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Cloud 9 Australian Premium Vape Cotton

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  • No break in time
  • No cotton taste
  • Ultimate absorption
  • Resistance to high temperature
  • Very easy to wick

Comes With:
1 metre of cotton packed inside Could 9 tin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Anthony davison
Great cotton and easy to use

I like this cotton it is super easy to use for wicking 3mm ID coils just cut the required length and tear it in half and that's the perfect amount. The taste is great straight away, not sure if it's any better than cotton gods but first impressions, it's a thumbs up for me.
It took me 5 minutes to wick my Asgard mini no faff on pulling bits of cotton off because I used too much cotton in the first place. I did have to thin the cotton slightly but that just goes with what setup you're using.

A strong contender for top crop cotton

This is excellent cotton. Dual coil ready, cut the length and tear in 2.
Virtually non existent break in, for me all cottons have some however this is lovely tbh.
Longevity is acceptable as tbh, coils are in need of a good cleaning before cotton does anyway.
It didn't seem the greatest value on 1st tin inspection & trial compared to its closest competition however after a fare few rewicks I'm pleased with the overall performance, value and functionality.
Near zero waste is a great attribute. Strips are a pain compared to cloud 9 this cottons puts me on.
Wicked in 4/6 core aliens and even after a weeks usage they're coming out unbroken.
Currently in rotation against Canna cotton / Bacon Prime
I'd definitely recommend Cloud 9
As others have stated, tgus cotton seems to allow lighter notes through sooner/easier.
Or my head really is in the clouds.
Buy a tin or 2

Gareth Gareth
Cloud 9

As good as any cotton I've used, should last a fair while, great at the sale price. I will certainly buy again.

Matt Thomson
Almost 'too' good.....

Very good cotton, superb wicking and virtually no break in time. The only negative is it's so absorbant I have to re-wick more often than with other cotton. Still, deffo give it a go!

Rory H
Amazing cotton

Super absorbent and no break in time!

Cloud 9 is a 100% organic cotton made in Australia. Their cotton is processed 24 times resulting in a pure fibre cotton delivering a "Cloud 9" vape experience.

Not chemically treated, it is certainly one of the purest cottons. Cloud 9 cotton is extremely capillary, easy to work with and heat resistant! If you want a cotton that enables you to go longer in between rewicking this is the cotton for you!