OXVA Xlim SE vs V2

With so many different vape devices and flavours, it can sometimes be tricky to pick the right one for you. That's why our team of experts have knuckled down and created a range of blog posts comparing some of the similar items on the market. That way, you'll have all the information you need to make the right decision.

Today, we’ll explore the differences between the OXVA Xlim SE and Xlim V2, two excellent pod kits that are a favourite among many new and intermediate vapers. OXVA was founded in 2019 and in the short time since has gone on to develop a reputation as an innovative and trustworthy brand.

OXVA Xlim SE and Xlim V2 devices support both mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. In some respects, they are very similar options, but there are also some significant differences.

So, let's take a closer look at these two vape products side by side.


At first glance, you could be mistaken for thinking these were the same pod kit. The size of both options is the same, at 111mm x 24mm x 14mm. The slim build and small size make both options ideal for portability and storage in your pocket.

The PCTG and aluminium alloy build of the OXVA Xlim SE Bonus pod kit is available in a range of over 10 colours, including the popular:

    • Space Grey
    • Purple Silver
    • Galaxy
    • Green Gold
    • Gold Pink
    • Rose Gold
    • Black
    • Dark Blue
  • Black Carbon
  • Blue Carbon
  • Dark Blue Carbon
  • Green Gold
  • Gunmetal Carbon
  • Orange Carbon
  • Pink Carbon

This gives consumers a great selection to suit any style.

Similarly, the OXVA Xlim V2 pod kit has a greater selection of colours to choose from, with up to 19 different colour designs. These include:

  • Arctic Ice
  • Black
  • Black Red
  • Black White
  • Blue Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Green
  • Green Lemon
  • Gunmetal
  • Shiny Black
  • Silver Black
  • 3rd Anniversary Night
  • 3rd Anniversary Day
  • Shiny Gunmetal
  • Shiny Black Red
  • Shiny Gold Pink
  • Silver
  • Shiny Silver Green
  • Shiny Silver Black

The sleek style and extensive colour range mean these devices can suit a range of styles.


The OXVA Xlim SE boasts an ergonomic adjustable airflow control which allows you to enjoy a tailored vaping experience. The Bacteriostatic mouthpiece is also designed to prevent bacteria growth, resulting in a cleaner vape.

The intelligent LED provides up-to-date information on your battery life. This is great for people on the go that need to know when to charge.

The battery indicator changes colour to let you know how much battery remains, the green light indicating that between 60% to 100% battery life remains. A blue light shows that you have between 30% and 60% and a red light lets you know when you are below this.

The OXVA Xlim V2 has the same airflow adjustment system. The main difference is that you also get an OLED screen that provides you with a raft of information. Extra information provided on the screen includes:

  • Battery life
  • Wattage
  • Puff counter
  • Resistance

Unlike the OXVA Xlim SE, the V2 also has a button that allows you to adjust the wattage when vaping. 

You'll be able to choose whether you want a draw or button-activated vaping experience with the V2, while the SE only offers draw-activated vaping.


Both the OXVA Xlim SE and V2 use the same disposable replacement pods. You have the choice between a 0.6 ohm, 0.8 ohm, and 1.2 ohm resistance when buying Oxva Xlim V2 replacement pods.

Their high-quality leak-proof build offers vapers peace of mind, especially when carrying their device in their pockets.

The devices can be used for DTL vaping, with 70/30 liquids being the best choice. Alternatively, you might choose an MTL vaping style, for which a nic salt vape juice is best – choose a strength of 0mg, 10mg, or 20mg depending on your nicotine preferences.

The versatility of both devices makes DTL or MTL vaping a possibility. This means beginners as well as more experienced cloud chasers can enjoy these options.

The fill port is found at the bottom of the pod. Removal is necessary to fill it but the rubber plug should minimise the risk of a leaky pod.


There are various coil pod options with both kits, including 0.6 ohm, 0.8 ohm, and 1.2 ohm coil pods. Coils with a resistance below 1.0 ohm are referred to as sub-ohm coils and are best suited for DTL vaping and producing thick, warm vapour. While the 0.6 ohm coil isn’t exactly a cloud-chasing coil, the likes of which often have far lower resistances, it still offers a more refined DTL experience with bigger clouds and lots of flavour, making it a fairly unique addition to a budget-friendly vape kit. 

If you prefer long-lasting e-liquid and device life and are more interested in getting great flavour from your vape juice, MTL vaping might be more suitable.

For 0.6 ohm vaping, power levels between 20w and 25w are optimal. Note that you will probably get through e-juice faster this way and therefore it’s important to choose a lower nicotine strength to avoid consuming too much or experiencing a harsh throat hit. 

0.8 ohms will require 12w to 16w of power, while 1.2 ohms require 10w to 12w.

Battery Life

The OXVA Xlim V2 and SE both have a built-in 900mAh battery with similar charging times of around 30 to 40 minutes.

Depending on your vaping style, the coils you choose will impact the battery and pod life with both options.

Sub-ohm vaping typically uses more battery power, so this is something that should be considered. Thankfully, the 5w to 25w wattage output of the Xlim V2 can be manually adjusted. Unfortunately, the SE model does not offer this feature.

Both options are charged via a USB type-C port, allowing for faster charging times depending on the cables used.


Both the OXVA Xlim SE and V2 use the same OXVA Xlim pods and have similar battery power. They both feature auto-draw activation and adjustable airflow, although the V2 also offers manual adjustments for even greater vaping experience customisation.

Because of the versatility of both options in terms of coils, it allows the user to choose a vaping style to suit them. However, the V2 offers an even greater tailored experience, thanks to adjustable wattage and pod resistances.

With the proper selection of coils, both devices deliver impressive performance.

The Verdict?

The build quality and versatility of the OXVA Xlim SE and V2 make them great options. With these devices, you have the choice between MTL or DTL vaping and the ability to select coils that best suit these options.

Compared to other kits and existing Xlim pods, these models provide a wider range of options. Keep in mind, however, that the lifespan and battery life will ultimately depend on your vaping habits.

Beginners may be better off with the OXVA Xlim SE due to its simple design and limited options. It's considered a user-friendly vape kit that can still satisfy experienced users.

Adjustable wattage and pod resistances make the OXVA Xlim V2 a better fit for more experienced users. However, it shouldn't be completely written off by beginners either.

Ultimately, the main difference between the two models is the adjustable wattage and OLED screen on the V2. So, no matter which device you choose, you're sure to get the vaping experience you desire.

If you're interested in the options above or want to explore other models, take a look at our full collection of vape kits. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team

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