Top 10 Bestselling E-Liquids of All Time

With thousands of new vape juice flavours coming onto the market each year, it's truly impossible to try them all. Anyone who has been vaping for more than a few years can attest: the number of e-liquids available has grown exponentially and it's harder than ever to pick flavours to try. 

While some vapers find the amount of choice overwhelming, we find it exciting. We're constantly sampling and adding exciting new flavours and ranges to our stock at Vaping 101. Every time we discover a unique new flavour combination or particularly excellent formulation we're reminded that vape juices are one of the reasons we fell in love with vaping in the first place. 

However, if you're struggling to choose shortfills, freebase vape juice, or nic salts to try from the immense range of different vape juice available, we can help. Here, we've put together a list of some of the best selling vape juices of all time; these are the flavours that many vapers swear by and return to again and again. With the immense popularity of all these brands and ranges, there's no doubt that you'll find something you love from this list. 

A note about our methodology before we get started: we've compiled this list using sales data from Vaping 101 as well as information about best sellers at a range of other online vape shops. Think we've missed out a super popular vape juice brand? Leave us a comment below! 

Vampire Vape

One of the best known vape liquid brands on the market, there are few vapers who can't immediately recognise that distinctive purple colour and cute vampire logo of Vampire Vape's vape juice bottles. Established in 2012, Vampire Vape are now selling more than 20 different vape juice ranges. 

The Heisenberg 6mg freebase e-liquid cemented their position as one of the best selling vape juice brands of all time. This award-winning flavour mixes juicy red berries with a refreshing, cooling menthol breeze for a simple yet delicious flavour. The Heisenberg nic salt has also proven to be a popular choice with a bit of a smoother throat hit but just as much flavour. 

Heisenberg's right-hand man has proven to be a popular choice amongst vapers too. The Pinkman 6mg freebase e-liquid tastes like fresh, mixed fruit for a sweet inhale and with a high PG/VG content of 60/40, it is perfect ex-smokers who enjoy that throat hit. Also available is the Pinkman nic salt which has a 50/50 blend and has helped to further establish the Vampires as one of the world's best vape juice brands. 

Just Jam

Just Jam is one of the UK's most successful vape juice brands, offering a range of shortfills, 50/50 vape juice, and nic salts that make an amazing all day vape. 

The vape juice that really started it all was the Just Jam original flavour, a true-to-life strawberry jam flavour that blends juicy fruit with a sweet sugary taste. Just Jam's range has expanded to include a tart Raspberry vape juice, Scone, Just Jam on Toast, Donut, and even Sponge inspired vape juices. 

Available in zero nicotine, high VG 100ml or 200ml shortfills, nicotine salts (10mg or 20mg nicotine strength), and 50/50 vape juice (3m, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg of nicotine), there's a deliciously fruity Just Jam vape juice for you, no matter your vaping preferences. 

Dinner Lady

Another leading vape juice manufacturer that started life in the UK and has now grown to international acclaim, Dinner Lady is the queen of dessert-inspired vape juice. Their creation Lemon Tart (a flaky, buttery, zesty lemon dessert) holds the position of one of the most popular vape juice of all time. 

But the fun doesn't stop with the classic Lemon Tart e-liquid. Try their other dessert inspired e-liquids such as Strawberry Macaroon or Blackberry Crumble, enjoy the fruity goodness of their Fruits range, or try the old school candy flavours from their Tuck Shop series, including amazing vape juices like Lemon Sherbert, Bubble Trouble, and Apple Sours. 

Depending on your vape style and preferences, Dinner Lady has e-liquids to suit everyone. Want a 50/50 VG and PG blend? Dinner Lady offers their Desserts series in a 50% VG ratio with 6mg or 12mg of nicotine, or their Tobacco range with 50% VG and 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg strength nicotine. These come in travel-friendly 10ml bottles, perfect for vaping on the go. 

Prefer nic salts? Dinner Lady offers a wide variety of 10ml bottles of nicotine salt, including a range of vape juices such as Pink Wave, Cola Ice, Blue Menthol Heisenlady, and Tropical Fruits. 

And finally, the classics: Dinner Lady offers shortfills with a high VG ratio for excellent sub-ohm vaping and impressive cloud production. Try the Moments shortfill range with 70% VG or the Iced 50ml shortfills also at 70% VG and zero nicotine (just add a nic shot). With all the available vape juice varieties, it's no surprise that Dinner Lady vape juices are some of the most popular liquids of all time!

Riot Squad

Another brand that has created some of the world's best selling vape juice varieties, Riot Squad are one of our favourite vape brands here at Vaping 101. Their high VG 50ml shortfill range of vape juices include the mouthwatering Purple Burst and Tropical Fury, while classic flavours like Bubblegum, Blue Burst, Lemon Mint, and Sublime are all available as a nic salt (5mg, 10mg, or 20mg strengths available to satisfy your nicotine preferences). 

But, Riot Squad's truly iconic vape juice offering is the famous PUNX range, available both as a 70% VG nicotine-free 50ml shortfill and a 10ml bottle of nic salt in 5mg, 10mg or 20mg of nicotine. Guava Passionfruit & Pineapple, Apple Cucumber Mint & Aniseed, and Banana Raspberry & Dragonfruit are stand-out vape juices in these ranges that bring a whole new meaning to a fruity flavour profile.

With these excellent and top-selling flavours, it's no wonder that Riot Squad's vape juices have become some of the most popular vape juice of all time - perfect for use with any vape kit.

Nasty Juice 

There's nothing nasty about Nasty Juice, the Malaysia-based vape juice manufacturer that has created some of the world's best selling vape juice

Some of their most popular creations include the Cush Man series, creamy mango blends that will satisfy anyone who enjoys a fruity vape. Available as 50ml shortfills, these high VG vape juice are perfect for cloud chasers who want delicious flavour profiles with their dense vapour clouds. Their 50ml vape juice shortfills have also proved to be best selling vape juice with favourite flavours such as Wicked Haze, Bad Blood, Fat Boy, and Trap Queen. 

For Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vapers using low-powered pod vape kits or vape pens, Nasty Juice also have an impressive range of nic salts featuring all their classic flavours to vape. Cush Man, Bad Blood, Fat Boy Green, Sicko Blue, Hippie Trail, and Stargazing Blueberry are just a few of their most popular vape juices available in salt nic vape liquid form. With 10mg or 20mg of nicotine, these can provide the satisfying nicotine hit and smooth throat hit that many vapers love. 

Wick Liquor 

One of the most popular vape juice creators available at Vaping 101, Wick Liquor are true geniuses when it comes to making amazing vape juices in impressive bottle sizes. We stock their 100ml juggernaut bottles of vape juice shortfills for a stunning price - these bad boys will keep your vape going for a long time! 

Wick Liquor have made a name for themselves in the vape world with their incredible flavours such as Boulevard, Deja Voodoo, Carnival, and Contra, all available as 50ml shortfills or nic salts with 10mg or 20mg of super fast absorbing nicotine. The Serendipity range and the Bones shortfills are other best sellers from Wick Liquor here at Vaping 101. This is some seriously premium vape juice and it's no surprise that many vapers have become loyal fans of Wick Liquor's high quality liquids. 


The vape juices created by Element will truly release your inner science geek. Another brand high on our list of best sellers, Element have succeeded in creating some seriously good-looking periodic table themed vape juices with tempting flavours to match. 

Element's Dripper Series shortfills boast an alluring 80% VG, a super high VG percentage perfect for use with your favourite sub-ohm vape tank and mod. The vape juice flavours range from fruity to refreshing to dessert inspired - Apple Acai, Key Lime Cookie, Crema, and Zen are some of our absolute favourites from this vape liquid range. Don't forget to sample the Emulsions range which mixes flavours like Strawberry Whip and Banana Nut together to create unique and mind-blowing flavour profiles you won't want to miss out on.

MTL vapers, don't despair, because Element has you covered with their 10ml nic salt range. Try 555 Tobacco or Honey Roasted Tobacco if you enjoy tobacco flavouring in your vape, or opt for Grape Vape, Watermelon Chill, or Frost if you prefer a more fruity and refreshing vape. 

Twelve Monkeys

We couldn't share our list of top selling vape brands without mentioning one of Canada's finest vape juice manufacturers: Twelve Monkeys. These tropical, fruity, and refreshing vape juices are sure to become your new favourites if you haven't tried them already. 

Their shortfill flavours include the classics that made them famous: Mangabeys, Hakuna, Matata, Harambae, Kanzi, and more. These fruit-based flavours are sure to delight and make an excellent all day vape at a budget friendly price point for their premium formulations. And don't worry, you can also get all of these vape juice as a nic salt - perfect for use with your favourite pod vape. 

In their Ice Age range, they bring a cooling menthol twist to those favourite flavours, making them even better as a refreshing summertime vape. Moreover, the three excellent formulations in the Circle of Life range add to Twelve Monkeys' impressive repertoire and cement their status as one of the biggest selling vape juice brands of all time. 

Ohm Boy

Returning to the UK, the home-grown British brand Ohm Boy are a relatively new addition to the vape scene but have quickly risen through the ranks with their best selling vape juices. In particular, this is due to the popularity of their Volume II (Botanics) vape juice, which can be purchased from Vaping 101 as a shortfill or nic salt.

These high quality flavours are an elegant addition to the vape world, with botanical inspired formulations such as Rhubarb Raspberry & Orange Blossom, Apple Elderflower and Garden Mint, and Valencia Orange & Passionfruit. 

But their exciting vape juices don't end there - check out the Volume III range which expands on their impressive Rhubarb flavours, or the Flavour Treats Ice series which blends icy menthol with sweet flavours in Cherry Ice, Blue Ice, Ultra Ice Mint, and Blackcurrant Ice. 


And finally, last but not least, we have to mention vape juice manufacturer ULTD E-liquids. UTLD specialises in fruit and beverage inspired vapes, with the top selling flavours from their shortfill range including Mango Crush, Pomberry Plunge, Citrus Seven, and Lemberry Brew. 

The same excellent flavours can be found in their nicotine salt selection, making for perfect all day vaping with your favourite pod system or vape pen. At only £1.99, these 10ml nic salt bottles with 10mg or 20mg nicotine content are a bargain and it's no surprise that they've become the go-to range for many vape enthusiasts! 

From this long list of the best selling and most popular vape juices on the market, we're sure you'll find your new favourite liquid to vape. Whether you're looking for something fruity, sweet, tobacco flavoured, or packed with refreshing, icy menthol, there's something here for everyone. 

Or, if you're looking to try something new, browse our full range of e-liquids here. Your new favourite is waiting to be found. 

What's your all-time favourite e-liquid to vape? Leave us a comment below!

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