Vape Modes Explained

Vaping has become so much more than just a substitute for cigarettes. Amidst the innovative technologies and advanced devices, the concept of "vape modes" has emerged as a central theme, driving curiosity and discussions among both newcomers and seasoned vapers alike. If you've ever found yourself intrigued by the terms "wattage mode," "temperature control," or "custom curves," you're in the right place.

The modern vape mod offers advanced vaping modes that weren't available even just a few short years ago. In thi blog, we spotlight some of the different modes that more powerful or advanced vape mods can engage to increase the pleasure of every puff.

By exploring more advanced vaping modes you may find one or more that fire up your vaping to new heights.

What Are Modes In Vaping?

Vaping modes refer to different settings/modes that vapers can select on their devices to fine-tune their vaping experience. Newbies to vaping shouldn't confuse vape modes with vape mods. A vape mod is the housing that stores the battery and circuitry, attaches to the vape tank, and allows you to customise your settings.

Many vapers will be familiar with the wattage mode, which lets you adjust your power and coil heat. This is found on a range of different devices, from lower-powered pod kits to more advanced devices

Variable wattage mode is a fairly standard mode for most vape mods which lets you choose the output power of your vape mod. Using variable wattage, you can tweak your wattage level gradually to find your ideal vape.

However, there are numerous slightly more advanced vaping modes - like temperature control, which limits the coil heat, and wattage curve mode, which enables you to effectively design a personalised playlist of power levels - to match how you want your vape to feel.

Each of these modes is designed to deliver convenience or enhanced vaping pleasure.

Different Modes and When to Use Them

We explore five of the most popular vaping modes.

Bypass mode

Bypass mode is probably the most straightforward mode you may engage on a variable wattage kit.

In bypass mode, your vape mod bypasses the power regulation feature and delivers direct power from the battery without any regulation.

This is the most basic of vape modes, which is like the old-style mechanical mod that draws the full battery power available every time you hit the button. The difference is that bypass mode has built-in circuit safety features that mech mods don't.

Mechanical mods – or mech mods – are older-style, stripped-down vape devices that operate without electronic circuitry or safety features. They consist of a metal tube or box with a firing button and a battery compartment.

When to use: This mode is often favoured by experienced vapers who enjoy a more old-school, unregulated vaping experience. When your battery charge is strong it can give you a more direct, hard hit and quick cloud.

However, using bypass means you have less control over factors like how much vapour you produce or how warm your cloud is.

Ideally, you want to use this option with a vape tank or rebuildable atomiser that works well at variable wattage settings.

Temperature control mode

Temperature control mode is one of the more common advanced vaping modes. This vape mode allows you to set your vape mod to keep your vapour heat at an agreeable temperature and prevent your coil from burning out.

Normally, when you vape, you're using a specific amount of power (wattage) to heat up the coil. With the temperature control vaping mode, you're telling your device the maximum temperature you want your coil to reach.

When you use temperature control mode, your mod monitors the temperature of your coil. If the coil gets too hot and reaches the temperature you've set, your device automatically adjusts the power to prevent it from getting hotter.

When to use: Temperature control vaping can give you a smoother and more enjoyable vape and, most importantly, prevents the nastiness of dry hits and burnt-out coils. When you're looking to vape at a higher wattage, and perhaps if your tank is low on liquid, this mode will regulate your vape within safe bounds.

It certainly helps avoid unpleasant burnt flavours, horrible circuitry fumes and the expense of a new coil.

Pulse mode

With pulse mode, instead of giving a steady amount of power, your device gives quick bursts of power followed by short breaks.

When you use the pulse mode your vape mod quickly ramps up the power to the coil for a brief moment, then it reduces the power for a short pause. This cycle of bursts and pauses repeats as you continue to vape.

The idea behind pulsing is to create a more dynamic, consistent, and powerful draw. The little bursts of intensity are intended to maintain flavour and vapour throughout. The pulses typically occur in very short time intervals - 0.02s is common.

When to use: If you're looking for a unique way to vape, this mode is certainly worth trying. The feature is designed to provide very stable coil heat and a level of consistency, which allows you to take deeper and nicely intense puffs while producing impressive clouds.

Power curve mode

Power curve mode (also known as wattage curve mode) empowers you to create a customised 'curve' or pattern of power levels.

When you enable this mode, you can configure a curve/graph to pre-programme your desired power output (the first variable) against time (the second variable).

Say you like to ease in with a gentle puff and then gradually increase your cloud as you continue vaping. With power curve mode, you can set the device to start at a lower power for your first puff, giving you a milder hit. Then, you can make the power gradually increase for the next few puffs, producing more vapour and flavour. After that, you may want the power to level off or decrease slightly for a smoother finish.

When to use: If you want a relaxed level of control over your vaping and know what you like, the power curve mode lets you tailor your vaping experience accordingly. It can be a great feature to access the desired sensations and intensity you appreciate when and how you want them.

Memory Mode/Preset Wattages

If you hit different types of vapes and are tired of adjusting the relevant settings every time you fire up, the memory vape mode is a great solution.

With the memory mode, you can preset your preferred wattage levels and other settings.

Let's say you have one preset for a mellow vape and another for a stronger one. Or you have a sub-ohm tank you enjoy at 50 watts and you also use a rebuildable at 40 watts.

Whenever you want to switch between these experiences, you simply select the preset you've saved and your device automatically adjusts to the settings you've chosen.

When to use: Memory mode makes it super easy to switch between different vaping sessions without having to adjust everything manually each time. It's all about convenience and getting the vape you love with a simple click over.

Conclusion: Taking Your Vaping To The Next Level With Vape Modes

The evolution of vape mods has birthed a realm of modes previously uncharted, enhancing each draw. Delve into these modes and unleash a spectrum of sensations. Bypass, temperature control, pulse, power curve, and memory modes offer a spectrum of tailored experiences. 

We carry an extensive range of vape mods and accessories from a host of leading reputable brands.

Explore our range today and find your perfect box mod with scores of advanced vape modes to take your vaping adventure to new levels of customised nuance and enjoyment. Browse and connect and we'll be delighted to get you fixed up.

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