Best Vanilla Vape Juice Flavours

If there's any flavour that has been treated unfairly, it has to be vanilla. Sometimes used as shorthand for 'basic', 'neutral', or 'boring', vanilla is too often passed over in favour of more flashy and fashionable flavours like salted caramel, pink lemonade, or blood orange. 

It's time to give vanilla the appreciation it deserves. Derived from the only fruit-bearing member of the orchid family, vanilla is one of the world's most expensive spices. Vanilla flavouring is a staple in baking and desserts, making everything from ice cream to chocolate chip cookies and cakes taste amazing. And, of course, it's one of the most common flavours you can find in vape juice. 

Vanilla vape juice ranges from the pure great flavour of vanilla pods to complex combinations that complement the beautiful taste with notes of fruits, desserts, and even tobacco. So, without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best vanilla vape liquids available in the UK!

Twelve Monkeys Shortfill - Congo

  • VG / PG ratio: 65% VG
  • Nicotine strength: 0mg

First up, we have Twelve Monkey 50ml Shortfill in the enticing flavour of Congo. This particular vape juice combines the sweetness of ripe strawberries with the creaminess of vanilla, resulting in a harmonious blend that captivates the senses.

Element NS Nic Salt - 555 Tobacco, Honey Roasted Tobacco:

  • VG / PG ratio: 65% VG
  • Nicotine strength: 5mg, 10mg, 20mg

Two vanilla-filled flavours that have blown away the Vaping 101 team are the 555 Tobacco and Honey Roasted Tobacco blends from Element NS Nic Salt. Both tobacco-based, these flavours complement rich tobacco with sumptuous vanilla. In 555 Tobacco, walnut, hazelnut, and caramel join the blend, while Honey Roasted Tobacco brings the lovely flavours of caramel and nuts. For anyone who misses the flavour and throat hit of cigarettes, these 10ml bottles of vape juice are a great choice! 

Supergood E-Liquid Butter - Butter 08

  • VG / PG ratio: 50% VG
  • Nicotine strength: 10mg, 20mg

For those vapers who prefer a more indulgent experience, we recommend Supergood E-liquid Butter in Butter 08. This delectable vape juice offers a unique blend of delicious graham cracker coated with creamy peanut butter, crowned with indulgent vanilla ice cream, a dollop of grape jelly, and finished with another cracker on top. With options available in both 10mg and 20mg nicotine salt strengths, Butter 08 caters to vapers with varying preferences.

 Joe's Juice PUD Shortfills - Vanilla Custard

  • VG / PG ratio: 70% VG
  • Nicotine strength: 0mg

Next on our list is Joe's Juice PUD Shortfills, featuring the classic Vanilla Custard flavour. This vape juice boasts a velvety vanilla custard blend that satisfies vapers with its luscious creaminess. Each puff delivers a delightful blend of vanilla notes, making it a go-to choice for vapers seeking a luxurious treat. Available in a whopping 200ml shortfill, this vanilla vape juice is perfect for vapers who can't get enough of this delicious taste. Don't forget to add a nic shot or two if you want to vape it with nicotine!

Wick Liquor - Vanilla Sky

  • VG / PG ratio: 80% VG
  • Nicotine strength: 0mg

Looking for a touch of extravagance? Serendipity by Wick Liquor presents Vanilla Sky, an indulgent bourbon vanilla custard, deliciously complemented with maple and marshmallow. The smoothness of this blend ensures a pleasurable vaping experience, satisfying even the most discerning vanilla enthusiasts. Don't forget to add a nic shot if you enjoy nicotine in your vape liquid!

Anarchist - Black

  • VG / PG ratio: 50%
  • Nicotine strength: 10mg, 20mg

If you're in the mood for an exciting twist on vanilla, Anarchist Black is the e-liquid for you. This mouthwatering vape liquid combines a sweet cupcake with vanilla cream frosting to create one of our favourite nic salts of late. Seriously, we're obsessed!

Whipped Original 200ml Shortfill

  • VG / PG ratio: 80% VG
  • Nicotine strength: 0mg

For a truly decadent and creamy experience, we present the Whipped Original 200ml Shortfill. This vape juice offers an indulgent blend of vanilla cream that will envelop your taste buds in a cloud of creamy goodness. The generous 200ml vape juice bottle size ensures that you can enjoy the creamy vanilla flavour for an extended period, making it an excellent option for vapers who crave a long-lasting and satisfying vape.

Kilo E-Liquids - Vanilla Almond Milk

  • VG / PG ratio: 70%
  • Nicotine strength: 0mg

Kilo E-liquids 100ml Shortfills presents Vanilla Almond Milk, a unique blend that combines the smoothness of vanilla with the nuttiness of almond milk. Perfect for sub-ohm fans, this vape juice caters to vapers who appreciate a creamy and nutty flavour profile. The combination of vanilla and almond milk creates a well-rounded vape juice that tantalises the senses with its delightful complexity.

What E-Liquid Should I Use With My Vape?

Found the perfect-sounding vanilla vape juice but aren't sure whether it's compatible with your vape kit, vape pen, or pod kit? Here's our quick guide to what vape juice go with which types of hardware.

Nic salts: Ideal for anyone using a pod kit or low-powered vape kit, nic salts are super smooth and perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping. They don't provide much of a throat hit and offer super fact nicotine absorption.

Shortfills: Perfect for sub-ohm vapers and anyone using more advanced vape kits, shortfills are naturally nicotine free and have a higher proportion of vegetable glycerine than propylene glycol, making them ideal for the cloud chasers out there.


In conclusion, vanilla-flavoured vape juice offer vapers a diverse range of experiences, from smooth and creamy profiles to bold and sophisticated blends. At Vaping 101, we strive to provide our customers with an extensive selection of high-quality vape juices, and these vanilla flavours are no exception. Whether you prefer a pure vanilla taste, a creamy vanilla custard, or a twist on traditional flavours, these vape juice are sure to please even the most discerning vapers. Visit our full vape juice selection where we have vape liquid in every flavour profile you can imagine, including everything from menthol to cheesecake and passionfruit to energy drinks! 

Or, drop by our store to explore the full range of vanilla-flavoured vape juices and find your perfect match.

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