A Beginner's Guide to Vape Mods

If you're looking to graduate from your starter kit to your first vape mod, we’re here to help. You might find that occasionally, the names of different types of vape devices are thrown around a bit haphazardly, leading to a bit of confusion. We're here to clear that confusion up. 

What is a vape mod?

A vape mod is the part of the device that houses the battery, whether it be external or internal batteries, and the wiring.

A vape mod attempts to achieve the very same thing as every other type of vape device out there. Its goal is to heat up e-liquid, vapourise it and let you enjoy the great flavours. However, where vape mods differ is that they are typically designed to be more powerful than other vape kits and with a much wider array of settings and function for a more personalised vaping experience and style.

The different types of vape mods

Regulated mods

Regulated mods are the most common and popular type of vape mods on the market. They are referred to as regulated mods because they are built with a chipset inside that has a range of safety features to help regulate your vaping experience.

Box mods

Box mods are one of the most popular types of vaping devices on the market. As the name suggests, box mods are box-shaped devices that are designed to give you more control over your vaping experience. Box mods usually have a larger battery than other types of vaping devices, which means that you can use them for longer periods of time without having to recharge. Box mods also often come with a variety of features, such as variable wattage and temperature control modes, which allow you to customise your vaping experience to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for more power, more control, or just a longer-lasting device, box mods are a great option.

Squonk mods

Squonk mods are a type of vaping device that uses a squonk bottle to store and deliver e-liquid to the atomizer. Unlike other types of vaping devices, squonk mods do not have a tank. Instead, they have a squonk bottle that is connected to the atomizer. To use a squonk mod, you simply squeeze the bottle to deliver e-liquid to the atomizer. Squonking is a simple and convenient way to refill your atomizer, and it allows you to vape for longer periods of time without having to stop and refill your tank. Squonk mods are becoming increasingly popular among vapers, and they are available in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Mechanical mods

Mechanical mods, also known as unregulated mods, are for very advanced vapers. Unlike regulated mods, mechanical mods do not have a built-in chipset meaning that there are safety features built in to regulate the mod's power output. Instead, they supply the pure power of the battery to the atomiser when activated. This is great for cloud-chasers who want the biggest clouds possible, but it also comes with a higher risk factor. 

In terms of simplicity, mechanical mods actually feature the fewest design aspects. However, this doesn't mean they're great for beginners. To use them safely and effectively, vapers should have a solid understanding of ohm's law

How do vape mods differ from other types of vapes?

Mod is short for "modified", hinting at the fact that these devices are for more advanced vapers who are looking for more features and potential for customisation than their pod kits or starter kits can offer. Vape mods typically tend to be much higher powered than other vapes, able to vaporise e-liquid at much higher temperatures which creates much larger clouds of vapour. They are also a lot chunkier and less pocket-friendly than other devices, with a range of buttons and settings to work through. 

Pod systems offer a much simpler vaping experience, with few features and buttons to worry about, if any at all. In contrast, vape mods can have a lot more buttons and even OLED screens that display all of your settings and features that you can edit and customise to your liking on the fly.

This brings us to another relatively new invention in the e-cigarette scene: pod mods. Pod mods combine the convenience and pocket-friendly aspect of pod systems with a bit more room for customisation and direct-to-lung vaping. However, whilst pod mods can be used for DTL vaping they will not be as powerful as devices such as box mods.

Mods and modes

Box mods are typically the most feature-rich devices out there, a mix of these features can be found on all different types of mods. Here are a list of the most popular features you may come across:

Variable Wattage

This mode gives vapers complete control of the power output of their vape. Although many sub-ohm devices can be purchased as part of a vape kit these days, vapers still enjoy the flexibility and fun of experimentation with different tanks thanks to the variable wattage mode that is built-in to the majority of box mods. Different vape tanks and coils function best at different wattages, which is why many box mods are now designed with this feature to allow vapers to switch out to different tanks at will.

Variable wattage also provides new vapers the perfect platform to experiment with different outputs to find a balance of flavour and vapour production that they enjoy and are comfortable with. 

Temperature Control

At first glance, temperature control mode (TC mode) might sound exactly the same as the variable wattage mode. However, temperature control actually serves a very important part in extending coil life and providing a more pleasant vape. Whilst being able to select your power output is a great feature, it can result in burnt out coils or a burnt out wick if you are vaping at a temperature that is too high for your coil to withstand. This can result in dry hits which are extremely unpleasant. 

TC mode essentially puts a limit on the temperature you can vape at, in turn sparing you from dry hits. It works by monitoring the temperature of your coil and cutting it off at the temperature that you have set to stop it from overheating. 

Power Curve Mode

This mode allows you to customise the power output of your vape at different points in your puff. For example, you can set it so that your device starts off at a low power for the first second, then ramps up to a higher power for the next second, and so on. This can be helpful if you find that you're getting too much or too little flavour from your device at its default settings. Variable power curve mode is just one of the many modes that you can use to customise your vaping experience, so experiment with different settings until you find something that works for you.

Bypass Mode

Bypass mode is a vaping mode that allows users to vape using the direct output of the battery. This means that the vaping device will not use any settings or regulating practices, and instead will utilise the full wattage of the battery at all times. However, it is important to note that bypass mode can also be dangerous if used improperly, as it can put a lot of strain on the battery and potentially damage the device. 


Built-in batteries

Vapes with non-removable batteries are typically designed for those who are new to vaping. However, pods mods which are ideal for first time sub-ohm vapers also have built-in batteries. 

Mods that have built-in batteries are smaller in size and are less powerful than mods that use external batteries. Because of this, these devices often have a smaller range of features. These are typically found in pod mods, and whilst they may be less powerful they can still offer impressive outputs of up to around 80W that is ideal for those new to sub-ohming.

The benefit of vapes with built-in batteries is that they require less maintenance as they do not require you to purchase a charging dock for your batteries, and instead you just need a type-c cable to connect to your vape in order to charge it. However, the downside to this is that once the internal battery dies, the entire vape will need replacing. 

Replaceable battery mods

Mods that are powered by removable batteries are bigger in size and more powerful. Most external battery mods use lithium-ion batteries as these became the standard for e-cigarette batteries. These have a much longer battery life, and are available in many different sizes, with the most common being 18650 batteries, 20700 batteries and 21700 batteries.

Types of replaceable battery mods include more high-end devices such as box mods and squonk mods and due to the greater power they are feature-rich, making them ideal for more experienced sub-ohm vapers. Single battery mods and dual battery mods are the most popular, with the latter being more powerful of the two and having a longer battery life - the more batteries, the more power.

Replaceable battery mods have a longer battery life as the batteries are much larger and require battery chargers for when they run out of charge. 

Best vape mods for beginners 

It can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to vape mods. If you're new to vaping, it can be wise to start with a more beginner-friendly device such as a pod kit or vape first. However, for those who want to venture in the realm of sub-ohming, here are our top recommendations:

Geekvape Aegis Legend 2

Geekvape are experts when it comes to vape mods, and at the top of that list in the Aegis Legend 2 mod. Geekvape have kitted this mod out with a robust zinc-alloy frame, making it very durable and lightweight. Adding to this, this mod is 30% lighter and 20% smaller than the previous model. It has a max wattage output of 200W, and with variable wattage features vapers can adjust the power to what feels most comfortable for them. For beginners, this Geekvape mod gives you the ability to start low and work your way up. 

Geekvape Aegis Mini Mod 2

Another one from Geekvape, the Aegis Mini Mod 2 is a great option for beginners who want something a little less powerful to start off with. It has a built-in battery rather than requiring the use of external batteries like other mods, meaning there's one less thing to worry about. If this is your first time upgrading to a mod from your vape kit or pod system, this Geekvape model will be perfect for you.

Vaporesso GEN 80s

This mod from Vaporesso is a great choice for beginner vapers because of its user-friendly design and moderate power output. The Vaporesso GEN 80s Mod has a large OLED screen that shows all the relevant information about your vape session. It is also equipped with temperature control and can be used with both standard and sub-ohm atomizers. The mod from Vaporesso is a great choice for any vaper looking for a high-quality and user-friendly mod.

Final Thoughts

Vape mods can offer a more intense vaping experience, allowing you to get bigger clouds from your e-juice thanks to a range of features and modes. The world of mods is a big one, and it can take some time to fully get your head around it. 

For more information, check out our blog on cloud chasing for beginners to learn everything you need to know about direct-lung vaping from the different inhale techniques, hardware and what e-liquid to use. Start browsing our selection of mods we stock here at Vaping 101 and get ready to experience vaping like never before. 

If we haven't fully answered all your mod related queries here, feel free to contact us any time where our dedicated team of vaping experts will be happy to help. 

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