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If you have recently started vaping, you might find some of the terminology a bit confusing. There are so many different types of devices and e-liquids that it can get quite daunting.

At Vaping 101 we have an extensive range of starter kits to help you on your way. We also provide expert advice to ensure you get the guidance you need to enjoy your vaping experience.

As well as providing expert guides and a wide collection of vape kits, we can also help with how much nicotine you need for your nicotine-free e-liquid.

Vaping doesn't have to be difficult. Keep reading to learn more about our handy nic shot calculator.

What Is A Nicotine Shot Calculator?

A nicotine shot calculator is used to determine the nicotine levels of nicotine-free e-liquid.

The TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) was implemented in 2014 and this EU directive states that any bottle containing nicotine must not exceed a capacity of 10ml. It also states that the e-liquid's strength cannot exceed 20 mg/ml.

The UK Tobacco and Related Products Regulations fully implemented the TPD in 2016. Read our blog on the lowdown on TPD regulations to learn more about these changes. 

However, with this change came a major problem for sub-ohm vapers. Using just 10ml bottles with a higher powered vape kit will mean you run out of e-quid extremely quickly. To counter this, companies started producing larger shortfill bottles in 100ml, 150ml and 200ml bottles that were nicotine free.

Whilst the bottle is 100ml, there is actually only 80 ml of e-liquid in there, leaving 20ml of space for nic shots to be added by the user.

This allows vapers to manage their own nicotine levels. This might seem like a complicated process for new vapers. However, when you use our nic shot calculator you will be able to enjoy the perfect nicotine levels for your tastes.

How To Use A Nicotine Shot Calculator

Adding a nic shot to your e-liquid using a nic shot calculator is straightforward. All you need to do is enter the volume of nic-free liquid you are using and your nic shot strength. You can then enter your preferred strength to work out the nic shot volume needed for your desired nicotine level.

Using Shortfill Bottles For MTL And DTL Vaping

MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung) are the two vaping styles that you will see mentioned a lot in vaping blogs and sites.

MTL vaping is a style of inhaling the vapour into the mouth before breathing it into the lungs.

Beginners tend to favour MTL Vaping because it most closely resembles smoking a cigarette.

High-resistance coils are needed for MTL vaping and this helps to produce a thin, cool vapour. This is more like the smoke from a cigarette.

Using an e-liquid with a higher PG ratio is better for devices used for MTL vaping.

DTL vaping, also referred to as sub-ohm vaping, is a style favoured by more experienced vapers and sees the vapour being breathed directly into the lung.

Low resistance kits below 1 ohm (hence the name sub-ohm vaping) are required for DTL vaping. This creates warmer vapour and allows greater cloud creation.

A higher VG ratio in your e-liquid is required for DTL vaping.

Shortfill e-liquids are typically best for low-resistance devices. Making them better suited to DTL vaping. Use in MTL devices can result in a weaker flavour and throat hit.

However, some companies are bringing out shortfill liquids that are suited to MTL vaping.


What is a nicotine shot?

Nicotine shots, or nic shots, are small nicotine bottles that can be added to nicotine-free e-juice. Alternatively, they can be used to increase your nicotine levels.

The flavourless nicotine shot typically has a strength of 18mg. They are 10 ml shots which meet the strength and size regulations of the TPD.

A nicotine shot can be suspended in VG, PG, or a mixture.

What is a shortfill?

Shortfill bottles of e-juice are regular e-juice without nicotine. The bottles typically leave a gap at the top for nicotine shots to be added.

The gap is usually about 20% of the capacity.

The nicotine shot you add will be flavourless so it doesn't alter the flavour of the e-juice.

How much nicotine should I add to my e-liquid?

Inexperienced vapers might not know how many nic shots need to be added. Our nicotine shot calculator makes it easy to create the perfect strength e-juice.

Follow the calculator directions provided above. The calculator will let you know how many nicotine shots are needed for your nicotine-free juice.

How do I add nicotine shots to a shortfill bottle?

There are no special tricks that you need to learn to add nicotine shots to a shortfill bottle. Simply unscrew both bottle caps and add the nicotine shot to the shortfill bottle.

After you securely screw the cap back onto the bottle, give it a good shake.

You should always take the time to thoroughly wash your hands after doing this.

Is vaping nicotine shots dangerous?

Vaping nicotine shots isn't dangerous, but it is not recommended. They are flavourless and will produce a harsh throat hit.


Choosing your preferred nicotine liquid can be a time-consuming process. There is a huge range of flavours to choose from. With so many on the market, trying different flavours can help you narrow down your favourites.

As well as flavours, you will have to determine the VG/PG ratio that is best for you. VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol) determine the strength of the throat hit and cloud production. Higher PG e-liquids produce a stronger throat hit. A high VG ratio produces a high cloud production.

E-liquids will typically use freebase nicotine for strong throat hits. Alternatively, nicotine salts (nic salts) are known to be smoother.

Nicotine-free liquids give you the freedom to dictate the nicotine strength. Zero nicotine juice is flavoured. Adding nic shots will bring the nicotine strength up to your desired level without altering the taste.

All shortfills will have a space for the nic shot to be added.

Our nicotine calculator is designed to make things easier for you. You will be able to enjoy your desired nic strength by following the calculations. Shop our range of vape kits, e-liquids, and 10ml nic shots for great value and an unbeatable selection. 

Don’t forget, you can contact us anytime if you have any more questions about any thing discussed in this blog, or just any other vape-related queries. 

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