Nic Salts vs 50/50 Vape Juice - Key Differences

There are quite a few different variables to consider when choosing an e-liquid, and this can make things rather difficult. Many experienced vapers have discovered their preferences over time, but if you're new to vaping, you won't want to waste money on an e-liquid that isn't to your liking.

In this post, we'll specifically be focusing on the differences between nicotine salts and 50/50 vape juice. This will help you determine which type of e-liquid will be better for you and your preferences.

What Are Nic Salts?

Nicotine salts, which are often called nic salts, have taken the vaping world by storm in the last few years. Nic salt e-liquids are similar to freebase nicotine liquids in that they contain many of the same ingredients, such as propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

Another similarity that nicotine salt and freebase nicotine e-liquids share is that they are both used in MTL pod systems.

As you might have guessed, their differences lie in the type of nicotine that is used to make them. Nicotine salt is a modified form of nicotine that has been designed to deliver more intense, longer-lasting vape hits without a throat hit.

Nicotine salts are made by combining regular freebase nicotine with an acid, typically benzoic acid, as it lowers the PH levels of the nicotine. This allows the body to absorb nicotine salts more effectively without them needing to be heated to very high temperatures. This is why nic salt e-liquids offer a much smoother throat hit.


Nic salts are generally best suited for beginner vapers for quite a few reasons. One of the reasons is that they meet the needs of those who are used to smoking cigarettes but want to transition to vaping.

Smokers are used to a quick, intense nicotine delivery with a moderate throat hit. Nic salt e-liquid is often high in nicotine and will easily meet the needs of a former smoker with intense nicotine cravings. It's also much smoother to hit than freebase nicotine liquids that contain the same amount of nicotine.

When you vape nic salts, nicotine is also able to enter your bloodstream much more quickly. This is very similar to the way that cigarettes deliver nicotine. Another reason that nic salts are great for beginners is that the devices used for vaping nic salts are often incredibly simple and easy to use.

Unfortunately, nic salt e-liquids don't produce large clouds, which you might like if you get more interested in the vaping world. Another downside is that not everyone enjoys the weak throat sensation that nic salt liquids provide, especially heavier cigarette smokers.

Nic salts come in the following nicotine strengths:

  • 10mg
  • 20mg

What Are 50/50 E-Liquids?

50/50 e-liquids get their name from their VG PG ratio, which determines the thickness of an e-liquid. You may wonder why they’re called this as nic salts too share this same 50:50 ratio. 50/50 e-liquids are the original type of e-liquid, and as such were named this to help differentiate them from higher VG e-liquids. 

50/50 liquids differ from nic salt liquids, as they make use of freebase nicotine, which is created when ammonia is added to pure nicotine. The ammonia makes this form of nicotine more bioavailable than pure nicotine. However, freebase nicotine is still less bioavailable than salt nicotine.

This means that it will take longer for you to feel the effects of the nicotine in your 50/50 e-liquid. However, this doesn’t mean 50/50 liquids are without its benefits.


50/50 liquids often have a much more intense throat hit, and whilst this turns some people away, many experienced vapers and some former heavy smokers really enjoy the throat sensation they get from this type of e-liquid.

50/50 e-liquid is also great for those who aren't used to high nicotine strengths, as they are often available in lower strengths. Consuming a large amount of nicotine in one go can be very intense and definitely isn't for everyone, as it could cause you to feel nauseous.

50/50 liquids also provide excellent flavour. 

Which Of These E-Liquids Is Right For Me?

Now that you know the key differences between these two e-liquid types, it will likely be easier to come to a decision regarding the nic salts vs freebase (50/50) debate.

Nic salts

Nic salt liquids will be best for vapers who want a smoother vaping experience and higher nicotine levels. For this reason, they are better for beginner vapers who are former smokers.

If you're interested in nic salt liquids, then we personally recommend these products:

50/50 E-Liquid

50/50 e-liquids are best for more experienced vapers or those who have recently made the transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping and particularly enjoy a throat hit when inhaling.

If you're interested in 50/50 e-liquids, then we personally recommend these products:


Are nicotine salts better for quitting smoking?

Nicotine salts deliver nicotine into the bloodstream faster than 50/50 liquids. Cigarettes deliver nicotine quite quickly as well, so most people consider nic salts to be better.

Can you inhale nicotine salt liquids direct-to-lung?

Nic salt liquids are designed to be inhaled mouth-to-lung, and inhaling them direct-to-lung can cause you to experience an intense and unpleasant nicotine rush.

Can you use 50/50 e-liquids for sub-ohm vaping?

While it is possible to use 50/50 liquids in a sub-ohm device, it won't be pleasant, and you'll likely end up with a very unpleasant throat hit. We recommend sticking to e-liquid with a higher VG content. Explore our range of shortfills here

Final Thoughts

While choosing e-liquids can be confusing, we hope that we have narrowed the selection down for you. You should now know whether 50/50 e liquids or nic salt liquids will be best for you and your preferences.

You can contact us today if you have any more vape-related questions and our dedicated team of experts will be happy to help. 

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