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Just Jam 100ml Shortfill Juice Range

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1 X Just Jam 100ml Shortfill Juice Range

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Just Jam

I just love this stuff, the best out there for me.

Just Jam Original

Now, I am fussy when it comes to vape flavours, but let me tell you ‘Just Jam’ is simply glorious. It’s like a spoonful of strawberry jam with every vape, not artificial tasting at all. Highly recommend!

Anthony Russell
Apricot loveliness!

A gorgeous Adv, not to sweet, crumbly inhale with a strong apricot exhale that hits the spot. As always great service from 101 with quick delivery and good communication. A+++

Gary Hamilton
Really nice juice

Been vaping this juice for a while now.Great flavour.

Straw Jam on Toast

It'S OK but not as OK as Jam Monster Strawberry.

In Stock £10.99 Just Jam Apricot Sorbet - Sorbets are usually used as a palate cleanser, but not here! Treat your tastebuds to the most exciting new addition to the Just Jam range. Apricot Sorbet will give you a comforting hug as you relax and lose yourself in these indulgent and smooth flavours.

Just Jam Apricot PeachRich, ripe Apricots, mashed together with smooth comforting Peaches. Superb flavours, finely blended to make a stand out juice!

Just Jam Apricot Crumble - Take the ripest Apricots, render them down into the richest Jus, then add rich, toasted crumble on top! A true match made in heaven.

Just Jam Blueberry - Featuring the ripest pressed blueberries, mixed with that unmistakable Just Jam signature flair, this flavour is set to take the market by storm!

Just Jam Raspberry Doughnut - The second addition to the Jam Doughnuts. After the senses of raspberry Scone we just couldn’t resist putting Raspberry jam into a doughnut for all you Just Jam lovers. Ripe raspberry Jam stuffed into the softest doughnut.

Just Jam Strawberry DoughnutThe original undisputed Just Jam flavour filled into a soft spongy, sugared donut. This one is sure take the desert top spot.

Just Jam Raspberry After the success of the original Just Jam, on toast and raspberry Jam on scone, it wasn't fair that the perfect fruity raspberry jam masterpiece we created didn't have a spotlight of its own. So here it is. Ripe raspberry jam preserve transformed into our famous e-liquid brand. as simple as it sounds this is Just Raspberry Jam.
Just Jam Original Just Jam is quite possibly one of the most realistic flavours in its respective field, managing to replicate the flavour equivalent to that of real strawberry Jam! Thickened like jam at an 80VG blend, everything is exact from smell to taste except there's no seeds, no irritating glass lid that never screws off... Instead, you get just jam.
Just Jam On Scones Just Jam On Scone is the third instalment in the truly delightful collection of Jam E-Liquids like no other. Raspberry Jam smothered on a freshly baked English scone with generous lashings of Devon cream. The only question you should ask is should the Jam or cream be first onto a scone?

Winner of best dessert at the vaper expo 2017.

Just Jam On Toast is the lovechild of the infamous Just Jam, smothered on perfectly toasted bread with not a single hint of burnt bread although there's a smidge of butter for good measure.


0mg Short fill, Nic shot compatible filled 100ml to make room for 2 shots to make 3mg