Best Menthol Vape Juice

There's nothing quite like the icy chill you get from menthol vape juice. It provides a sensation that is completely unique to other vape juices on the market. Since the ban on menthol cigarettes came into effect on the 20th May 2020, people have been turning to vaping to get their menthol fix. 

It's for this reason that we've compiled the very best menthol vape juice to try in 2024. We're going to look at some of the very best menthol vape juice, including pure menthol flavours for the purists as well as some truly unique and delicious menthol blends to excite every single one of your tastebuds. This list will include vape juice for every type of vaper, including shortfills for the cloud chasers as well as nic salts and 50/50 base e-liquids for the nicotine cravers. 

Vampire Vape Ice Menthol

Vampire Vape are renowned for high-quality vape juice and amazing flavours, even picking up some awards along the way for some of their flavours, including their bestselling Heinsberg blend. Heisneberg features menthol flavouring, but if you want to experience the full blast of pure menthol then the Vampire Vape Ice Menthol is the way to go. 

This vape juice features a minty cool chill that will tingle your taste buds, delivering an exceptionally flavoursome and icy menthol flavour. This e-liquid contains freebase nicotine, and so it provides more of a throat hit making it an excellent option for ex-smokers who enjoyed menthol cigarettes. The 3mg version has a 50/50 VG/PG ratio whilst the 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths have a 40/60 VG/PG ratio.

Nasty Juice Nic Salt - Menthol Icy Mint

For the ultimate menthol sensation, you simply have to try the Nasty Juice Menthol Icy Mint Nic Salts. The mixologists at Nasty Juice have concocted a range of unique cooling blends to liven up your vaping experience. The Menthol Icy Mint flavour has proven to be a huge hit amongst vapers for its ice-cold menthol and heavenly mint undertone, making this flavour perfect for ex-smokers. This is actually our best seller in the Nasty Nic Salts range. This nic salt is available in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths. 

The Nasty Juice Menthol Icy Mint Nic Salt comes in a 10ml bottle with a 50% VG ratio. 

Elux Legend Nic Salt - Menthol

For those who are battling with a menthol craving, Elux have you covered. Their ice-cold menthol is the classic icy blast menthol. Being a bar style juice mimicking flavours of disposables, you can be assured of a no holds barred strong flavour sensation.

Elux Legend Menthol comes in a 10ml bottle with a nic salt strength option of either 10mg or 20mg.

Riot Squad Nic Salt - Pure Minted

If there's anyone to trust when it comes to high-quality menthol vape juice, it should be the Riot Squad! Riot Squad, and the team of highly skilled mixologists who create and concoct some truly delicious vape juice. The Riot Squad Nic Salts includes a wide range of fruity flavours such Sweet Strawberry, Cherry Fizzle and Tropical Fury. As well as this, this range also includes some delicious soda-inspired flavours including Cherry Cola and the famous Pink Grenade. Riot Squad offer a wide choice of ranges and flavours in both nic salts and shortfills, check them out.

Donut King Ice

Donut King specialise in sugary flavoured vape juice, and now they've also decided to dip their hands into the realm of menthol vape juice. The Donut King ICE Shortfills come in a 100ml bottle and are available in six unique flavours. You'll find flavour combinations such as Arctic Apple and Pear, Glacial Grape and Sub Zero Sour Blueberry Raspberry. 

We know just how fantastic the Donut King range of vape juice typically tastes, and so when we first tasted these we were pleasantly surprised at how this brand has balanced the fruity flavour with an icy menthol chill. This could certainly be the juice for your next all day vape!

Fantasi Ice Range

Vaping with Fantasi e-liquids tastes just like sipping on a cool, refreshing can of soda. The Fantasi On Ice Nic Salts is a menthol-infused vape juice that combines the fizzy sweetness of their well-loved soda flavours with a menthol twist for a smooth throat hit and icy finish. This nicotine salt offers a refreshing and cooling vaping experience that is hard to match. This nic salt is available in two different nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg.

The Fantasi On Ice shortfill version comes in a 100ml bottle and has a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, making it ideal for sub-ohm vaping. This range includes more flavours to choose from including Blackberry Ice, Peach Ice and Strawberry Ice. 

Anarchist On Ice

Anarchist are a premium vape juice brand from America, landing in the UK and bringing an icy chill with them. The Anarchist On Ice shortfill e-liquid selection takes some of their most popular fruity flavours and combines them with ice to create a one of a kind vape juice. An ice cold menthol sensation is present the moment you inhale, followed by the sweet tones of fruit to create a balanced menthol vape juice that's full of flavour. 

Anarchist On Ice is available as a 100ml shortfill and has room for 2 nic shots to be added if you desire. This shortfill comes with a 70% VG ratio making it perfect for use with sub-ohm vape kits. Expert big clouds and big flavour with this vape juice!


Ruthless are back with another fantastic vape juice and this time they're trying their hand at menthol vape juice. Experience the Ruthless Freeze 100ml shortfill, made for premium ingredients to provide unbeatable flavour and a ruthlessly frosty chill. The Iced Out flavour has grown to popularity because of its all out frosty flavour. As you inhale, feel the crisp notes of menthol glide over your tongue and tingle your taste buds. This vape juice is undeniably a great choice for your next all day vape. 

The original Ruthless 100ml Shortfill always includes a few menthol flavours that will freeze you from head to toe. Try these today and you'll be blowing ice cold clouds of vapour.

Wick Liquor 

Renowned for their high-quality vape juices and unique flavour combinations, Wick Liquor now has their own line of menthol vape juice. Origin e-juice offers three distinct flavours to choose from and we can't get enough of these. 

Origin is available as a 100ml shortfill with a VG content of 70%. Indulge and experience what this premium vape juice brand has to offer.


And there you have it, our list of the very best menthol vape juices on the market. All of these vape juices feature authentic, strong menthol flavours that you are guaranteed to love. No matter how you like to vape, there is a menthol e-liquid on this list for you. 

If you have any more questions about these vape juices or anything else vape-related, feel free to contact our team of vaping experts today!

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