Best Cola Vape Juice Flavours

Cola is the world's top-selling soft drink flavour. As you can imagine, harnessing that great flavour into a vaping experience would be a big winner for vapers and vape juice producers.

Well, we have some good news and some great news for you!

The good news is that cola vape juice is now widely available so that you can enjoy the classic taste straight from your own vape. If you feel like exploring these options, have a look through our complete range of vape juice to find a collection of delicious flavours you’re guaranteed to love. 

The great news is we’ve compiled a list of the best cola vape juice on offer, making it easier for you to choose your favourite out of the bunch. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find your next favourite cola-inspired vape juice.

Mix Labs 100ml Disposable Inspired Shortfill E-Liquid - Cola 

Mix Labs are a fairly new name when it comes to the UK vape juice market, and their entry into the disposable inspired vape juice has only strengthened their position. The cola flavour from the Mix Labs 100ml Disposable Inspired Shortfill E-Liquid range, known as Cola, is reminiscent of everyone’s favourite can of soda. Perfect for a sunny day, this refreshing option combines the classic taste of cola with hints of citrus and a cool blast, leaving you feeling invigorated. It never tastes too sweet and has a fruitiness that will have you craving more. What's more this vape juice is available in both shortfills and nic salts for you to enjoy.

  • Bottle Size - 100ml
  • Nicotine Strength - 0mg (Nic Shots available separately) 
  • VG/PG Ratio - 50/50

      ELUX Legend 10ml Nic Salts - Cola Ice

      Elux are famed for their disposable vapes, evolution though has seen disposable companies launch their famously powerful flavours in a vape juice format to suit your pod vapes and starter kits. Sometimes we want a more chilled out vaping experience, and the mixologists at Elux are certainly aware of this. That’s why they’ve created the Cola Ice flavour as a part of the ELUX Legend 10ml Nic Salts range.

      Their Cola Ice flavour is a delicious fizzy cola flavour cut with a twist of lemon and finished off with a cool, frosty blast of menthol that’ll leave you with a refreshing taste on your tongue. 

      • Bottle Size - 10ml
      • Nicotine Strength - 10mg / 20mg
      • VG/PG Ratio - 50/50

        Fantasi E-Liquids Shortfills & Nic Salts - Cola Ice

        The Fantasi E-Liquids Ice 100ml Shortfill collection is known for its flavoursome e-liquids, and their Fantasi Cola Ice flavour definitely backs this claim up.

        The delicious fizzy cola flavour delivers subtle notes of vanilla and cinnamon with a sparkling hint of citrus. This gives vapers the classic cola taste that is so popular, with an added layer of complexity that keeps things interesting all day. For those of you who prefer mouth-to-lung vaping, this fantastic flavour is also available in their Fantasti Ice 10ml Nic Salts range. The refreshing cola vape juice is just as impressive in nic salt form as it is in the shortfill option. Have a hit of this vape and enjoy a nice glug of refreshing cola wherever you may be.


        • Bottle Size - 120ml (bottle) 100ml (e-liquid)
        • Nicotine Salt Strength - 0mg (Nicotine shots sold separately)
        • VG/PG Ratio - 70/30

          Nic salt:

          • Bottle Size - 10ml
          • Nicotine Strength - 10mg/20mg
          • VG/PG Ratio - 50/50

            Bar Drop Salts 10ml E-Liquids - Cola Ice

            The Cola Ice from the Bar Drop Salts 10ml E-Liquids collection is an excellent ways to enjoy a variety of delicious cola flavours in your preferred vaping style. Their Original Cola vape juice is a thirst-quenching, fizzy offering that bursts through the door with that classic cola flavour that vapers crave. Cola + Ice - sweet cola with an ice-cold finish. Your favourite soft drink now ready to vape.

            Nic salt

            • Bottle Size - 10ml
            • Nicotine Strength - 5mg / 10mg / 20mg
            • VG/PG Ratio - 50/50

            Slushie Mega 100ml Shortfills - Cola

            The Slushie Mega 100ml Shortfill E-Liquids collection is a must for those that love a flavoured ice treat. One of their most popular flavours, Cola Slush, has all the well-loved flavour notes of regular cola vape juice, including notes of dreamy vanilla and a spicy cinnamon blend.

            The ice-cold blast of slush also means you will enjoy a cool exhale and a great refreshing all-day vape for the summer.

            • Bottle Size - 120ml (bottle) 100ml (e-liquid)
            • Nicotine Strength - 0mg (Nicotine shots sold separately)
            • VG/PG Ratio - 70/30

              Bar Juice Nic Salt E-Liquids - Cherry Cola

              Bar Juice need no introduction, they were the first to release disposable-inspired-vape-juice to the market and arguably remain the leader in this niche. Their great flavours are incredibly powerful, with their Cherry Cola e-liquid being one of our all-time favourites.

              Revisit nostalgia with a classic cola taste, elevated by a burst of cherry zing, a timeless flavour that never disappoints.

              • Bottle Size - 10ml (bottle) 
              • Nicotine Salt Strength - 10mg / 20mg
              • VG/PG Ratio - 45/55

                Vampire Vape Bar Salts - Cola

                If you want an e-liquid with a bite (see what we did there?) you’re going to absolutely love this collection of Bar Salts by Vampire Vape.

                They have an excellent selection of flavours including their tried and tested Cola vape juice. The timeless combination of cinnamon and vanilla is expertly complemented by notes of citrus for a classic taste that’s never boring.

                Rather than mimicking the taste of cola drinks, this sweet bubbly vape juice is more similar to cola bottle sweets, making it perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

                • Bottle Size - 10ml
                • Nicotine Salt Strength - 10mg/20mg
                • VG/PG Ratio - 50/50

                  Doozy Vape Seriously Bar Salt E-Liquids - Cola Ice

                  For a seriously cool cola vaping experience, the Cola Ice option from the Seriously Bar Salt E-Liquids collection by Doozy Vape Co is perfect. Enjoy the deliciously sweet and spicy cinnamon, coupled with the classic vanilla flavouring of cola. This well-loved flavour pairing is only made more perfect with the cool, icy twist you’ll feel with every hit of your vape. This is ideal for those that prefer a cool exhale when vaping.

                  • Bottle Size - 10ml
                  • Nicotine Strength - 5mg/10mg/20mg
                  • VG/PG Ratio - 50/50

                    BAA Bar Juice Nic Salts - Cherry Cola

                    Brand new to the market we have the BAA Bar Juice Cherry Cola from Dispergo Vapes. This vape juice is bursting with face-twisting fizz! Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles is a tangy tincture with notes of juicy cherries and slightly-spicy cola, with a generous sprinkling of sherbet crystals for a pleasantly-sour sensation on the exhale. 

                    The thirst-quenching cherry cola vape juice has a lovely, sparkling fizz to it that’s sure to perk you up with every vape. The icy exhale then cools you down for a refreshing vaping experience. This is another great choice for when you find yourself sweltering away by the beach.

                    • Bottle Size - 10ml
                    • Nicotine Strength - 10/20mg
                    • VG/PG Ratio - 50/50


                      Cola flavoured vape juices have become a staple within every vaper’s vape juice collection, but when there are so many options to choose from we understand how hard it can be to find the right one. We hope this handy list we’ve put together has helped you get one step closer to finding the perfect vape liquid.

                      There are some great choices available for all tastes. Whether you prefer your vape juice infused with menthol for an icy blast or those that taste like they're from an old-fashioned sweet shop, we’re sure our range of vape juices have got you covered.

                      Explore our extensive cola collection for some of the best cola flavours on the market. Our team of vape experts are always on hand, ready to help you with any more questions or queries you may have. So, if you’re still not sure please contact us today. 

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