How To Use Less Vape Juice

If you have invested in a high-quality vape juice, the last thing you will want is to use it too quickly. Better quality vape juice results in a better vaping experience, and we all want to be able to make that last as long as possible.

Luckily, there is a solution. At Vaping 101, we stock a wide range of high-quality vaping devices and vape juice. We also provide expert advice to improve your vaping experience - and prolong it.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to make vape juice last longer.

Try MTL Vaping

MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping is a technique that sees vapour inhaled into the mouth before being breathed into the lungs.

This style is typically used by people new to vaping as it is similar to smoking cigarettes. If you're a recent convert and want to try MTL vaping, take a look at our range of starter kits

MTL vaping typically targets flavour and the consumption of nicotine as opposed to vapour production. This is mainly because MTL devices aren't usually as high-powered as sub-ohm devices used for DTL (direct-to-lung) vaping.

To learn more about these vaping styles, visit our MTL vs DTL blog.

Make Sure You're Using the Nicotine Strength For You

If you are vaping to satisfy nicotine cravings, using a higher nicotine concentration means you don't have to vape as often. Using an vape juice that has too low of a nicotine concentration for your cravings will lead to your taking more frequent puffs from your device. 

Nicotine salts can be a convenient solution as this type of vape juice is absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly. 

It is because of this that nicotine salts are seen as a great alternative to freebase nicotine, especially for those who want to use less vape juice.

Read our blog for details on the difference between freebase nicotine and nic salts.

You can explore our collection of nic salts to find the best flavours to suit your taste.

Lower the Power Output on Your Device

A lower wattage on your vaping device is very effective at cutting your vape juice consumption.

Lowering your device wattage will alter the temperature and cloud creation and reduce the rate at which you use e-liquid.

Variable wattage systems on devices like the Geek Vape AEGIS 2 L200 200w Kit can make this easy.

Our team of experts has created a blog should you be interested in variable wattage vaping.

Use Higher Resistance Coils

The coils you use with your vaping device will determine how much power it needs to draw from your device. High-resistance coils, otherwise known as mouth-to-lung coils are designed to be used at lower temperature and require less power.

Using less power means that less vape juice is used, and this is better suited for MTL vaping.

Sub-ohm (DTL) vaping requires a more powerful device with low-resistance coils. Low-resistance coils require more power to work, so more vape juice will be used.

Make Sure Your Tank Isn't Leaking

Leaking vape tanks are a very common cause for using up vape juice too quickly. Taking care of your vape device should be a priority and it can help to minimise the risk of any leaks from happening. 

Loose or damaged tanks can leak without you even noticing at times, so be sure to keep a keen eye on your tank to ensure you’re not losing any vape juice unnecessarily. 

You should take care when filling your tank can also help your vape juice last longer. Spills are a waste of vape juice. Vape bottle-filling funnels can be a good solution.

Read our blog on how to fix a leaking vape tank for more potential causes and how to resolve them.

Make an Active Effort to Vape Less Frequently

Vaping less might seem obvious, but it can be challenging. Changing your vaping habits isn't always easy. This is especially true if you took up vaping as a way to quit smoking.

It can be easy to constantly pick up your vape without noticing its levels. The Caliburn A3 has a window for you to check vape juice levels and monitor how much vape juice you’re using. This can help you cut back and make vape juice last longer.

Use a Vape Pen or Pod

Vape pens and pod devices can be excellent alternatives to refillable devices. They typically don't have the same capabilities for adjustment. They also use less power.

Explore our pen-style devices for a comprehensive selection of flavours and styles.

The lower wattage range makes vape pens an efficient option. Exploring disposable options with lower output can help you save vape juice.

Using a vape pen or pod can be a convenient alternative to advanced kits. Advance kits can provide greater power but may use more vape juice.


Will the airflow on my vaping device affect vape juice consumption?

Increasing the airflow of your device can reduce your vape juice usage. However, it can sacrifice flavour.

Lower airflow forces the vape juice out and is used more quickly. This is because the coils are not cooled when the air is passed through.

Will an overfilled tank waste vape juice?

Yes, an overfilled tank can cause leakages and waste vape juice. It can also cause spitting. Spitting and spit-back from vapes are when vape juice shoots out of the device. This can land on your mouth or nose, causing minor burns. It also wastes liquid.

Is shortfill vape juice a good option?

If you are trying to use less vape juice to save money, shopping for good value can help. Shortfill liquid allows you to invest in larger quantities and can be a great solution.


Using less vape juice is an excellent way to save money. It can also help you prolong the life of your supply.

Many options above include reducing power, which will affect DTL vapers.

Sub-ohm devices use more power to produce an intense throat hit. Cloud production is also a benefit. Reducing your vape device power will reduce the throat hit and cloud production.

MTL vaping allows many more possibilities for reducing power, which will help reduce the vape juice you use.

You can use many of the suggestions above to save e-juice: your supplies will last longer, and you'll save some cash.

Contact us today if you have any concerns about the amount of vape juice you use or have questions about our products.

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