In the ever-evolving world of vaping, GeekVape has introduced a revolutionary product: the GeekVape PopVibe. This innovative pod system aims to address the environmental concerns associated with traditional disposable vapes by offering a reusable and cost-effective alternative. In this review, we dive into the features, performance, and overall impact of the Geekvape Popvibe.

Unboxing and Features

The Geekvape Popvibe comes in a well-organized package, containing two units along with clear assembly instructions. Unlike traditional disposable vapes, the Popvibe includes a replaceable battery, coil, and tank. This design not only reduces waste but also offers a more economical solution for vapers.

Key Features:

  • Battery: 650mAh, rechargeable via USB Type-C.
  • Coil: Mesh 1.1-ohm, ensuring a smooth and consistent vaping experience.
  • Tank: 10ml juice capacity, with easily replaceable components.

The device arrives disassembled, and the assembly process is straightforward if the instructions are followed correctly. The main tip from the reviewer: avoid sliding the components incorrectly to ensure easy disassembly later.

Usage and Performance

Once assembled, the Geekvape Popvibe is ready to deliver a superior vaping experience. The reviewer highlights the longevity of the coil, which can last through multiple refills of the tank before needing replacement. This feature alone makes the Popvibe a more sustainable option compared to traditional disposables.

Performance Highlights:

  • The device is user-friendly, with a clear display showing battery percentage.
  • The 650mAh battery provides ample power for extended use, and the USB Type-C port ensures quick and convenient recharging.
  • The mesh coil technology delivers consistent flavour and vapour production.

One minor drawback noted is the placement of the airflow on the back of the device, which can be accidentally blocked during use. However, this is a small trade-off for the numerous benefits the device offers.

Comparison and Improvements

The Geekvape Popvibe sets itself apart from similar products on the market with its reusable design. While other devices require users to discard the entire unit after use, the Popvibe allows for the replacement of individual components. This not only reduces environmental impact but also lowers the cost for users over time.

Comparison with Similar Products:

  • Traditional disposables: One-time use, higher waste, and ongoing costs.
  • Geekvape Popvibe: Reusable components, lower waste, and cost-effective.

The reviewer is particularly pleased with Geekbape’s approach to addressing the disposable vape problem, suggesting that this design could set a new standard in the industry.


The Geekvape Popvibe is a noteworthy advancement in the vaping industry, offering a practical solution to the environmental and economic issues associated with traditional disposable vapes. With its reusable components, impressive performance, and user-friendly design, the Popvibe is poised to become a popular choice among vapers.

As the vaping market continues to evolve, products like the Geekvape Popvibe pave the way for more sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Stay tuned for future updates and reviews on the latest in vaping technology.

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Stephen Bosward

Stephen Bosward

Absolutely brilliant product received “on another level” great flavours nice clouds the best ever disposable I have ever tried & will continue to use." Highly recommended for vapers on any level 👌 👍 👏

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