Stealth Vaping: What It Is And How To Do it

Public Health England estimates that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than normal cigarettes. Despite this assurance, vaping still gets a bad rap. This might lead some vapers to want to vape more inconspicuously. If not for this reason, vaping typically involves exhaling lots of vapour that can turn a few heads. 

Whatever the reason, stealth vaping methods are a way to allow vapers to go unnoticed when using their device. 

Welcome to the subtle art of reducing the amount of vapour and vape smells you emit. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to stealth vape respectfully and where it's acceptable to enjoy this pleasure. Not all vape kits or e-liquids are suitable for stealth vaping, so we also touch on the best devices and e-liquids to use if you plan to vape discreetly.

If you've ever wondered how to stealth vape, take a sneaky (and stealthy) peek as we give you the lowdown.

Stealth vaping explained

Stealth vaping is essentially keeping your vape discreet and on the down low. It's vaping in a way that minimises the visible vapour and scent that results from the vaporisation process.

Stealth vapers typically use a vape device with lower vapour production, exhale carefully and choose e-liquids with more neutral aromas and lower VG levels.

Stealth vaping shouldn't be about getting around rules and regs though. The guiding ethos should be about reducing the impact on those around you, many of whom may be uncomfortable with vaping culture.

What is zero vaping?

Zero vaping can be considered an extreme type of stealth vaping. With a zero vape, the vaper is trying not to exhale any vapour as opposed to stealth vaping, which is puffing discreetly and exhaling a minimum amount of vapour in a subtle manner. Zero vaping can take a little practice to master the right technique.

Where to stealth vape (and where not to stealth vape)

Vaping is largely legal in most parts of UK society, especially in open-air spaces. There is no shortage of spots to vape. Parks, greens, a riverside, quiet streets, gardens, and a friendly pub garden are all possible vaping spots.

Vaping in homes is perfectly legal but you have to consider the homeowner and other occupants. They may not like the idea of 'passive vaping'. 

Vaping indoors does tend to leave a slight odour, though this is typically less strong than cigarette smoke. Smells can be reduced by vaping in ventilated spaces.

Vaping restrictions apply to many places, including:

  • Public transport - trains and busses
  • Planes and inside airport terminals
  • Many offices/businesses
  • Some pubs and restaurants (sometimes you can only vape in designated smoking zones)
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Many hospitals

Firing up anywhere where vaping is illegal or restricted is best avoided. Respecting the regulations means you avoid the consequences of a reprimand, fine or worse. Some people have even lost their jobs due to illegal vaping.

How to vape stealthily

You want to find a technique that gives you a satisfying hit without obviously signalling that you're puffing. Taking small puffs is a neat trick to keep a lid on the vaporisation level. If you fancy a bit more vapour, you can go for a single long draw and look to hold it for a short while before exhaling carefully.

Here are several stealth vaping techniques worth considering:

Exhaling techniques

If you conceal your pen in the palm of your hand and take a quick draw, it lessens the likelihood that someone will notice. It's the exhale that's more likely to rumble you. Be sure to purse your lips to form a small exit and breathe out subtly. You could also slip your top lip over the bottom and breathe down casually. Always blow the vapour away from people.

Inhale-and-second breath

Inhale, being careful not to draw too much vapour. Remove the device from your lips and take in a second breath. Hold the vapour and air for around 10 seconds and then breathe out subtly in thin wisps.


Take a hit and then inhale it.. Take a breath of air again if you can and then exhale through pursed lips. You can also exhale through your nose.

Concealing the vapour trail

Some vapers take a quick pull and then disperse the vapour into their shirt or a paper napkin, or hold their arm or hand in front of their mouth.

Choosing e-Liquids and devices for stealth vaping


You know how the smell of cigarettes grasses up the smoker every time? Well, vaporised e-liquids smell too. The smell of some vape juices may be just too pungent to hit in stealth mode. Opt for juices with mild, subtle, and less complex scents. Simple fruit flavours and nicotine salts work elegantly.

A good tip is to check the scent beforehand to see if the particular juice is suited to a discreet puff.

You also definitely want to avoid vape juices with high VG ratios, since these are formulated to generate big clouds. Lean towards a vape juice of around 50VG/50PG, which will give you flavour without billowing vapour.

Nicotine salts are also a good call. When nic salts react to vaporisation, the vapour is relatively light. Nic salts aren't strong-smelling either.


The first step to stealth vaping is having the right device. You want something:

  • Small. If it fits in the palm of your hand you're onto a winner. Pod kits or starter kits are typically the best devices when it comes to stealth vaping because of their size and low-power outputs. 
  • Low wattage and compatible with a high-resistance coil. This is to ensure minimal vapour production.
  • That doesn't draw attention to itself with a light that activates every time you draw. Always cover a glowing light.
  • With an adjustable wattage that you can power down to a lower setting if necessary.

The types of devices we're talking about are compact pod systems (either pre-filled or with refillable pods), starter kits and pen kits. The narrow mouthpieces of vape pens and pod kits also enable lowkey vapour control.

It’s important to spend some time browsing the different options available as some starter kits, pen kits or pod systems are bigger than others and offer different power outputs and modes. 

Conclusion: Vaping Respectfully Around Others

As much as you and your fellow vapers may be ardent vaping devotees, many people are less enthused about vaping. Those who are uncomfortable may include family, friends, colleagues, business associates, teammates, and even loved ones. 

Often it's because they wrongly believe that vapour 'smoke' is as bad as cigarette smoke or because they equate vaping with smoking and see it as a dirty addictive habit. Regardless, Not everybody is going to be a fan of vaping like you are, and that’s ok!

They may have legitimate adverse reactions to vapour or be smokers trying to quit who can't be around a person who is firing up. It’s important to keep this in mind when vaping around people, even in public spaces. 

Whatever the scenario, you can show your respect for non-vapers by paying attention to when and how you vape. On those occasions when etiquette demands discretion, you can totally slide into full stealth mode!

At Vaping 101, we embrace all kinds of vaping. We have a huge range of e-liquids that will meet the needs of every vaper. We offer epic-quality nic salts too, as you will discover. For any questions, contact us today and we’ll be on hand to hand! 

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