Vape Maintenance Tips Every Vaper Needs to Know

Nobody likes to waste money. Poorly maintained vapes can lead to a poor vaping experience and the need to frequently buy expensive replacement parts. Something as simple as making sure you regularly clean and maintain your vape can make a big difference.

That's why we've put together the following tips to help you maintain your vape device. This will allow you to enjoy the best vaping experience possible from your kit.

Vape Kit Maintenance Tips

Learning to properly clean your vape and maintain it properly may seem boring, but it should be as important as exploring all the different vaping styles and flavours.

Our vape maintenance tips will help you keep your vape device in tip-top condition. It will also minimise the risk of having to replace your vape kit sooner than necessary.

Do not undercharge or overcharge your device

Overcharging or undercharging your batteries can lead to their capacity being reduced over time. This will lead to you having to replace batteries more regularly. To keep your batteries at the right amount of charge, why not buy one of the smart chargers we stock at Vaping 101?

Ensure the 510 connection between your tank and mod is clean

The 510 connector is a 5mm long connection with 5 threads on the atomiser (male connection) and 5 threads on the mod or battery (female connection). E-juice or dirt on the connection is a problem because it can cause warnings to appear as the mod won't be able to read the resistance of your coils. Wiping with a paper towel can help with this.

Don’t screw parts too tight

Screwing parts too tightly can damage threading. Damaged threading can't be repaired and will lead to you needing a replacement vape kit more quickly.

Wipe down your device

You should regularly empty the tank and run it under warm water to remove residue. After the tank has been rinsed clean, you can use a paper towel to dry out the area before using it again. For more tips, read our step-by-step guide for cleaning your vape tank.

E-Liquid Maintenance Tips

Proper e-liquid maintenance tips can prolong the life of your vape juice. It can also protect the flavour and performance.

Store e-liquid at room temperature

Keeping your e-liquid at room temperature is advised. Extremes in temperature can cause the e-liquid to break down or impact the viscosity. Poor storage will lead to the e-juice reaching its expiration date at an accelerated rate. You will then have to shop for a new bottle of e-juice to replace it.

Keep e-liquid out of direct sunlight

Exposure to direct sunlight will increase the oxidation rate of nicotine. This will lead to discolouration. It can also cause the flavours to weaken in strength and potency.

Keep your e-liquid cap sealed

Keeping the lid on your vape juice tightly sealed should be a priority. An open bottle will experience accelerated oxidation. This will impact the shelf life and taste.

Don’t store e-liquid in your tank for too long

You should only store e-liquid in your vape tank when you plan to use it. Keeping vape tanks full can clog up your coils. Your tank also has continuous airflow. This can lead to accelerated oxidation. Storing your vape juice in the original bottle until you're ready to use it is advised.

Vape Tank and Coil Maintenance Tips

Keeping your vape components in good working order is key to the device's performance.

Keep your tank upright

Keeping your vape pen or kit upright can help keep the components of the device clean.

Laying vape kits and pens on their side can lead to leaks. Not only will this waste e-juice, but it will also make vape maintenance more challenging.

Leaks can cause e-juice to get into the components that will then need to be cleaned.

Keeping your vape upright will also minimise the risk of dirt entering the mouthpiece.

Don’t overfill or underfill your tank

Overfilling your vape tank will typically result in leaks. It will also increase the chances of a flooded coil.

As well as these issues, an overfilled tank can reduce the airflow. This will lead to limited performance. It could also lead to your device overheating.

Underfilling your tank can cause the vape to run dry quickly. It can also lead to your coils producing a burnt taste.

Keep tank and coils clean

Keeping your tank and vape coils clean is essential to the taste and performance of your vaping device. Proper vape maintenance and knowing how to clean your vape effectively will also prolong the life of the device. For example, cleaning your coils may seem unnecessary but it can actually extend their lifespan.

To clean a replaceable coil, you can soak it in vinegar or ethanol for two hours. You should then rinse it under warm water. You can then use distilled water to rinse the coil and blow the side to force the water through the wicking holes. You should then allow the water to dry off before replacing it.

If you have a rebuildable atomiser, you should clean the coils regularly. This can be done by removing the wicks and lightly dry-burning them. You should then remove the atomizer and place it under running water. You can use a coil cleaner or toothbrush to lightly clean the coil. After giving it a final rinse, give it a dry burn to fully dry it off.

Keep the mouthpiece clear

Keeping the mouthpiece clear will allow you to enjoy a clear draw without dirt getting in your mouth and ruining the experience.

Check your tank’s airways for blockages

Your vape device requires clear airways to offer optimal performance. A cotton bud soaked in alcohol can be used to clean airways. You can then rinse it before allowing it to air dry.

Check for ripped O-rings

Rubber O-rings help to create a seal. This minimises the risk of leaks. If an O-ring is frayed or ripped, it should be replaced. Replacement O-rings typically come with the tank.

Vape Batteries Maintenance Tips

Your vape batteries will determine the power levels it is capable of reaching. Keeping your batteries well-maintained will improve performance.

Don't use batteries with damaged wraps – replace wraps instead

Battery wrapping is in place as a safety precaution to minimise the risk of sparks or explosions. You should never use a battery that has a damaged wrap. Either rewrap the battery or invest in replacement batteries.

Don’t completely drain batteries

Completely draining vape batteries before recharging them can cause damage. This can lead to an inefficient battery that doesn't hold a charge as it should.


Proper cleaning of a vape or e-cig should be a priority. General maintenance can help keep your vape in great working order. An occasional deep clean should also be considered.

Note: after cleaning your vape, you should ensure it is completely dry before using it again. If you use a cleaning agent like dishwashing liquid, make sure you rinse the tank completely.

With all this in mind, you can enjoy the best performance and longest lifespan from your vape. Don’t forget that you can buy all the replacement parts you need for your e-cigarette here at Vaping 101, including new coils, tanks, batteries, and more. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about maintaining your vape! 

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