Top 10 SKE Crystal Disposable Bars: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the world of vaping! If you're looking for the best experience with disposable vape bars, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we'll explore the Top 10 SKE Crystal Disposable Bars, a product that has taken the vaping community by storm. These alluring and tantalizing flavors are available at for just £4.20.

About the SKE Crystal Bar

SKE Crystal Bar is a disposable vape with 41 different flavors. The vape requires no refills, charging, or coil swapping. It has a built-in battery capacity of 500mAh and contains 2ml nicotine salt e-liquid at 20mg strength. Each bar provides 600 puffs and can be disposed of when the e-liquid runs dry. The device offers an authentic MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping experience.

Top 10 SKE Crystal Bar Flavours

Gummy Bear

A playful and sweet flavor that captures the essence of gummy bear candies. It's a delightful treat for those who crave a sugary sensation.

Lemon & Lime

A zesty and refreshing blend that combines the tangy flavors of lemon and lime. Perfect for a hot summer day or when you need a citrusy pick-me-up.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

A berry lover's dream, this flavor combines the sweetness of blueberries, the tartness of cherries, and the unique taste of cranberries for a truly fruity experience.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

Transport yourself to a tropical island with this exotic blend of kiwi, passionfruit, and guava. It's a vacation in every puff.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

A tantalizing mix of sweet blueberries and sour raspberries that will dance on your taste buds. It's a flavor that keeps you coming back for more

Cherry Ice

Sweet cherries meet a cool menthol blast in this flavor. It's a refreshing and invigorating experience that's perfect for those who love a little chill with their sweetness.

Fresh Menthol Mojito

Inspired by the classic cocktail, this flavor combines fresh mint, lime, and a hint of rum flavor for a truly stimulating vape experience. It's like having a mojito anytime you want.

Sour Apple

If you love the taste of crisp green apples with a sour twist, this flavor is for you. It's a perfect balance of sweet and sour that's sure to please any palate.

Vimbull Ice

An energizing blend that's perfect for those who need a boost. With flavors reminiscent of popular energy drinks and a touch of ice, it's a great way to kickstart your day.

Rainbow (Skittles)

Taste the rainbow with this exciting flavor that captures the essence of the famous Skittles candy. It's a colorful and fun experience that's sure to bring a smile to your face.

Why Choose SKE Crystal Bar?

The SKE Crystal Bar is not only attractive and glamorous but also offers a remarkable vaping experience. With a wide range of flavors, from fruity to menthol, there's something for every vaper. The 600 puffs ensure a long-lasting experience, and the sleek design makes it a perfect choice for on-the-go vaping.


    SKE Crystal Disposable Bars are a fantastic choice for both beginners and experienced vapers. With their stunning appearance, captivating flavors, and affordable price, they are a must-try. Get yours today at for just £4.20.

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    SKE Crystal Bar FAQ

    Crystal offers a wider range of flavors and a more intense experience.

    Yes, they are designed to provide exactly 600 puffs.

    SKE Crystal Bar is among the most popular disposable vapes.

    Absolutely! They are known for their quality and variety of flavors.