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Kilo E-Liquids 100ml Shortfill Range (NEW)

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1 X Kilo E-Liquids 100ml Shortfill Range (NEW)

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Dewberry Cream

Top quality and great flavour from Kilo, great communication and fast delivery as always from Vape 101, the best online store for all your Vaping needs.

Good Juice

Good Juice

Coffee milk and blue lemonade

Both rather dissapoining flavour wise.

Coffee milk is just another generic coffee flavour that tastes like any old cheap brand coffee flavour out there,
Unfortunately I have tried many a coffee flavour and not one of them has been satisfying.
I wouldn't purchase again.

Blue lemonade is also not strong enough, no lemonade flavour to it and the "blue" is just anorher generic blue flavour that doesn't satisfy so this is also one I won't be purchasing again.
Overall not impressed with these 2 so won't bother with any other kilo branded juice.

Service from v101 was amazing as always which is the reason for 3 stars rather than for the juice.

Not as accurate as I'd like it to be.

You get the cereal taste but the lovely creamy finish just wasn't there for me. Its OK though. Vape 101 were spot on with everything else.

Love the Coffee Milk

As per title loving this Coffee milk as my morning vape, will be buying more. As usual, excellent service from 101 in these difficult Corvid times, along with the RM

In Stock £10.49 Vanilla Almond Milk is a blend of both nutty and creamy notes. Enjoy the delectable balance of roasted almonds and fresh milk with this all day vape.

Coffee Milk is the perfect brew of bold coffee beans topped off with sweet, creamy milk. A culmination of an enticing coffee vape.

Cereal Milk is the perfect blend of fruity cereal and milky cream. This nostalgic flavor is reminiscent of the milk after you've finished a bowl of your favourite cereal.

Birthday Cake is a phenomenal dessert blend with a classic yet rich yellow cake layered with a smooth creamy frosting, then toppled off with rainbow sprinkles.

Milk & Cookies is a simple flavor for the simple joys in life, presenting the classic chocolate chip cookie base dunked into a glass of cold milk for everyone to enjoy.

Kilberry Yoghurt is a delicious yogurt cream that is infused with a blend of fresh strawberries and a dash of kiwi.

Dewberry Cream is an exquisite honeydew cream flavor with light hints of mixed berry that is every bit as delicious as it is smooth. striking the perfect balance between fruity and creamy.

Mango Cream is a mixture of delectable sweet ripe mangoes with the smooth creamy notes bringing you an all-time favourite.

Strawberry Custard is a fresh strawberry puree infused with a creamy and delicious rich custard

Blue Lemonade is made with the goodness of lemons and the sweetness of blueberries to give you the deliciously refreshing flavour you all know and love.

Smooth Tobacco is a mild blend of tobacco.

Sweet Tobacco is a rich tobacco infused with a level of sweetness to provide the smoothest complex profile for all tobacco flavour fans.

70% VG

This is 100ml of 0mg e-liquid, supplied in a 120ml short fill bottle leaving room for 2 x 18mg nicotine shots to make 120ml of 3mg e-juice