaller when traveling. Boy I am not disappointed and maybe I snag a normal XL up.

Getting Hammered

Cannot fault the price, nor the service from Vaping101.
Was late to the game at getting my hands on a HoG and got a beautiful War Torn Graphite Hammer of God v3 from Vaping101 and at a far better price than anywhere else!


You wouldn't want my review but you kept on asking. The item was used with the main component missing. I went on to buy another 3 items and had a good experience. You refunded me quickly. All is well, but something went wrong your end. I will buy from you again, no worries.

Hi David, I am confused, are we speaking about the Hammer of God? You never mentioned anything was missing and there isn't anything to miss? We suggested you returned it as in discussion it was clear you were not familiar with the use of mechanical mods and were planning to run low ohm coils.

I think this needed to be clarified.

Poor button

Great mod and I do love this range BUT the button on this particular v3 is rubbish. Took it apart twice to try and resolve an issue where the mod would only fire is you faced a particular direction and the moon was full. In the end I flipped the firing pin over which made the throw shorter and that helped. I've read of other people sending theirs back to VC and having the pin replaced.

Spend the extra and get the engraved special edition as it has a more mechanical feeling button and is 1, easier to fire and you don't need to be a power lifter to press the button and 2, fires every time without hassle. If you are spending this amount of money you don't want to mess about taking things apart. Spend the extra £10 and get the better button.


what can I say an absolute power house, hits like nothing else highly recommended

In Stock £124.99 The Hammer of God is back and is better then ever. The iconic design that compacts four 18650s into a small power house which gives you 8.4volts and double battery life. Updated to perfection to give you a vape that no other mod can give you.