Best Non Sweet Vape Juice

Are you new to vaping and looking for some great-tasting vape juice? With so many varieties of e-liquid arriving in stores every day, even experienced vapers can find it difficult to find the best flavours.

With so many excellent options on the market, it can be a challenge to choose. We carry an extensive range of vape juices to suit all tastes. Take a look at our guide below where we share our favourite non-sweet vape juices available.

Why Non-Sweet Vape Juice?

Vaping has opened up a world of delicious sweet flavours, but many of them seem to cater to sweet tooths with sugary candy, bakery, fruity, soft drink, and dessert-inspired flavours being particularly popular with vapers.

But what happens if you don't have a sweet tooth? E-juice flavours like cotton candy, sweet strawberry, or exotic fruits can be overly sweet for some taste buds.

Here at Vaping 101, we offer an excellent range of non-sweet e-juice. We also take into account the differing requirements of our customers with a range of options.

Types of Non-Sweet E-liquid

Our range of shortfills is perfect for anyone that wants to enjoy great flavour and customise nicotine levels. Simply add nic shots to the e-liquid for a great nicotine hit.

Shortfill e-liquid comes in larger bottle sizes. There is a space left at the top for you to add just the right amount of nic shots to the e-liquid.

We also carry a range of 50/50 base e-liquids. The even ratio of VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol) makes these vape liquids great for low-powered vape devices. They are suitable for MTL vaping and are popular among new vapers.

Alternatively, nicotine salt is perfect for people that are transitioning from smoking. It provides a faster and smoother nicotine hit. The nicotine in nicotine salt e-liquid is absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream than in freebase e-liquids with the equivalent nicotine strength.

If you are looking for non-sweet e-liquids, take a look at our list below for some great juice brands and flavours.

Bronze Blend by Nasty Salt

Nasty Salt is the nicotine salt e-liquid range from Nasty Juice. For vapers who don’t have a sweet tooth, Nasty Salt Bronze Blend provides a rich tobacco-flavoured e-liquid. There are subtle sweet caramel layers as well, making it a delicious option for any vaper who likes to keep sweetness to a minimum.

Moreover, this is a great option for those transitioning from smoking. The woody tobacco tones will be loved by ex-smokers while the availability of the salts in 10mg and 20mg of nicotine makes it easy to find the nicotine levels that suit you. 

This option also has a strong scent which should always be part of the vaping experience.

  • Bottle Sizes - 10ml
  • Strength - 10 mg & 20 mg
  • Price - £2.99
  • PG/VG Ratio - 50:50

Dinner Lady Tobacco E-Liquid

Although the brand Dinner Lady may be more famous for their dessert-inspired e-liquids like Lemon Tart, the Dinner Lady Smooth Tobacco flavour e-liquid is a great shortfill for non-sweet vape lovers. 

As a shortfill, this is a nicotine-free e-juice that can be topped up with optional nic shots. Our range of nic shots is available from just 99p.

The Smooth Tobacco flavour is relatively straightforward. Users can expect a bold, consistent vape. The light tobacco taste is a smooth option with slight sweet notes.

Other Dinner Lady tobacco variants include Mint Tobacco, Caramel Tobacco, and Cafe Tobacco. There’s something for everyone here!

  • Bottle Sizes - 50ml
  • Strength - 0mg
  • Price - £8.99 (with no nic shots)
  • PG/VG Ratio - 50:50

Bar Juice Cream Tobacco

Can you tell that we’re big fans of a tobacco-flavoured vape? The Bar Juice Cream Tobacco e-liquid is an excellent MTL option for anyone who enjoys the fun flavours of disposable vapes but is now using a vape kit. 

The flavour blends earthy tobacco leaves with a sweeter creamy note for a delicious flavour. Plus, the lower VG concentration provides a smooth throat hit and discreet vapour production. As with all the best nic salts, the nicotine will be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.

Are disposable vape inspired e-liquids just a gimmick? We don’t think so, but try it for yourself and see! The Bar Juice nicotine salt e-liquids that we stock currently have excellent reviews, proving their popularity with our customers. There is a range of sweet and non-sweet e-liquids to choose from.

  • Bottle Sizes - 10ml
  • Strength - 10 mg & 20 mg
  • Price - £3.29
  • PG/VG Ratio - 50:50

Vampire Vape Ice Menthol

Vapers who love cool, crisp flavours will love Vampire Vape Ice Menthol. This fantastic juice is a great palette cleanser. The menthol blast is icy and refreshing – a great all day vape.

This versatile option can be used on its own or mixed with citrus and berry e-liquids. Not everyone likes to mix their own e-juices, but the option is there.

This product is ideal for anyone that used to enjoy menthol cigarettes and misses that fresh, minty taste.

  • Bottle Sizes - 10ml
  • Strength - 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
  • Price - £2.99
  • PG/VG Ratio - 60:40 (6, 12, and 18mg) or 50:50 (3mg)

Frost by Element

Fans of minty fresh vapes will love the Frost e-juice. Another excellent menthol e-liquid, Frost by Element, also has a slight sweetness to it that won’t overpower the refreshing ice.

This great everyday e-liquid is a nic salt option. This means you will enjoy a great nicotine hit quickly. This is ideal for anyone trying to shake an addiction to cigarettes.

Nic salts also offer a longer-lasting hit. This is perfect for those that aren't able to vape frequently. Less vaping also means less e-liquid usage, helping you cut down on costs.

The flavour is like someone has taken the best peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus flavours and mixed them together. No wonder it’s one of our favourites! 

  • Bottle Size - 10ml
  • Strength - 5mg, 10mg, 20mg
  • Price - £2.75
  • PG/VG Ratio - 35:65

Menthol Mist by Double Drip

MTL vape devices are best suited to Menthol Mist by Double Drip nic salts. The flavours of this smooth nicotine salt combine refreshing menthol and sweet peppermint to create a delicious vape juice.

Vapers looking to be refreshed and cure their nicotine cravings will love this option. The high nicotine content is easily absorbed into your bloodstream for a quick, long-lasting hit.

The Double Drip Original Tobacco is another excellent non-sweet flavour. Vapers will enjoy the natural tobacco taste that is free from additives and chemicals.

  • Bottle Size - 10ml
  • Strength - 10mg & 20mg
  • Price - £2.99
  • PG/VG Ratio - 50:50

Skirr Skirrr Ice by Ruthless

Vapers looking for a menthol option with a twist will love the Skirr Skirrr Ice by Ruthless shortfill e-liquid.

This great option gives you all the benefits of a traditional menthol vape, including a great cool taste. The twist comes from the slightly sour green apple flavouring and sweet honeydew, bringing a bright and slightly tangy flavour to this mouthwatering e-liquid.

This 0mg e-liquid comes in a 120ml shortfill bottle. With 100ml of e-liquid, there’s space for as many as two nicotine shots to achieve your preferred strength.

Nicotine shots must be bought separately. However, our great 2-pack range starts from just £1.80. Adding two 18 mg nic shots to your 100 ml of Skirr Skirrr Ice by Ruthless will give you a 3mg, 120 ml e-juice.

  • Bottle Size - 100 ml (120ml bottle sizes)
  • Strength - 0mg
  • Price £12.99
  • PG/VG Ratio - 30:70

Barista Brew Shortfill Range

The excellent range of shortfill e-liquids available from Barista Brew Co is nothing short of amazing. Choose from a range of excellent flavours that include sweet, non-sweet, and combinations of both.

The US e-liquid company caters to all tastes with unique flavours. For example, vapers can enjoy the sweet and salty combination of their Salted Caramel Macchiato e-juice.

Alternatively, the Cranberry and Apple Refresher combine tart cranberries and sweet apples for a semi-sweet vape juice.

With a high VG ratio, these e-liquids are perfect for sub-ohm vaping and dense, delicious clouds.

Note: this is a 0mg shortfill so nicotine shots need to be purchased separately.

  • Bottle Size - 50 ml
  • Strength - 0mg
  • Price - £11.99
  • PG/VG Ratio - 20:80


Finding the right vape juice can be a case of trial and error. While you may have to try lots of different flavours and vape juice brands to find the best vape juice, it's always fun to experiment. Plus, we pride ourselves on keeping prices as low as possible at Vaping 101, helping you to enjoy as many vape juices as possible! 

Dessert flavours can have too much natural sweetness for some tastes. But our advice should help you find the best juice. Choosing a popular e-liquid can be beneficial as it shows other users rate it highly.

If you are new to vaping and have just quit smoking, finding an option that tastes like real tobacco leaves can be useful. You will also have the option of exploring different nicotine strengths.

Newcomers can also explore our extensive range of vape kits to find your perfect device and get the best out of your e-liquid. Happy vaping!

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