Premium Vape Juice: What it is, Why It's Different

The vape industry has come a long way since its inception. It has evolved from offering only tobacco and menthol flavours to a vast variety of e-liquids, including fruity flavours, drink flavours, dessert flavours...the list could go on.

Not only has the range of flavours grown, vapers can now experiment with various nicotine strengths, VG/PG ratios and more. However, one sure thing that has seen the vape industry look entirely different to how it did many years ago is the choice vapers have between premium and low-priced vape juice.

In this article, we will delve into the world of premium vape juice to understand exactly what they are. What makes them so special? What makes them different from regular vape juice? Read on to find out more.

What is Premium Vape Juice?

Premium vape juice is a type of vape juice that is made with higher-quality ingredients and manufacturing processes than regular vape juice. It is characterised by its superior taste, flavour, and overall vaping experience. Some of the key factors that contribute to a vape juice being classified as premium include its ingredients, manufacturing process, and packaging.

When it comes to premium vape juice, the quality of the product is of utmost importance. This is why premium vape juice are often subject to strict grading standards. The grading of premium vape juice is done by evaluating several key factors, including the ingredients used, the manufacturing process, and the overall flavour profile.

What Makes Premium Vape Juice Different to Standard Vape Juice?

So what exactly sets premium vape juice apart from standard vape juice that’s on the market? When it comes to premium vape juice, the quality of the product is of utmost importance. We’re going to take a look at all of the essential factors that make up premium vape juice and how they differ from the 


One of the biggest differences between premium vape juice and regular vape juice is the ingredients used to create it. Premium vape juice is made with higher-quality ingredients, such as food-grade flavourings, high quality vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. This results in a more authentic taste and a smoother, more satisfying vaping experience.

Manufacturing process

Another difference between premium and regular vape juice is the manufacturing process. Unlike standard vape liquid, premium vape juice is manufactured to strict quality standards. The strict manufacturing process also helps to ensure a consistent taste and flavour with every vape juice.

This includes the way in which the ingredients are mixed, as well as the hygiene and safety protocols in place during production. Premium vape juice is typically manufactured in clean, well-maintained facilities and are subject to rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards.


Price can also be an indicator of the quality of the vape juice. While premium vape juice may be more expensive than regular vape juice, the higher quality and better vaping experience make it worth the investment. Keep in mind that the most expensive option may not necessarily be the best, but generally, you get what you pay for.


Vape juice flavours are often the main thing that excites and attracts people to vaping. There is an almost endless array of different vape juice flavours to try, and when we begin to look at premium flavour it can transport you to a whole new level. 

In the same way you would expect more delicious and complex flavour profiles if you were to visit an expensive restaurant, the same rule applies to premium vape juice. From the way the mixologists will balance the various ingredients and quality of the flavouring used to create an overall superior taste. When it comes to premium vape liquid, the flavour refers to the overall taste and complexity of the vape juice.

Complexity doesn't necessarily mean that every juice is a unique mixture of fruits you've never heard of before though. It more means the complexity of flavouring used to create both unique and classic fruity flavours, bakery flavours and dessert-inspired flavours that you know and love. 

Benefits of Using Premium Vape Juice

Using premium vape juice can provide a more enjoyable and satisfying vaping experience. The ingredients used in premium vape juice are of a higher quality, making for a smoother and more flavourful vaping experience. Additionally, the manufacturing process of premium vape juice is more rigorous, ensuring that the vape juice is of the highest quality.

You will often find both types of juices in similar nicotine strengths, however quality of the nicotine used will differ greatly resulting in a much smoother feel and throat hit. 

Examples of Premium E Liquid Brands

At Vaping 101, we understand the importance of offering our customers the best possible vaping experience. That's why we take pride in working with a diverse range of premium vape liquid brands, each offering a unique and high-quality range of flavours.

Our team has carefully selected and tested each brand and flavour we offer, ensuring that our customers have access to only the finest and most enjoyable products. Whether you're looking for a classic flavour, a new and exciting experience, or something in between, you can trust that Vaping 101 has the perfect vape juice for you. Take a look through some of the premium vape liquid brands we work with below:


Anarchist is an American vape juice brand that makes, mixes and bottles their juice in the states. They use high-quality, American ingredients. The Anarchist 100ml shorfill has proven to be a really popular hit amongst sub-ohm vapers as not only are the flavours fantastic but the range is great too. 

Anarchist weren't too keen on mouth-to-lung vapers having to miss out either, which is why they've also produced a high-quality 10ml nic salt that includes many of the popular flavours found in the shortfill range. 

  • Shortfill price: £17.99
  • Nic salt price: £3.49


To say we were impressed with Cuttwood when it first hit our shelves would be an understatement. This brand specialises in premium shortfills, and their flavours are out of this world. The Sauce Boss 100ml shortfills is the most popular, with standout flavours including Unicorn Milk for a sweet blend of strawberry and creams. These flavours also come in a 50ml shortfill too. 

The moment you vape this e-juice, it becomes obvious that they're using the very best ingredients around. 

  • Price: £14.99


If you've got a sweet tooth, Whipped e-liquids are your next buy. The Whipped Oiriginal shortfill will have you hooked the moment you vape them as you will not quite believe just how creamy and life-like the flavour blends are. Not only that, but it comes with a 200ml bottle for the price of £14.99. You really cannot go wrong.

  • Price: £13.39

Ace of Vapez

The Ace of Vapez stands out on the list for its immense range of nic salts and shortfills on offer in different flavours. You can also expect really smooth hits of nicotine and you vape thanks to the high-grade nicotine used in these salts. 

Their Crushed Soda shortfills is a bestseller, and for good reason. These vape juices taste just lip sipping on a cold, crisp fizzy drink including flavours such as Apple Soda, Cherry Cola Soda and the classic Orange Soda. 

  • Price: £3.49

Wick Liquor

In terms of flavour, few are able to top Wick Liquor. This boutique vape juice brand produces some of the finest flavours around, including the well-known Boulevard. These can be found in the Wick Liquor Nic Salts and Wick Liquor 50ml Shortfills range. 

  • Shortfill price: £7.99
  • Nic salt price: £2.99


Supergood specialise in both shortfills and nic salts, and have put the use of their top tier ingredients to good use by creating some of the most unique e-liquids on the market. The Supergood Butter Shortfill E-liquid has taken the world by storm because of its luxuriously smooth and creamy flavour. This vape juice comes in 10 different amazing flavours in fruity and dessert-inspired blends. 

It is also available as a Butter Nicotine Salt in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths great options to become your next all day vape!

  • Shortfill price: £8.99
  • Nic salt price: £2.99

Five Pawns

Experience the amazing flavours from Five Pawns, who sell delicious shortfill & nic salt vape juice to experiment with. Five Pawns are the Godfathers of artisan, premium vape juice, renowned for complex vape juice flavours and assured quality. Five Pawns are a bestseller, and you won't quite believe the flavours they have created, craftsmanship at it's best.

Available in both Shortfills and Nic Salts and also the newly released, diverse shortfill Legacy range, with Sweet Black Tea being an absolute must try to appreciate the artistry.

  • Price: From £2.99  


    If you're really looking to create the best vaping experience possible, premium vape juice will help you achieve this. Not only are their flavours stronger, the quality of ingredients mean your nicotine hits are going to be more satisfying. 

    Pair your premium vape juice with one of our top of the line vape kits and create a vaping experience you will love. For any more questions, contact us and our team experts will be happy to help. 

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