Vaping in Style: Best Looking Vapes

As the vaping industry continues to evolve, it has not only focused on functionality and performance but also on aesthetics. Vapers are now seeking stylish and visually appealing devices that suit their personalities, lifestyles and styles. We're going to take a look at a range of different vape devices, from sleek and stylish pod kits to eye-catching box mods that not only offer power, but style too. We promise by the time you're done reading our list, you'll have upped your vaping game with a new, stylish vaping kit.

Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Pod Kit

Dovpo Ayce Pro Pod Kit

As far as stylish vape kits go, this one is up there for sure. The Vaporesso Luxe XR Max is a compact pod kit, but don't let that fool you as this device is capable of firing up to 80W. Despite its small build, the Luxy XR Max is a pod kit that will deliver an impressive amount of vapour if you so desire. However, its variable wattage functionality means that it can still be used at lower wattages for those who want more of a mouth-to-lung experience.

The Luxe XR Max pod kit has a futuristic design thanks to the transparent body, revealing the circuity and AXON chip inside the device. It illuminates when it is used which also adds a unique, modern look to the device. But don't let this fool you into thinking it's not a durable piece of kit, as the clear body has 3 layers of coating meaning it will be well protected against any unexpected knocks and drops.

On the face of the LUXE XR Max you’ll find a 0.54 OLED screen that shows battery life, wattage output and other important vaping information. The Max version is named such because of its 1500mAh battery, providing maximum battery life and its ability to support a real DTL experience.

Geekvape Z200 Vape Mod

If you're after something with a bit more power, we recommend checking out the Geekvape Z200 mod. This vape mod is an absolute powerhouse of a device, perfect for experienced vapers with its maximum power output of 200W. The dual battery mod also boasts a range of vaping modes, including smart mode, custom power curve mode, bypass mode, power mode and more. This sleek box mod is also powered by dual 18650 batteries that help to provide a long-lasting battery life.

Why this vape mod makes the list is because of its large touchscreen display, making it unique to any other vaping device on the market. Its whopping 2.4-inch touchscreen display makes it simple and intuitive to use, and it feels just like using your smartphone. Choose from 4 different themes to suit your style. This device is ideal for sub-ohm vapers who are looking for a modern, sleek and powerful device.

Freemax Maxus 2 Kit

With its striking design and attention to detail, the Freemax Maxus 2 vape kit is a thing of beauty. From a performance point of view, the Maxus 2 is fantastic. and it uses the Freemax Mesh Pro Coils. These mesh coils get a special shoutout because they're the first multiple mesh coil design in the world, helping to create flavour and vapour like you've never seen before.

However, we're here to talk style, and the Maxus 2 makes this list thanks to its unique lighting display that illuminates as you use the vape. It lights up in neon colours to provide a retro, 80's feel. The Maxus 2 comes with a variable wattage and 5 different vaping modes including a temperature control, giving vapers the option to adjust their vaping experience as they like. If you like light-up mods, then this is the one to try! It's available in four different colours including Gunmetal, Black, Blue and Rainbow. Our personal favourite is Rainbow, as we think it works perfectly with the neon lights.

VooPoo Drag X

Inspired by sports cars, The VooPoo Drag X features a zinc-alloy chassis with a leather grip for both comfort and style. Its design offers a stylish look that does not sacrifice on comfort one bit, fitting nicely in the hand as you vape. The vape mod's removable battery design means that when you notice your device starting to run out of power, you can simply swap out the battery and continue vaping. 

The Drag X also comes with a smart mode, TC mode, scoring mode and boost mode, giving vapers a wide range of differences. Although single-battery vape mods aren't always known for their power compared to their dual-battery counterparts, the Drag X is also known for performing exceptionally well on all the modes, meaning its versatility is one of its biggest strengths. As far as stylish pod mods go, the Drag X certainly reigns supreme.

Uwell Caliburn G2 pod Kit

We can't talk about stylish vapes without mentioning the Caliburn G2 pod system. The Caliburn G2 is extremely popular amongst mouth-to-lung vapers for its Pro-FOCS flavour-boosting technology and its smooth vapour. The pod kit is super slim, slipping nicely into your pocket without taking up too much space. Its simplistic, yet purposeful design makes it perfect for the vapers looking for a reliable and stylish device.

It features a single fire button on the face of the device which also doubles and an adjustable airflow wheel allowing vapers to easily control their airflow to their desired liking. A clever e-liquid window allows you to keep track of your vape juice levels so that you're never caught short when out on the go.

The Caliburn G2 comes in a range of simple, gorgeous colours to compliment the minimalist design of the device. The 750mAh battery capacity provides a longer battery life than many other pod kits on the market and helps to deliver a consistent, great flavour.

Wizman Mini Beeper Pod Kit

The Wizman Mini Beeper Pod Kit boasts one of the most unique designs on this list. It has a retro design that's reminiscent of beepers or pagers that were once used to wirelessly communicate long before mobile phones were a thing. 

However, this vaping device comes in an assortment of bright colours that offer a toy-like aesthetic which we think adds a really cool to the device. But don’t worry, this doesn't mean it's not packed with features. In fact, it's quite the opposite as the Mini Beeper comes with a variety of different heating speeds to bring a unique experience. This is one of our favourite devices when it comes to stylish yet portable vapes.

Geekvape Aegis Solo 2

The Aegis Solo 2 is a great device for both advanced vapers seeking a compact vape mod or beginners who don't want something too big taking up space in their bag. Sure, this might not be the best vape mod on this list when it comes to power, but it still manages to deliver an impressive 100Ws of power whilst looking good doing it. This single-battery vape mod uses an 18650 battery (sold separately) that provides a long-lasting battery life and a great range of features to help ensure battery safety and improve performance.

SXmini Vi Class AIO Kit

We have another classy number with the SXmini Vi Class AIO Kit. This starter kit comes in a fantastic array of colour gradients, designed with a spray coat finish for a silky smooth and stylish look. The smooth curves of the vaping device help to compliment the colour gradients, adding to its effortlessly stylish look. The aluminium body ensures that it has a lightweight build making it comfortable to carry around and hold in the palm of your hand as you vape away to your heart's content.

This single-battery mod is capable of both MTL and DTL vaping with a maximum wattage of 60Ws. This clever device also uses the SX505J chip which has a temperature control functionality to help enhance the flavour of your e-liquid and preserves the lifespan of your coil.

Lost Vape Centaurus M200 Box Mod

This is one of the best vape mods on the market for someone's first foray into sub-ohm vaping. It’s an easy-to-use vape mod but still offers a high output for those who are looking for a serious cloud machine. The Centaurus M200 uses external batteries and a magnetic battery cover to help ensure better safety when vaping. The fire button lights up green when in use and underneath it you can find a 0.96 OLED screen that displays all of your important vaping information.

The Centaurus M200 comes in a variety of eye-catching colours such as Pink Planet, Golden Knight and Midnight Blue. The device sports a classic mechanical mod look with its simple box mod design, finished off with a symbol of a Centaurus engraved into the body. It is a great take on a traditional mod with a modern look. 

SMOK Nord C Pod Kit

The Nord range from SMOK is well known for its compact build but impressively high power outputs. The Nord C is the latest addition to this range, offering an adjustable power range between 5W-50W, allowing vapers to enjoy anything from a tighter, mouth-to-lung draw or more restricted direct-to-lung vape. No matter your vaping style, the Nord C has you covered.

Its small, compact design makes it an incredibly pocket-friendly device, standing at just 105.9mm tall. The Nord C is available in a range of gorgeous colour combinations such as Pink Purple and Cyan Purple. The colours effortlessly blend into each other to create gradients that you'll never get tired of looking at. The different colour gradients also mean that you can pick one that best suits your style, matching it to clothes when you're on the go. The Nord C may just be the thing you need to complete your look.


It's important to know exactly what you want from your device in regards to style as much as performance. Not all mods have large screens, and for you and the way you want to vape, this might be a deal breaker. 

Whether it's to complete a look or just to have a cool-looking device on hand, we hope that this list has provided you with enough variety to help you find the exact fit. If not, we've put together a list of the best vape mods for beginners to help get you started with vaping at your own pace. 

For any more information, contact us here and we can help sort you out with a stylish, high-performance vape kit.

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