What Wattage Should I Vape At?

One of the appeals of vaping is the vast choice of equipment, liquids, and more. Given this tremendous choice, vapers often find themselves asking, 'What wattage should I vape at?' Upfront we should say there is no single right answer. It all comes down to personal choice!

But stay with us as we break down the factors that influence optimal vaping wattage and mod performance - including device specs, vaping style, juice types, and coils. We also provide valuable tips about finding the "sweet spot" while ensuring that you always vape safely and excellently.

Vape wattages explained

Every vape device, from mods to pod kits has a wattage output. For this to work, the energy from the battery heats up the coil, which then heats the e-liquid to produce vapour. Increasing your vape wattage thus increases the power and heat generation of your device.

Wattage outputs can vary depending on the size and power of the vape device, with some offering outputs of up to 200 watts or more.

Many vape devices now offer variable wattage, allowing vapers to adjust the wattage to their liking. Unless you're an experienced vaper, it's advisable to start at very much lower levels.

The wattage at which you vaporise your e-liquid has an effect on the flavour, vapour production, and throat hit. The coil and battery life are also impacted as they play a crucial part in the delivery system.

The starting point to find your ideal wattage depends on your device specifications and coil resistance. To find the right wattage for your vape coil, check the instructions for the recommended range. It's best to set your mod for the lower end initially.

Once you've set up safely, you can start exploring.

Factors to consider and recommended wattage ranges

In the quest to discover your preferred vaping wattage, the different sensations you enjoy are hugely important. Let's look at some of these:

Vapour production

When you increase the wattage, the coil heats up faster and, which in turn increases the temperature of the coil. A low wattage produces cooler, looser vape clouds while a higher wattage means more vapour and a warmer, denser cloud experience.


The wattage also affects the flavour of your e-liquids. Certain vape juices such as fruity and floral flavours usually taste better at a lower temperature. The cool menthol sensation is also better experienced at lower levels. On the other hand, dessert, coffee, and tobacco flavours come through more richly at a higher wattage.

However, if you push wattage levels too high, you risk the unpleasant burnt taste of a 'burnt hit' due to overheating.

Throat hit

Your wattage affects how strong the sensation is when you breathe in the vapour. If you appreciate a strong intensity, a high wattage helps to deliver. Lower wattages make for a smoother and milder sensation.

A great many vapers find satisfaction in the broad 20-watt to 50-watt range. Many seasoned vapers push well above 50. Many newer vapers find they're happy initially around 20 watts. They may chase more clouds and hit as they become more experienced and draw to 40W and beyond.

Finding the sweet spot

Finding your sweet spot opens a whole new world of vaping delights. It’s the output at which you get most satisfaction from your device, and this can be different for everyone depending on what they’re looking to get out of vaping.

The perfect wattage for your vaping experience may vary based on your device, coil, vape juice composition (specifically the VG/PG ratio - with higher VG giving you more cloud and higher PG increasing the hit intensity), and personal preference.

Your personal preference includes how you enjoy inhaling - direct to lung or mouth to lung.

DTL (direct-to-lung vaping)

With DTL vaping, you inhale the vapour directly into your lungs in a single, continuous inhale. DTL vaping requires devices with lower resistance coils and higher wattage because it aims to produce larger clouds of vapour. DTL vaping provides more intense flavours and a more airy, lung-filling vape. This style is often associated with sub-ohm vaping setups (that operate best at 40 watts and over).

MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping

MTL vaping involves first drawing the vapour into your mouth and then inhaling it into your lungs. Many tobacco smokers find MTL vaping a way to transition off cigarettes. MTL devices have higher resistance coils and lower wattages because they're not chasing large cloud production.

Vapers who swear to an ideal wattage have usually experimented for some time to find their sublime balance of flavours, vapour, and overall satisfaction.

A good tip is to start at a low wattage and increase it over time while paying attention to how the flavour and vapours change and how you enjoy the various sensations delivered.

Safety precautions & things to be aware of

The top safety tip is to always check the manufacturer's advice relating to optimal performance and kit maintenance.

To ensure good performance also consider the following:

  • If you fancy a higher wattage, be careful about pushing it too far. This can not only result in burnt hits, but can also reduce the vape coil lifespan.
  • Ensure that your coils are compatible with variable wattage mode devices. Stainless steel, Nichrome, and Kanthal coils are suitable for adjustable wattage while titanium and nickel are not recommended. 
  • When buying replacement coils check that they are compatible with the wattage range you favour.
  • If you consistently run at a higher wattage, you will burn through your e-liquid more rapidly. If you want your vape juices to last longer, a lower wattage may be more suitable.
  • Be aware of coil resistance. Coils with a resistance of 1.0 ohm or above can deliver nicely at under 20 watts, whereas sub-ohm coils below 1.0 ohm work sweetly at 40W to 50W and higher. 
  • The low coil resistance of sub-ohm kits is usually handled better by seasoned vapers.
  • Another factor affecting your ideal wattage is how long you want to run your vaping device. A higher wattage drains the battery faster.

Difference between voltage and wattage in a vape device

Watts is the measurement of power being used in the vape device; Watts = Amps x Voltage. This formula is the relationship between current (in amps), voltage (in volts), and resistance (in ohms). It shows the power (watts) being used or produced in the device's circuit.


Vaping 101 stocks the most popular vape mods and kits from many of the world’s leading brands. Adjustable wattage vaping allows you to tailor your vaping to your precise preferences.

If you're not exactly sure what your perfect wattage setting is, experimenting with different levels and vape juices is all part of the vaping experience.

Contact us and we will gladly guide you to a vaping device that provides you the versatility and pleasure to take your vaping to an exciting new level.

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