Short Guide MTL Rebuildable Coils

MTL, or mouth-to-lung, vaping is a popular style of vaping that is characterized by a tight draw and a focus on flavour rather than cloud production. One key component of a good MTL vape is a well-built coil, which can have a significant impact on the flavour and vapor production of the device. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at MTL coil building and explore the concept of coil resistance.

Coil building is the process of creating a coil from wire and installing it into an atomizer for use in a vape device. MTL coils are typically smaller than coils used in sub-ohm vaping and are often made from thinner wire, such as 28 or 30 gauge. This is because MTL vaping requires lower wattages than sub-ohm vaping, so the coil doesn't need to handle as much power.

One of the key factors in MTL coil building is coil resistance. Resistance is a measure of how much the wire in the coil resists the flow of electrical current. The unit of measurement for resistance is ohms (Ω), and the higher the resistance of the coil, the less power it will require to heat up.

MTL coils typically have higher resistances than sub-ohm coils, with values ranging from around 0.8 Ω to 1.5 Ω. This is because MTL vaping requires lower wattages and higher resistance coils can be used with smaller batteries or lower-powered mods.

When building an MTL coil, it's important to choose the right wire gauge and diameter to achieve the desired resistance. Thinner wire will have higher resistance than thicker wire, and a smaller coil diameter will result in a higher resistance coil than a larger diameter. For example, using 30 gauge wire with a 2.5mm diameter will result in a higher resistance coil than using 28 gauge wire with a 3mm diameter.

Coil resistance can also be affected by the number of wraps in the coil. More wraps will generally result in a higher resistance coil, while fewer wraps will result in a lower resistance coil. Experimenting with different numbers of wraps can help you find the sweet spot for your preferred MTL vaping experience.

In conclusion, coil resistance is a critical factor in MTL coil building. Choosing the right wire gauge, diameter, and number of wraps can help you achieve the desired resistance for your MTL vape device. By understanding the basics of coil resistance, you can create a coil that provides great flavour and vapor production while still maintaining the tight draw and low wattage requirements of MTL vaping.

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