How to Fix a Leaking Vape Tank

Is there any worse feeling than putting your vape down and seeing that little puddle of e-liquid start pooling beneath the vape tank, or taking a puff and feeling your mouth fill with e-juice? Okay, maybe we're being dramatic, but leaks are definitely up there in the ranking of the worst vaping experiences alongside losing your favourite device or finding out that your preferred e-juice has been discontinued.

If you've ever experienced a vape tank leak before, you'll know that it's not just messy and inconvenient to clear up all that spilled e-liquid from your pocket or bag -- gross! A leaky vape tank can also be a worrying sign that you might need to replace some of your hardware, which can be expensive and annoying. And, of course, it's a huge waste of vape juice!

So, if your vaping device is currently leaking or you just want to be prepared for the possibility of leaks in the future, you've come to the right place. Here's everything you need to know about the causes of leaking tanks, how to fix the leak, and what you can do to prevent leaking in the first place.

Why is my vape leaking and what can I do about it?

First of all, let's diagnose the problem. There are a few common causes of your leaking tank, so let's take a closer look at each cause of leakage and how each one can be fixed.

Your vape tank isn't connected tightly enough

Possibly the easiest to fix source of a leaky tank, a common problem is that your tank is not tight enough. If e-juice is leaking from the joins in your tank, this is likely the reason.

To fix this problem, simply tighten the parts of your vape kit.

Your seal is broken or old

One of the most common reasons that your vape might start leaking is an old or broken seal between your tank and cap. This happens a lot and can be a result of natural and inevitable wear on your tank. Sometimes, O rings may break or become less effective because of over-tightening.

To fix this problem, all you need to do is replace the seals. This is easy because most vape kits and tanks come with additional seals included.

You have overfilled the tank

Filling the vape tank with too much e-liquid is a common cause of leaks in your vape kit. Tanks tend to have a recommended filling level and going over this can flood the coil or lead to e-liquid leaking out of the device when you replace the cap.

To fix this problem, empty out the e-liquid in the tank, give it a clean, and then refill to the recommended level. There should always be a bubble of air at the top of your tank.

You're using the wrong e-liquid

Another problem that can cause a vape leak is using an e-liquid with the wrong proportion of VG and PG for your device. In particular, using an e-liquid with a lot of VG in an MTL tank can cause leaks because there isn't enough power going to the coil to turn this thick e-juice into vapour. As a result, too much e-liquid will be left moving through the vape which can cause leaks.

On the other hand, using a PG-heavy e-liquid designed for MTL vaping in a sub-ohm tank can also lead to leakage because this can easily flood your coils through the large inlet holes, leading to e-liquid leaving the airflow slots or up through the drip tip.

To fix this problem, empty the tank, clean it thoroughly (higher VG e-liquids can leave a lot of gunky residue on your tank), and fill the tank with an e-liquid more suited to the tank and coils. If you are using a Mouth-To-Lung tank, choose a 50/50 e-liquid or nic salt. If you are using a sub-ohm or Direct-To-Lung vape tank, opt for an e-liquid with at least 70% VG such as a shortfill.

You've dripped e-liquid into the chimney

Sometimes, what seems like a leak in your vape can be a result of accidentally dripping vape juice into your tank's chimney when filling a top-fill tank. Accidentally putting e-juice into the chimney can lead to it dripping out the bottom of the tank.

To fix this problem, clean your vape, then be extra careful when filling your tank next time. It helps to tilt the tank slightly when you start filling.

You're using the wrong coils

Leaks from your vape tank might be a sign that you are using the wrong coils for your vape. For example, if you are using a coil with too high or low resistance for your style of vaping and your vape kit's capabilities, you might find that too much e-liquid passes through the coil and leaks through the air intake ports. Sometimes, this excess e-liquid can even come out of the drip tip and into your mouth.

To fix this problem, double-check your coils to make sure that they are appropriate for your vaping style and wattage. For an MTL tank, you'll need high resistance coils (over 1 ohm), and for sub-ohm tanks you'll need low resistance coils (below 1 ohm). Moreover, make sure that you're using the right power settings on your mod for the coil you are using -- coils will have their recommended power range printed on the side.

Your coils aren't positioned right

Another reason for leakage is that your coils aren't positioned correctly or tightly enough in the tank. As a result, the e-liquid might start leaking through the air intake ports into the top chamber or into the battery chamber.

To fix this problem, ensure that your coils are tightly and correctly fitted in place. With push-fit coils, make sure that these have been clicked into place effectively.

Your coils are faulty or old

Old or faulty coils can also be the cause of leaks in your vape. This happens when the coil struggles to turn all the e-liquid into vapour, leading to excess vape juice passing through the device and leaking out of the vape tank.

To fix this problem, all you need to do is replace your coils with new ones. Make sure that they are secured correctly in the vape tank to avoid further risk of leaks.

You're vaping wrong

When they first start vaping, few former smokers realise that you have to inhale slowly and steadily. This gives the coil time to heat up and turn your e-liquid into vapour. Short, sharp drags like on a cigarette can cause your vape tank to leak.

To fix this problem, adjust your vaping style and make sure you are taking long and slow inhales on your vape.

You're using a vape tank that has been damaged or dropped

Damage to your vape tank can also be the cause of leaks. This can be a result of accidentally dropping your vape or hitting it on something.

To fix this problem, unfortunately you'll need to replace part or all of the tank, depending on the type of damage.

The best vape tanks for avoiding leaks

Even though most leaks in your vape tank are easy to fix, they're still annoying and time-consuming. If you're looking for a vape tank that doesn't leak often due to its strong and durable construction, here are some of our recommendations.

Hellvape Hellbeast 2 Sub-ohm Tank

One of our favourite sub-ohm tanks, the Hellvape Hellbeast 2 Sub-ohm Tank is a thing of beauty. But, looks aside, it's also a durable and strong tank that is unlikely to experience leaks. Using top fill and a top airflow system, this is one of the best tanks on the market if you hate dealing with leaky vapes.

HorizonTech Aquila Sub-ohm Tank

Another top filling vape tank, the HorizonTech Aquila Sub-ohm Tank features wide kidney shaped filling ports to reduce the risk of e-juice spills when adding it to your tank. The upright rising airflow design is another great feature of this sub-ohm tank which provides smooth and satisfying flavour.

Horizon Tech Falcon II Tank

The HorizonTech Falcon II Tank is another great option due to its high quality materials and durable design. Plus, we love the fan-woven design of the 0.14 ohm mesh coils which provide an exceptional vaping experience.

GeekVape Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank

When we think of the best sub-ohm tanks on a budget, we always think of the GeekVape Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank. In addition to being easy on your wallet, this tank from GeekVape also boasts a secure and leak-free design with a new fill port that makes filling easier than ever.


Although most vapers have experienced the horrors of a leak at some point in their vaping lives, choosing a high quality vape tank and taking care of your device can significantly reduce the risk of a sticky situation. We hope these tips have helped you troubleshoot your leak and avoid future leakages.

To finish this guide, here are some final tips for keeping your vape tank leak free:

  • Always store your vaping device vertically -- laying them flat increases the risk of leakage

  • Keep a spare set of O rings on hand so you can replace them as soon as you notice damage or problems with the O rings

  • Always leave the top cap on if you are leaving your vape with e-liquid inside it to maintain the pressure

Looking for a new tank? Here at Vaping 101 we stock a huge range of vape tanks at amazing prices from all the biggest names in vaping: Uwell, Smok, Vaporesso, Voopoo, Freemax, and many more. Browse our MTL vape tanks and sub-ohm vape tanks today.

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